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How to decorate a bathroom in shades of gray

Looking for a synonym for the word “gray” in the dictionary you can find terms such as “colorless”, “dull” or “nieosobliwy” … It’s amazing how much they do not work in the context of interior design! Gray can have many faces and shades. Anthracite can be crisp and firm, platinum subtle and delicate, while pigeons tons coming in blue, extremely romantic. Interiors, which are home to gray, is far from banal – just play them interesting textures, light additives. It is fully enough to bring out the gray depth and emphasize its timeless style.

3448_587e69b0-d795-498f-99a3-8bd8d91557c6_crop_1050_590_-lazienka-styl-nowoczesny How to decorate a bathroom in shades of gray

Recently, on top of the bathroom are drowning in grays. Nothing, however, wonder – gray color perfectly finds in each of the Conventions interior design is versatile and lightweight. In addition to this fantastic feeling both small and grand interiors. Below are seven ways to a beautiful gray bathroom and there is absolutely no question of arrangements “without the word”!

56931_3c0d1931-78af-47ad-ab69-0488355f0bde_crop_1050_590_-lazienka-styl-vintage How to decorate a bathroom in shades of gray

The idea for the gray bathroom with a claw? Mural!

Gray perfectly finds in modern, minimalist interiors. Simple, gray tiles always present themselves in style and edge design. To warm a little gray, bathroom look, you might want to put on a wooden items. The floor of the high-quality, well-impregnated boards or wood console under the sink, will add coziness interior and perfectly fits the existing interior design canons. If you care about the bathroom with a metal framed, gray tiles, you can compress the photo wallpaper in a similar shade. Such treatment is not only visually expands the space and add its depth, but also make it gray, monochrome arrangement will become surprising artistic tone. When buying a wall mural remember, however, that such a wall decoration must be made of suitable material (eg. Latex, vinyl or laminate), or be adequately protected (eg. Tempered glass).

105167_93cd1d11-0d98-4af6-9e7e-06b0d295c514_crop_515_386_-lazienka-styl-nowoczesny How to decorate a bathroom in shades of gray

How to arrange a stylized bathroom with a hint of gray?

Gray perfectly finds himself not only in modern spaces – as beautiful falls indoors classic. Successfully you can therefore bet on a stylized gray bathroom furniture. Door and drawer cabinets decorated with spectacular cutters, marble countertop and porcelain knobs, is the quintessence of elegance! Such a set of furniture perfectly present in the spaces of Provence (with a hint of white and violet), English (in the company of ivory and beige) and shabby chic (next to the spectacular planes decorated przecierka). Interior with an old soul, we brightest shades of gray – platinum gray and pigeons. The walls can be covered also broken white, full of silvery particles that reflect light beautifully.

182209_31b7eab1-70d4-40ac-a986-fa7f3772480b_crop_515_386_-lazienka-styl-nowoczesny How to decorate a bathroom in shades of gray

Or maybe green lime in the company?

This year, a variety of shades of gray can be safely combined with energetic accents. Although fashion gray interior with a canary or a hint of lime for several months on time, but that 2017 should be the flashy colors! Pantone Institute recently announced the fact that the color of the next twelve months will be Greenery, or living, lush green. The color appears as an extremely fresh and joyful, introduced into the interior of energy and vitality. Curiously, though gray extracts from it what is most beautiful, do not turns into a neutral, expressionless base. Thanks to the bright lime color is just touch, perfectly highlights the nobility and elegance of gray color. Both tones therefore balanced and complementary, creating a harmonious interior, but with character.

260783_c91b2ddd-700f-41ee-b266-101fa7caba1d_crop_515_386_-lazienka-styl-nowoczesny How to decorate a bathroom in shades of gray

Relaxing gray, or how to arrange a bathroom in a climate of SPA?

Gray is the color that calms, soothes and calms. No wonder salons SPA simply love it! Therefore, if you dream a bathroom arranged in a climate of “wellness”, boldly reach for the gray palette of colors! It shades that occur in the natural world and perfectly in harmony with the philosophy of “body & mind.” At first the plan may therefore come out anthracite stone tiles, for example. Made from high-quality stoneware. Well, if they have a texture similar to natural stone – a rough and uneven. In addition, you can opt for an original sink, which is shaped like a hollow boulder. This will be an extravagant accent, who will appreciate the arbitrator space in a climate of SPA. Gray, cool plane will love the company of the noble exotic wood, such as rosewood, tic, mahogany or cedar. This kind of species are perfect for the bathroom spaces – wood protect the natural oils to prevent drying out and rozszczelnianiu.

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