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Are These the Best Children’s Beds on Houzz?

Put a bed that’s oh-so appealing centre stage in your child’s room with these cute, fun and smart suggestions

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It’s easy to delight a child with the bed you choose for their room. Away-from-the grown-ups nook? Imaginative starting point? Lofty platform? All can enchant, and we’re talking parents as well as kids here. Older family members will also relish incorporated storage that’ll help stem the tide of stuff. For teens, meanwhile, a bed that’s cooler is required, but still distinctly theirs. After inspiration? Read on

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Host a sleepover
It’s the mezzanine bed ready for sleepovers that’s the big hit in this bedroom. Positioned under the eaves it makes brilliant use of the space, turning a loft room into a really special space. Note how a wardrobe’s been neatly fitted underneath the sleeping platform with room to open and close the door behind the ladder.

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Take a seat
An outsized headboard that extends around a corner makes this bed comfortable for sleeping and sitting – after all, when friends are round it’s inevitable they’re going to sit on the bed. The grey upholstery makes adding as little or as much colour in the rest of the room easy, and the whole effect is classic enough to last though the teenage years.

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Combine to suit
At the heart of a modular combination, the bed in this room is neat and sleek with a second trundle-style bed below that’s ready to pull out when friends stay over – and drawers to boot. Although contemporary, surrounding this sleep spot with storage gives the bed a cocooning quality that creates the feeling of security a bedroom of your own should.

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Work a theme
This room turns sharing into an adventure with beds ready for setting sail on the high seas. Although two beds rather than bunks takes up extra floor space, they can save arguments over who gets top and who gets bottom, and here the floorplan is efficiently exploited with the storage underneath each bed. Blue walls continue the ocean-going atmosphere, while a white ceiling helps the space to feel loftier.

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Slide away
An elevated bed’s never likely to disappoint, and this one has the bonus of a slide for a quick exit, as well as a conventional ladder to climb up. In this room, a hamper adds storage beneath, but there’s plenty more space to exploit if you opt for a similar style sleeping platform. Alternatively, leave it unfilled as an extra play area.

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Hide stash space
A child’s bed can make a virtue of potentially awkward rooms so that inheriting the smallest bedroom feels like a treat rather than a disappointment. Here, the bed was built bespoke and the stairs are, in fact, drawers for storage. Fitting curtains to create a den like this will always get the thumbs up from kids, too.

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Begin with a bunkbed
Check out this top bunk: a cosy cabin kids are bound to adore. Windows and door ensure the snug bed doesn’t make the sleeper feel too enclosed or in the dark. A high-ceilinged room’s essential for this construction, but a platform bed could create the same effect in a space with more average dimensions, if a second bed below’s not needed.

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Start the countdown
What better than a rocket headboard with starry sky backdrop to inspire a career as an astronaut? Grey bed linen is all that’s required to complete the impression of the metallic space ship, while LED lights create the stars and the porthole shows planet Earth. Building in everything from a desk to shelving and drawers gives the room a streamlined feel, but there’s plenty of display space for current favourites.

If your child has a hobby or special interest, there may well be a themed bed out there to match. You could even get busy with the MDF yourself…

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Tell a toy story
When there are so many companions to share the bed with, sleeping space for its intended occupant can be in very short supply. Here, shelving’s been included overhead to accommodate favourites with room for more on the shelf beside the bed, so they can stay close at night.

In a room where building in is not possible, try hanging shelves with a lip near the bed as a home for soft toys.

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Grab a book
In this room, book shelving is accessible from the bed as well as from the seating space underneath, to help keep little ones interested. The bottom bed even doubles as a cosy reading nook.

Trimmed in wood, the bed and seat tone beautifully with the exposed brick wall, creating a warm ambience, and the eclectic mixture of patterns for seat pads and cushions is more than a match for the colours of the cuddly toys.

Which bed did you choose for your child’s room – and why? Let us know in the Comments.

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