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Contemporary End Tables For Harmonious Combos

It’s easy to spot a contemporary piece of furniture even when its design is actually influenced by other styles. Even small pieces like end tables have a very well-defined set of characteristics which integrate them into a specific style. For example, a contemporary end table is defined by clean lines, smooth surfaces and a general lack of ornaments and embellishments. It could also be characterized by the use of unusual materials, interesting forms and eye-catching finishes.

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Cupid is an interesting piece of contemporary furniture. The striking thing about it is the choice of materials. The table has a solid marble block base and a top and body made of brass. These two materials come in contrast with each other and the combination results in an unusual, intriguing and attractive look.

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For contemporary end tables there’s more than one way to stand out. When the palette of materials is not exceptional in any way, the design can be interesting by featuring an eye-catching and unconventional form, like Tilio, a table built on two levels and with a design that features this symbiotic relationship between two different elements, each showcased in a different color.

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The tables in the Tray series are simple and their designs are optimized to be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing in order to fit easily in modern interior decors. The tables have metal bases and tops with ash frames and surfaces available in lacquered glass and marble.

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Solid wood and solid metal are layered to create a unique end table called Ellis. These two materials alternate to ensure a seamless connection between the top of the table and the legs. It’s as if the legs are seamlessly integrated into the top, with no way to physically separate them. The combo options include walnut and brass, walnut and stainless steel and ebonized walnut and brass.

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Designed to be highly versatile, the Hutch collection offers a series of trays and frames which can be interchanged and used as end tables, plant stands and even nightstands. They can stand on wheels or they can be suspended from the ceiling and they feature painted metal frames and solid wood shelves which can be circular or rectangular.

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Simple and versatile, the Raster end table designed by T. Colzani is the type of accessory that can fit in a variety of different decors and settings. The table is made of solid caneletta walnut and a symmetrical structure with a leather-covered tray  that can be placed on top. The tray can be used independently of the table.

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If these end tables remind you of pebbles it’s because the designer actually intended to create this impression. The Wind series by Jin Kuramoto focuses on irregular and organic shapes  and the tables were created exclusively for a hotel in Norway. They’re featured in two heights and they’re made of a stone-like material.

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It’s sculptural, simple and graceful and it’s made of four sheets of metal that balance on top of each other. This is the Caramel table, a funky little piece of furniture which can be used in environments such as offices, waiting rooms but also living spaces and lots of other settings. It has a lot of character and it comes in a variety of bold and quirky colors.

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The name of the collection is a very good indicator of the style employed by the designer in this case. SU refers to the Japanese aesthetic defined by plain and unadorned structures and overall simplicity. The Su table showcases all that in a very lovely and stylish way. Although very simple, the table is also very appealing. In addition, it’s made of reclaimed and recycled material which makes even better.

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Graceful, simple and cute, Cala is a table with a design that can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. If you’re in a playful mood, it might look like a mushroom to you. In any case, the thing that we like most about it, in addition to the actual design, is the fact that both its top and its base are available in lots and lots of different colors and finish options.

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This is an end table with a design that you simply can’t ignore. Still, it doesn’t stand out in an opulent or dramatic way. Actually, it’s quite dandy and delicate. Carmina is a series of small tables with a sleek base that features one leg which curls above the edge of the top. It’s interesting how the structure of the base shifts to the side to keep of the table balanced. This is a design that sparks the imagination.

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Unlike most of the end tables we looked at so far, the Zagazig definitely stands out with its eye-catching design and form. These tables, apart from an unusual, geometric form, also feature these very graphical designs on their tops. The black and white stripes are definitely eye-catching.

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Because they’re so unusual, these tables can be used in a lot of different ways and in lots of different environments. they feature a base made of thin steel rods with a gold finish and laminate top defined by graphical designs, including this floral pattern.

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Still Life is a table with a design inspired by the unique connections that exist between objects and the way in which the function and character of a particular object is defined by its relation with the elements it interacts with. It’s a pretty deep concept materialized into a design that’s unlike anything we’ve seen so far.

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This is an end table designed to fit next to or around the sofa. These are often referred to as C tables because of their shape. Comb 53 differentiate itself from other pieces from the same family by featuring a structure made of metal rods with chrome or gold finishing which contrasts with a lacquered top which can either be dark blue or burgundy. The contrast is strong without being too eye-catching or difficult to match with the rest of the decor.


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