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Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a Home

Everyone wants a little luxury in his or her home, and fortunately, it can be had in every decor style. There’s really no reason why luxurious touches can’t be included — you’re only limited by imagination and budget. Even one luxurious element or piece of furniture can make a space special. Actually, by definition, luxury is something that is conducive to sumptuous living, and that includes elements that are elegant, sumptuous and indulgent.

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One of the easiest luxury furnishings to include in a room is a chair. It is a perfect piece to lounge in, read or sit and chat with friends. The fabrics, shapes and designs of luxury chairs are distinctive and comfortable. The meaning of luxury is to feel great, indulged and transported, and settling into a deeply tufted armchair immediately gives you those sensations. This round armchair features three different upholstery fabrics, including two posh velvets, and brass several kinds of trim. The elegant shape is formal, making this chair excellent for a living room or bedroom.

25e958dbd271d972718d090f03f07eb4 Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeA mix of materials creates a spectacular piece of luxury furniture that has an ornate vibe.

Traditional styles offer plenty of options for luxury furniture because the patterned upholstery, serious lines and highly ornamented wood are often associated with lavish surroundings. This upholstered chair is not really of the Baroque style because the lines are angular and some of the adornments are more French provincial. Nonetheless, the overall feel is real and formal.

9651fc7e427ed3cf51ce0b899a286cce Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeThe style of this chair has a serious feel.

This chair is very ornate, combining a modern flame upholstery motif with Baroque style details on the arms. Gilded embellishments, whether traditional or modern, always signal luxury furniture, and this chair, which is good for a desk or dining, has plenty. The carved ornamentation is highlighted with gold, which against the black, adds to the opulence of the chair.

Turn A Leftover Frame Into A Charming Serving TraySubscribe to HOMEDITecfbbff3a214adf4db25430e918bc94d Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeAn unexpected feature, such as a modern upholstery pattern, is a good choice for a luxury piece.

A similar chair is less ornate but us still very luxurious thanks to the leather and velvet combination. It is a little more masculine and lacks the formal style of the previous examples. The color palette is similar, which is a wonderful example of how styles of luxury furniture compare. The shape and style of this armchair are characteristic of modern luxury.

cfe474e06169b6c772a4cbcf186da845 Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeNot everyone loves an ornate style, but luxury can be any style.

A true example of luxury, this living room includes all sorts of elements that elevate it. From the gilded chandelier to the amply tufted furnishings, the room is replete with signs of style and splendor. A padded and quoted wall panel flanked by thinner wall panels that feature mirrors set the stage. The luxury furniture, which keeps to a neutral palette, has a curvy silhouette and is upholstered in a cushy fabric. Plentiful and varied cushions, as well as a fur throw, and to the opulence. The grand coffee table has characteristic features of rococo style including ample scrollwork and grandly curved legs.

353d69c6052de8a9c7c831ad3485a6ad Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeThe modern vase and flower arrangement are the sole touch of contemporary in the space.

Deeply hued upholstery can signal a luxurious room, as does this one, focused on the red and gold upholstery. The luxury furniture is ornately trimmed and the wing chair boasts detailed ornamentation. Its gilded wood harks back to French design periods and the intricate marquetry table is of a quintessential baroque style.

edcfecce9505d62b5ed746aac9c9ddf5 Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeThe rug may be modern and neutral, but it is very plush.

Bright damask upholstery on these furnishings are right from the rococo period, especially with the curved legs and lightly ornamented features. This style, which is more feminine than strict Baroque, is often associated with luxury furniture and style thanks to the gilding and attention to details. Here the colorful upholstery complements the light wood and its breezier style.

2a844c9f83887f29f70fa2f0d4314cd9 Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeAgain, a plush but modern rug is a perfect base for the room.

