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Simple yet Lovely Ideas for a White Room

Modern, chic, elegant and classic are the best words to describe the color white when it comes to interior designing. Whether you seek to have a specific style such as modern chic or minimal and put together the options are truly endless when you are working with a palette that is mostly white. While you are looking for inspiration, check out our simple yet lovely ideas on how to enhance a white room.

It’s All About Texture

de98624db0e207fd0a35fe391b43d18a Simple yet Lovely Ideas for a White RoomFloral aspects are an excellent way to add texture to any white room. They’re subtle yet very eye catching.

An all-white room can seem elegant and peaceful. However, many times we may come across the fact that it can become monotone. In order to prevent this from happening consider adding texture. You can add texture with a white intricate lamp or take it a step further and add texture with your linen.

Hanging Lights

15be0dc4be67ec375d0654b6d5f06dab Simple yet Lovely Ideas for a White RoomGet creative with you pendent lights and choose them in different colors or shapes to add visual interest to any room

Hanging pendent lights from your ceiling is a simple way to enhance a white room. Lights help a room appear larger, consequently creating a contrast within your white décor. Choose white pendent lights to maintain your all white décor or consider a bold colored lamp for a hint of boldness.

Colorful Books

e1dd3c05987f0506393718f65f32c030 Simple yet Lovely Ideas for a White RoomA multicolor bookshelf adds color in small doses allowing the room to remain white with colorful aspects

Books are an excellent way of adding a touch of personality to any room without having to modify your current décor. Instead, install a bookshelf and add colorful books that will bring in eye catching color into the space. Small bits here and there of color create contrast in an all-white space.

Large Kitchen Island

f9ada1532a83a7319405470e42503bb1 Simple yet Lovely Ideas for a White RoomThe perfect accent to an all white kitchen is a large kitchen island it expands the space and gives you more room to host guests

Many homeowners seem to be a bit afraid of having an oversized kitchen island as it may cause the kitchen space to appear smaller. However, with a white kitchen, you have the ability to make some components appear larger as the space will always have a grander appearance. That is when a large kitchen island with a granite top will come in handy it creates a compromise in the space.

Black Ceiling

b5226a0f219e850ddbe1eb51b217e072 Simple yet Lovely Ideas for a White Room Add dark wood to the space to enhance your black ceiling.

Black and white have always been complimentary colors. Therefore, it may come to no surprise that having them paired together is the way to go for an all-white room. Having a dark ceiling helps visually ground your all white space. To enhance this, even more, add black and white pattern accents throughout the room.

Minimalistic Is Best

7644d6a48f834e48d6827e006743061f Simple yet Lovely Ideas for a White RoomA new pieces here and there will make all the difference when it comes to decorating an all white room

Consider having as minimal amounts of furniture as possible. White is an expanding color as it will make any room appear larger. Therefore, if you have too many furniture products in one room it can actually cause the complete opposite. Instead, give the room an airy feel by being minimalistic.

House Plants

f2bb971d02406d1615f5bfdc4f225da4 Simple yet Lovely Ideas for a White RoomBring freshness right into your house with simple house plant accents

Having indoor houseplants can help a small room appear more spacious and airy. It is also a great way to add color to an all-white room. There is something very chic about having outdoor items indoors as a decorative aspect.

Bold Tiles

de1cc7ee90b5fc09274a09b873158a0f Simple yet Lovely Ideas for a White RoomIf color is not something you want to incorporate into your décor consider black and white tiles that can be placed in any direction you seek

Bathrooms are notorious for being mostly white as there is usually a white toilet, sink, and bath tub. Therefore, adding color can be a bit more challenging. An easy way to incorporate color without changing all the white in your bathroom is by having bold tiles. Bold tiles add a pop of color that is never overwhelming for the space.


5dc69d1818bb59e7e7ddd4b0e4f9013e Simple yet Lovely Ideas for a White RoomShiplap adds texture and height even to the smallest room

Not all rooms have a shiplap design, but those that do can benefit from painting it white. A white shiplap can make a room appear larger by causing your eyes to look up that in return will create dimension that wasn’t even there.

Wall Art

1ee949fac810be6d76ca7c153882167a Simple yet Lovely Ideas for a White RoomWall art helps bring together your entire living décor by adding texture and color simultaneously

A white wall is the perfect backdrop for wall art. You can get as creative as you would like without changing your décor. The white backdrop will enhance the wall art you display.

An all-white space is an excellent plane canvas to begin working on. Please let us know below which chic idea for a white room is your personal favorite.



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