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Greenery color 2017 – how to put it into the interior

“Green is the most important color, from which comes the beauty of the world” – wrote Pedro Calderón de la Barca. This year, the quotation of the famous Spanish playwright takes on new meaning – Pantone Institute announced the fact that 2017 will belong to the color green. Greenery, so called because the shade chosen by the legendary American company, to be a symbol of life, peace and new beginnings.

3454_1b5a7c8a-ead1-42e3-8c91-0dba314d1409_crop_1050_590_-jadalnia Greenery color 2017 - how to put it into the interior

Fresh, energetic, bringing with them a breath of spring – such is the Greenery! Neither the watch and the color of good will rock not only the fashion catwalks, but also design arrangements. It is therefore in advance to look at it more closely and see what should be combined. Below is a brief guide to the interiors with a refreshing, green note. Some Greenery appears only as an accent, in others, boldly dominates. Check, in which edition you like the most!

2428_f91a96c6-10b5-4f97-a5eb-edc1f437da1a_crop_515_386_-jadalnia-styl-nowoczesny Greenery color 2017 - how to put it into the interior

Power “Greenery” – how to break the black-and-white interior?

“Greenery” is in English simply “green” in the sense of “vegetation”. People who regularly track trends in interior design, you will have noticed an increase in the popularity of this color – designers are increasingly willing to weave into an intense green color in the fashionable trend of eco and bold arrangements of tropical note. This year, however, unquestionably belongs to the living, spring marriages and sneaks for all styling – regardless of their convention!

12824_6bed4399-e6ca-4dfb-b18e-38dcdfb7d036_crop_515_386_-salon-styl-rustykalny Greenery color 2017 - how to put it into the interior

“Greenery” can be both a motive in the interior, as well as a small but distinct accent. Bold green in the shade of lime should be used in modern black and white arrangements, which lacks a distinctive dot over the “i”. Two power chair or flashy shades lamps fully enough to add a space character and effectively break the classic combination of colors. Some hard to believe how much space is changing the doprawieniu its vivid green. And yet! Such a subtle way without obligation to introduce “Greenery” to the interior, we recommend to all those who like change and love to play the latest trends.

179024_2f61a522-7ab5-496e-baee-6fab8167c4cf_crop_515_386_bialo-czarna-kuchnia-kuchnia-styl-nowoczesny Greenery color 2017 - how to put it into the interior

Which colors juxtapose Greenery?

You should know that the Institute also publishes a list of Pantone colors which underline the great qualities of the color of the year, and extract from it is what is most beautiful. Right next Greenery, specialists from the palette of colors they see, among others, gray, shades of brown and color resembling natural wood. These include earthy tones and subdued, which will give clearly shine this year’s star. However, if you like amusement statement in the style of pop art, you can safely bet on canary green, sapphire intense and alluring roses. They have also been highlighted by the Institute! The intense colors should smuggle only as accents, that too did not dominate the Greenery. In the end, he is number one in this year’s Pantone’owej rainbow!

235145_5b00b16a-16c4-4062-b82d-710db5195670_crop_515_386_-salon-styl-skandynawski Greenery color 2017 - how to put it into the interior

Connect trends: Greenery and plush

One of the strongest trends of recent seasons are plush materials. This is evident both ultramodnych combinations of clothing, as well as the latest interior design styling. Velvet and velor storm tore into the salons, adding arrangement, not just a luxury character, but the enormity of coziness. Interestingly, noble materials are notoriously fickle. Plush love not only the living room furniture in retro style – also have their favorite colors! Right next to the ruby ​​tones, episcopal purple and bottle green, ranks just “Greenery”! Velvet materials beautifully presented in this pitch – Professing to make the green begins to live. Such a release of energy Greenery perfectly find in the interiors of eclectic and stylized.

499922_bcd0250a-9582-4b50-91b1-adf04762fa3c_crop_1050_590_tikkurila-duett-joy-jadalnia Greenery color 2017 - how to put it into the interior

Paint, wallpaper or modern template?

Spring green on the wall? Why not! This procedure adds the interior a pleasant freshness and vitality – even when the window bad weather continues. It is not a secret that lush green associated with the proximity of the natural world, which calms and regenerative effect on the psyche. Green Wall is therefore a great choice for both the living room and a cozy bedroom or home office. A word of caution – it is not worth to decide on a radical makeover only due to fashion, which, after all, and so will pass. However, if you belong to the group of courageous people who just love the interior covered in greenery – go ahead and grab a brush or mince formidable wallpaper! Those who dream to spice wall decor in a slightly more subtle way, they can opt for a stylish image, self-adhesive vinyl sticker template or in the shade of Greenery. It is a proven, effective and – above all – without obligation way to instantly lift any interior!

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