Neutral colors are a grand foundation for an elegant room. Details like accented armrests on the sofa and the cable-style quilting on the back of the classic armchair elevate the luxury furniture. A mirror in a gilded frame that reflects the silk draperies, which abundant pool on the floor, enhance the feeling of extravagance.

9cd5c8a227c9067770447bde2d0b4278 Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeOften with luxury, it’s the details that make the difference.

Livings rooms that exude modern luxury generally focus on lavish upholstery, plush carpets and furniture with unique silhouettes. Patterns, subtle or bold, can be used to enhance visual appeal.  Here the interesting lines of the sofa are mimicked in a leather upholstered coffee table.

4e8800837f35309edf5f6d7cc46b9b6f Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeAs a material, leather has a luxury meaning.

Dining rooms are another place that allows luxury styles to shine. This modern setting features two-tone chairs that are upholstered in plush materials and a pedestal table with a modern base. The mid-century modern chandelier is a fitting accent for the room, which artfully mixes styles with the addition of a classical bust on an unusual styled pillar table.

b083c6dbfc53166217cdd9729110854b Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeLong mirrors of unequal shapes add interest.

Ultra-modern luxury is very striking, especially when it includes unexpected elements like this dining table does. The hefty glass top sits atop a row of sleep pedestals that are lighted from within. The luminous glow enhances the glass top and shines extra light on the sleek, highly polished wooden base. Tall, slim dining chairs that have an elegant profile feature the same highly polished wood on the back and a luxuriously upholstered seat. The mirror on the wall repeats the element of light, which adds continuity to the full luxury dining room.

e860f5b802f89551995daebba9b1eb7f Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeMinimalist styles can signify high levels of luxury.

This contemporary setting makes use of many elements that ad luxury to the room. From luxe chairs and stunning floor lamps, all parts of the room are special. Rather than a rug, this floor adds to the luxury meaning because it is dark, dramatic and very different. Similarly, the unusual print on the ample drapes is eye catching and the black panther statue adds an unexpected artistic element to the room.

7c2c8b6cf4fcb8dcb3dcaf5e8f4f297f Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeThis room is an example of full-on modern luxury.

A little more understated but no less striking, this contemporary room melds a variety of pieces that come together in quiet luxury. Each piece of luxury furniture is special, however they all blend harmoniously for a more casual feeling of opulence. A unique armoire with an unusual finish, expansive coffee tables and furry ottomans are the dominant furniture pieces, all in neutral tones. The printed armchairs and modern printed rug provide color to the scheme.

610bd49d9ff33d8ac7f8cf1886c16c6c Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeFinishes and upholstery that are different make furnishings out of the ordinary.

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Often, luxury meaning is derived from more traditional elements such as plenty of gilding. This very formal setting draws from Baroque style details for its opulence. The lines of the furniture, abundant detailing and formal silk upholstery great a very grand setting.  Even the walls have all the requisite characteristics for the definition of Baroque style.

71fc9be72179366531091396ad013c68 Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeThe sole contemporary element is the pair of table lamps.

Similarly, rococo details can elevate a room to luxury. This vanity set boasts a number of features from that era, including the feminine floral motif, lesser amount of gilding, and ornaments of fabric draping. The pale color palette of the furniture also signifies the rococo style, which is often synonymous with luxury style.

ec5f336256ea4ef03ca8a7aa750af29b Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeDelicate details make the difference here.

More toward the Art Deco realm, this room focuses on textiles to convey luxury. From the printed fabric wall panels to the luxe upholstery and pillow fabrics, as well as the lavish fringe on the sofa, this room is plush and stylish. the chair features an unusual frame shape, finished in a shiny gold.

8cd5b28249ea7e35ecd6fcddc8689413 Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeThe choice of textiles defines the luxury of the room.

Equally plush and more eclectic, this luxury dining room features a variety of high-end elements. The crimson walls are highlighted by the pleated silk draperies. The furnishings are of the classic baroque style and are serious and substantial. Dining chairs are also Baroque, upholstered in silk and adorned with ornate carvings. Design accents like the lamps and cases are classical end equally formal.

c55bbfe55a18cec19bfc6939e3bf1fb3 Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeEclectic design can still be formal, as this room demonstrates.

