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Opulent Decor Elements Lift a Space from Great to Grandiose

A home full of luxurious details, lavish finishes and plush textures are the hallmarks of an opulent living space, and for some people, nothing less will do. By definition, opulence is a sense of luxury, comfort and expensive details. The level to which you include these in your home is entirely up to you. The more levels of extravagant elements that you include, the more over-the-top and ritzy the look will be. To yield a truly opulent decor style, your home interior will have to include luxury furniture, special wall treatments, gilding and a variety of other details.  Overall, it needs to look like no expense was spared.

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Gilding, or metallic elements, are one of the ways to convey an expensive decor style. Whether you include a metallic finish on furniture, accessories or wall treatments — or all of these — it is one of the common ways to create an opulent room. Here, an abundant amount of gilding is included in this living room’s decor. From the intricate wall embellishments and paneling, to gold accented lamps, chairs and table, it doesn’t really matter what else you include in the room, it is definitely an extravagant look.

b3b3017526a7635f215714cee86542d8 Opulent Decor Elements Lift a Space from Great to GrandioseDamask upholstery and rich hues bolster the opulence of the room.

This living room includes several features that make for an opulent interior. First, the focal point of the room is the piano, which sports an exterior that is heavily embellished with gilded swagging all around. Another special feature is the open shelving in the wall that highlights the elegant porcelain and crystal pieces, particularly the gilded candelabra in the center, chic sits on a tall gemstone pillar. The artful lighting draw attention to the area and is a dramatic addition to an otherwise dimly lit space. Finally, the room also includes a golden chandelier of a slightly more contemporary sort.

692c7e755ff8b3a4cf02b6f5bb457f20 Opulent Decor Elements Lift a Space from Great to GrandioseAgain, plenty of gilded elements make this a spectacularly opulent space.

Not all metallic elements need to have a rococo or baroque feeling to be opulent. This cabinet is a good example of a modern piece of luxury furniture that has an opulent feeling. The highly polished gold front has a black diamond accent that adds interest. Combined with pieces that are a little more sedate, the room still conveys an expensive aura.

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The tabletop is another fitting place to make a grand statement of opulence. Matching sets of gilded tableware, including glasses, definitely create a feeling of luxury for guests. Setting the table with myriad flatware, plates for all the various courses, and separate glasses for each beverage from water to wine and champagne makes the spread abundant and chic. With such a lavish amount of china and tableware, even without a fancy centerpiece the table is splendid.

75a93a8458b321c19f38d49a6b2bf922 Opulent Decor Elements Lift a Space from Great to GrandioseGolden flatware immediately elevates a place setting from elegant to exquisite.

Even if you’re not throwing a dinner party, porcelain pieces and accessories can lend an air of opulence to a room’s decor. Intricately patterned lamps, jars, vases and bowls — with metallic accents of course — provide the detail necessary to convey luxury. This set is a good example as the pieces all have golden accents and intricate details such as the curling and beaded handles on the center vase. The lavish blue pattern is repeated on all the porcelain pieces as well as the mirror above the console. The repeated use of a sophisticated pattern is a good method for adding an opulent feel to a space.

584b5df2b1565aa9ddef20904c3db8b3 Opulent Decor Elements Lift a Space from Great to GrandioseRococo style details immediately convey luxury and opulence.

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Extravagant chandeliers are another must-have element for an opulent interior. Large chandeliers that are multi-tiered, gilded or replete with all sorts of intricate details immediately become an opulent centerpiece for any room. This hand blown, exceptionally intricate and dainty chandelier is a fantastic example of a light fixture that has an over-the-top vibe. Its sheer size and contrasting delicacy are counterpoints that come together in an amazing fixture. The judicious use of bright colors in the floral accents gives it special flair.

5966bfc2c9efc808e78341f0a062ff4f Opulent Decor Elements Lift a Space from Great to GrandioseElements that look as if they took many hours to create, as does this chandelier, are opulent.

As with other room elements, lighting does not have to be intricate or overly involved to feel opulent. This dining room has a contemporary feeling but is still magnificent. Rather than one large chandelier, the lighting is a series of designer pendants that feature shiny gold metal bases and frosted glass cascades. Used in a group, the smaller pieces come together for a luxury statement. The glossy table below, combined with mirrored elements and a sleek sideboard, demonstrate how a room does not have to rely on complex patterns to be opulent.

afbd8a7069784a14ace3f15ebbd337b2 Opulent Decor Elements Lift a Space from Great to GrandioseModern opulence uses shine and metals to create a lavish feeling.

The same modern style floor lamp and wall sconce add a luxury touch to this opulent dining room that also relies on metallic finishes for its extravagant feeling. Touches of gold throughout the space, anchored by the large gold base of the glass-topped dining table, create as sense of opulence in a room that is otherwise monochrome. The setting also does how texture can make bring make an otherwise mundane element more impressive: The white dining chairs feel more plush and exuberant thanks to the deeply channeled design and fluffy-finish upholstery fabric.

66513df06e6077547966c71d4a0cdc61 Opulent Decor Elements Lift a Space from Great to GrandioseSometimes a simple color palette can be more opulent that one with many hues.

Using mirrors and rich hues are two more ways that a room can have an opulent air. Here, mirrored walls and the inside of the grand cabinet endlessly reflect the gilded details throughout the room. From the golden wall sconce to the other metal accents around the room, mirrors can be used to make the space feel larger as well as to magnify the level of detail. The regal teal color of the abundantly swagged silk drapes that is repeated in the patterned fabric on the dining chairs, as well as in accents such as the pillow on the armchair adds a rich feeling to the space. More than anything, this room features a copious amount of details, from the fabric pattern to the detailing on the cabinet.

c72039ec0e642d34a6618f0c2ea6e260 Opulent Decor Elements Lift a Space from Great to GrandioseA wealth of detailing in a variety of elements of the room add to the lavish feel.

By contrast, a more contemporary space also features plenty of detailing, but not to the extent that the previous room does. Here, gilded elements are limited to a mirror and a console, while sophisticated wall paneling provides the dominant element in the room. The sofa itself has clean lines, but is upholstered in a lavish off-white velvet, accented with a variety of velvet cushions. The coffee table sports inlaid detailing, but only on one side in a more restrained design. Sculptures and accessories on the room add sleek elements, which all come together in a luxurious, but less busy space.

5912329ff6b54ae238c594cf8471fd88 Opulent Decor Elements Lift a Space from Great to GrandioseA more tempered level of detail is used in opulent contemporary rooms.

In all these examples, you can see how certain elements add an air of opulence in a room. Moreover, it becomes evident that a variety of decor styles can be opulent and that a feeling of luxury and grandeur does not have to be limited to intricate and complex designs. Use your imagination and try your hand at creating an opulent room that best suits your lifestyle.


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