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Invite summer into your home

High summer. Hot days and evenings encourage fascinating journey, both distant and close. With trips import not only beautiful memories, but the inspiration that will be happy to welcome you to the interior of our homes. 

Summer styling are full of positive emotions. The interiors really much going on – a lot of them in colors and designs, exotic patterns and joyful accents. Colorful wallpaper, cushions and curtains will enjoy summer all year round! We advise, therefore, play forms and contrasts. This season, a very fashionable motif of exotic palms, ferns energy and all symbols reminiscent of the Garden of Eden. If you still are afraid to so characteristic decoration you can choose something softer. In the summer will be extremely fashionable purples, pinks, greens, yellows and blues, which can revive a bright interior. You will find them mainly in textiles and small decorations.

407290_03fdd7cd-9b85-4476-a83a-e3190f18c4c5_crop_1050_590_przystanek-inspiracja-kuchnia-styl-eklektyczny Invite summer into your home 407290_3b71edf2-c471-45d6-9516-7e81a34e3406_crop_515_386_dom-firan-jadalnia Invite summer into your home 407290_9c147c61-9ef3-49d4-ba5b-735e1c4c563d_crop_515_386_max-fliz-lazienka Invite summer into your home 407290_801a08b2-c844-4423-a65b-4b6417bcde24_crop_515_386_magic-home-hol-przedpokoj Invite summer into your home 407290_971d4304-30b9-4879-933f-f37afd7a8bb7_crop_515_386_magic-home-hol-przedpokoj Invite summer into your home 407290_19070a3b-cc01-4d1c-a6de-5143dc2030f5_crop_515_386_design-expo-pokoj-dziecka Invite summer into your home 407290_a742db0e-0e75-4b10-99ed-77df4c77077f_crop_515_386_dom-firan-salon Invite summer into your home 407290_b98d05f1-caba-4a23-94ec-ad73c9888b5f_crop_1050_590_-kuchnia-styl-kolonialny Invite summer into your home 407290_bb616955-7435-481f-a444-3eb7d7b1cd43_crop_515_386_meble-vox-pokoj-dziecka Invite summer into your home 407290_d396add6-9bcc-4623-a629-05463f665976_crop_515_386_dom-firan-salon Invite summer into your home 407290_eefdcb8f-0881-4b7d-ae9f-2d96d475fd77_crop_515_386_dom-firan-salon Invite summer into your home

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