This room arrangement is a little lighter and rococo, but still is a luxurious definition for the space. Elegant, feminine lines of the furniture are embellished with scrolls and flowers, creating a detailed luxurious setting. Velvet upholstery is a classic mark of luxury as are the silk drapes.

5dbad802b609833f6f5396724921041f Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeThis room is light and luxurious.

Sometimes all it takes is a single piece of furniture to add luxury to a room. This white dresser is a good example thanks to the angled, scroll handles, gilded accents and hand painted motif. In fact, unique hand-painted elements are often found  in luxury interiors.

3e55f8bf203e5cb34a8e841ef32450dd Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeThe matching gilded mirror is a fitting accompaniment.

The same style of luxury furnishings can be elevated by equally luxurious additions like a spectacular floor and highland detailing on the walls and trim in the room. Gilding adds a particular edge of luxury and the marble floor with a custom design is the perfect foil for the light and detailed pieces in the room.

4f1f6ea0dc2f1871145682b0303872aa Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeRococo is a particularly luxurious style.580c2d6244369d2bbcabad1a75026c2c Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeA high level of detail is a defining mark in a luxury setting.

Speaking of floors, a showpiece inlaid floor is the ultimate in modern luxury. Glossy and custom, this floor is a focal point for the room, which also features an inland tile feature wall. The low and angular console lets the accessories shine, such as the massive mirror that sports a gilded frame.

ff38ced67c8d2862e71df6e78412d103 Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeLots of shine and detail define this space.

Modern luxury mixed with traditional elements also creates a memorable space.  An ultramodern, high-end console is paired with a traditional gilded-frame mirror for a combination that is eye-catching and definitely luxurious.

048d5a700314843d820cf13aead08d98 Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeEclectic style works in every category of design.

At the other end of the spectrum is the from-four luxury that many desire. Here, an intricately constructed and highly gilded rococo console is paired with a three-dimensional piece of art world the emphasizes the feminine theme if the pieces. Light pieces of pastel porcelain are used as accessories to accent the feeling of the luxurious room.

a3df573f16e7365a131423636801e1c0 Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeOnce again, highly stylized detail is indicative of luxury.

Equally gilded but more modern, this mirror and console are very distinctive. The luxury pieces are compact and unique. Paired with round wall sconces, the overall look is spare but artful. It’s a great example of how a couple of art-design pieces can elevate a space to a high level of luxury.

29a0cebdbb8e6237a6d1e12a8c0b1aa9 Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeMinimalistic and artistic, this space is dramatic.

In the bedroom, luxury can be defined in several ways — not only the decor and design but the amenities in the bedroom make a huge difference. Here, Baroque style of wall design encompasses a luxury closet with elegant drawer storage as well as room for hanging clothes. Of course the bed, furnishings and accessories  fit with the Baroque scheme.

b8c2c6440e5ecf644434e41b9ca76cf3 Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeA dramatic chandelier is a luxury definition.

A regal bed is the ultimate in luxury for your personal space. A deeply tufted headboard and bench, paired with sumptuous bedding textiles, maker to a welcoming and relaxing bedroom. The wall coverings also help visually cushion the space and keep it quiet and sedate. Small details like matching floor and wall lamps add to the feeling of a well planned space.

55c799c080cd9ca01a5ed554964ef013 Luxury Furniture Adds Elegance and Style to a HomeGenerally sedate color palettes often signal luxury.

These rooms and designs are very inspiration for ways of adding luxury to a home. All sorts of style elements have a place in luxury decor. Furnishings, accessories as well as wall and window decor can help transform a room from plain to posh. Luxury decor and luxury furnishings can make your space more comfortable and impressive.


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