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Violet in the interior – which color suits purple walls?

Lavender, heather, aubergine, cyclamen … These are just some shades of one of the most mysterious and sensual colors in a palette of colors – purple. Significantly, purple tones have always commanded respect and desire. Purple robes were reserved only for those occupying high positions – kings, princes and ecclesiastical dignitaries. It has not happened yet so for a reason – purple dye extracted from rare and extremely valuable species of mussels.

9756_fc23753b-382c-4391-8c18-d0669eeb92fd_crop_515_386_poddasze-salon-styl-rustykalny Violet in the interior - which color suits purple walls?

Formerly violet wall was equal to the extravagance of design, but today does not surprise anyone. Sometimes, in the vast purple drown the whole room, sometimes subtle heather glances only one wall or creates impressive paneling. And if you like the styling with a hint of purple, but wondering how to properly take care of the color proportions, be sure to read this article. Violet on the walls allows for innumerable variations arrangement – all depends on what it zestawisz and how visibility.

Is black and white variations fit into purple?

Some, it seems that purple tones difficult to tame because they are extremely temperamental. Well, nothing more wrong! Violet color, although expressive, perfectly gets along with various styles wnętrzarskimi. Putting on violet, remember, however, that the success of a successful arrangement lies in the shade you choose. Whitened purple tones on the wall, such as lavender, heather or without, beautifully present a romantic woman’s boudoir with a hint of Provence, in turn, a strong note, for example. Plum, eggplant and nightshade, great find in a chic aesthetic glamor. Interestingly, with purple walls perfectly correspond to the colors classics like black and white. The first to like a more subtle violet in the release of the second, willing friends with a little more predatory installment of purple.

91988_1b579532-35fa-4721-88cf-34244a63caee_crop_515_386_-salon-styl-nowojorski Violet in the interior - which color suits purple walls?

Violet and colorful accessories? Why not!

If you bet on a very light shade of purple, catching dirty pink, go ahead and opt for bright furniture and energetic, bright accessories. As a result, the interior does not compromise boredom and banality! Multi-color abstract image, patterned pillows and colorful ceramics, breathe in the freshness and pleasant arrangement will add her character. Such remarkable, vibrant styling certainly likes the space in vintage style. Interior full leciwych appliances loves because kaleidoscopic variations and surprising statement. Despite the ripe old age of retro furniture they do not always want to be taken seriously, as some may think.

126787_5988d34a-8e91-413e-9985-2f5e652c3610_crop_515_386_peony-garden-salon-styl-prowansalski Violet in the interior - which color suits purple walls?

Violet, wood and gold – ripped trio

Some believe that the purple interiors tend to be nieprzytulne, others are completely disagree. Interestingly, it is very difficult to judge the dispute – violet in fact, formed from the merger of two extremely different colors – cool blue and hot red. Once again, therefore – the cosiness of the interior depends on the hue and saturation of purple. If you choose rather cool shade, do not worry – it will be very easy to insulate arranging the interior and wooden furniture. If the styling give a thick, fleshy fabrics in subtle colors you will create a friendly, intimate space. Very pleasing to the eye are also purple and gold statement. Intense violet bishops presents itself in an elegant gold-rimmed! If you like splendor, put the golden mirror frames and lamp base and impressive, brocade upholstery. Palace effect guaranteed!

185223_c3065afc-61dd-47d3-adc3-d343471f2e01_crop_1050_590_kwiat-w-modnym-fiolecie-sypialnia-styl-eklektyczny Violet in the interior - which color suits purple walls?

Or wallpaper in shades of purple?

If you are not an advocate of single-color walls, boldly reach for fancy purple wallpaper. Subtle, purple flowers on a cream background in a few moments take you into the world of interior straight out of a Jane Austen novel, and bold geometric motifs in shades of cyclamen, will add space designer DOMINO. Remember, however, that patterned wallpaper works best on one wall – so the interior is interesting, but not overwhelmed. If you choose a romantic wall design in a balanced tone, you may be tempted to add-ons in ivory, blue or gray. Energy violet, in turn, can compare with amaranth, bile or juicy lime.

230348_e729a19b-712d-4ad3-a501-fb616728f863_crop_515_386_-salon-styl-vintage Violet in the interior - which color suits purple walls?

Violet in the interior – on what styling should pay attention to?

Violet in the interior is not only the walls! Designers are increasingly encouraged to color experiments and live urge to reach for purple trinkets, textiles and furniture upholstery. A huge popular are especially the latter. Nothing, however, wonder – velor and velvet in the color of ripe plums, adding interiors feature high quality and satisfy even the most discerning arbiters of good taste. If luxury styling is not your fairy tale, perhaps it is tempting to modern and unclichéd solution, such as, for example … lilac fronts of kitchen furniture! At first, the idea may seem curious, but just one look at the following arrangement and all doubts disappear in the blink of an eye. Subtle violet paired with white and ashes presents slightly, charmingly and trendy!

302975_cca5d866-5784-43d2-822e-df60453fda7d_crop_515_386_-sypialnia-styl-nowoczesny Violet in the interior - which color suits purple walls?

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