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10 Ways Paint Can Transform a Small Garden

Change the look of your outdoor space for the warmer months with these colourful ideas

It’s not just plants that add welcome colour to a garden – check out these schemes for inspiration on how paint can add character to a compact space.

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Experiment with furniture
In a really small space like this courtyard, just one piece of colourful furniture can have a transformative effect. This armchair strikes a very different note, with its vibrant turquoise paint job, than it would have done had it been left in its natural wicker state.

Make sure you use a proper sealant on furniture that will be left outdoors to prolong the life of your handiwork – get advice from your local DIY store to choose the right paint for the job.

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Brighten with white
This slightly off-white shade is a great choice in a contemporary garden. Light and bright against the artificial grass (useful with a pale wall as there are no mud splashes), the paintwork has been extended right up the trellis, too. Simple white hydrangeas and potted evergreen shrubs stick with the two-tone theme, keeping the whole look fresh and modern.

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Add contrast with a bench
This super-compact garden has been given a fresh feel with mint paint on the built-in bench. This contrasts with the plain wood of the fence behind, and also ties in with the fabric on the deckchair. There are lots of specialist outdoor paints on the market that are designed to withstand the weather, and a paint job like this could easily be done in a day.

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Have fun with a flash
Cheery in winter and fun in summer, bright pink always raises a smile. A small wall or fence painted in this happy shade brings instant zing to a garden. Here, it’s been teamed with sunny yellow chairs, with the deep pink petals of the cosmos in the planter under the window echoing the pink of the wall.

Consider the view from your interior, too: here, the pink also links – subtly – with the Roman blind you can just see.

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Make it muted
You don’t have to go down the bold route to make an impact, as this stylish little terrace proves. Two-tone neutrals and a simple selection of plants in rustic-style wooden planters create an easy-to-achieve rooftop retreat.

Sticking to greens and creams for the plant choices keeps the look low-key and elegant, but the neutral-painted backdrop means that any planting colour scheme would work just as well.

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Liven up the back wall
If you’re fed up of staring at an uninspiring wall, there are lots of ways to give it a boost. Here, a mid-blue shade has been painted over the whole back wall, with the adjoining masonry in white. Wire supports have then been screwed in, so the climber in the raised bed will eventually cover most of the expanse, showing only hints of blue through the foliage.

Pick plants to complement your chosen paint colour. Here, a bed of easy-to-maintain lavender sits nicely in front of the blue backdrop.

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Dare to darken
A surprising choice in a garden, maybe, but a black garden fence can look very stylish, especially when mixed with pale paving and plenty of bright greenery. It’s also easier to maintain than a pale colour – it doesn’t show the dirt as quickly, so it needs repainting less often to keep it looking tip-top.

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Highlight features
Raised beds, retaining walls and pathway pavers can all be painted to add a burst of year-round colour to a garden. Try using three tones from the same palette to create depth and interest while still keeping to a cohesive scheme.

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Pretty up the shed
If you need to squeeze a shed into your small garden, it pays to make it more attractive. This jaunty yellow and cream one has been painted to match the picnic bench, while the far wall, paving and trellis all continue the pale theme, giving a light and bright look to the whole space.

Painting the shed door and window frame a different colour to the walls is a simple idea that adds another level of interest to a small space.

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Work toning plant pots
This is a good way to use up all those tester pots: instantly transform plain terracotta or wooden planters with paint. Try a variety of toning shades, as seen here. A selection of fragrant herbs, flowers and ferns gives a relaxed, informal feel.

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