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Classics in the living room. Meet the top 5 color palettes

In autumn and winter, a shortage of natural light in the Nordic countries is felt especially intensely. It affects the color preferences of their residents. Why the popularity of white interior in Scandinavia? Of course, the absence of light in this beautiful, but most of the year underexposed, land. The same is true with us. When at four o’clock it is already dark, the only thing we dream, is a long, clear day. For meteorological phenomena we can not control, but we can improve your mood appropriately selected colors and lighting the room where the rest in long cloudy days and early evenings. Scandinavian white is the obvious choice. But not the only one.

148100_b4afd8b2-ee02-4665-a4a4-0f6e0c02b606_max_1050_9999_-salon-styl-skandynawski Classics in the living room. Meet the top 5 color palettes


Biel has – contrary to appearances – many shades. Monochrome living room is the essence of purity and freshness. Just in time to the apartment światłolubnego and pedantic inhabitant of the North. Rather childless because whites quickly lose their charm when the room prowl kilkulatki. Consistent whiteness requires a diversity of textures – if all the planes had the same degree of light reflection, the interior would be boring and bland. Therefore, in a white interior should mix matt surfaces with a shiny, smooth the rough. I paint the walls plamoodpornymi paints. Forewarned is forearmed.

148100_390ae7c3-66f1-421f-a9b9-23c0ef739d4d_max_1050_9999_-salon Classics in the living room. Meet the top 5 color palettes


Beige, cream, powder pink – shades of feminine, soft and warm. For the interior bring harmony, peace, security, and – of course – light. Solution classic – fits stylish, traditional interiors, and for rooms decorated in the spirit of eco. Beiges make entering the room thinking, “how can you nicely.” That’s reason enough to choose not to.

148100_16eaf28b-6912-467c-9c3d-4c03c4b4614f_max_1050_9999_-salon-styl-glamour Classics in the living room. Meet the top 5 color palettes

Shades of gray

Gray have modern elegance. The pastel version brighten the interior, giving it at the same time avant-garde character. They are an integral part of the interior loftowych, but also those in the style of glamor – a great blend of silver steel, pearls and crystals cold. Because here too – as in white – the principle of contrast. Monochrome interior would be unbearable without distinction invoices.

148100_04aeecaa-d4b6-4716-9685-5b1b3f31ba2e_max_1050_9999_-salon Classics in the living room. Meet the top 5 color palettes

Blue sky

Blue is the favorite color of many people. It soothes, cools, introduced into the interior balance. By associating with endless skies makes the room painted blue, it seems bigger than it actually is. Blue walls provide an excellent background for the beige and brown additives – together form a composition inspired by nature. The living room decorated in this way is an oasis of tranquility – so necessary after a nervous day.

148100_1ec9fe5b-a6c1-449c-ac56-c96857b6aa10_max_1050_9999_-salon Classics in the living room. Meet the top 5 color palettes

Pastel green

Whitened green is another color that is introduced into the interior of calm. It also works refreshing for people staying in the room. Compared with white, browns, meringue and cream color creates an environment in which easy for regeneration.

Bright, pastel interior is a classic when it comes to interior design, and especially living rooms. Choosing one of these five versions, the choice of safe, because proven and versatile. And in the age of technology giving paints a wall plamooodporność – more secure than ever before.

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