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7 of the Best Ideas for Children’s Bunk Beds

Considering bunk beds for your kids’ sleep zone? Check out these smart designs for some ideas to take away

Alice Humphrys
4 February 2018

If your children are sharing a room, a great way to save space is to install bunk beds. If you’re considering them in your own home, take a look at these clever ideas for inspiration.

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Design the perfect storage solution
When you’re planning bunk beds, it’s a good idea to think about how you can incorporate storage. The designers of this bespoke piece of joinery have included a number of different organisation solutions.

There are shelves above the built-in desk and on the other side of the beds, a few cupboards, and some handy recessed shelves next to the sleeping areas for bedside bits and bobs. The designers have achieved this by using the whole wall to build the bunk beds as part of a larger unit.

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Take it round the corner
If you have the space, consider building a piece of furniture that uses two walls rather than one. Making the most of every inch of space, this built-in wardrobe has been designed with two beds attached.

One is a bunk bed accessed via a ladder; the other is a cosy space tucked neatly underneath. There’s plenty of practical storage in this design, and the zingy yellow adds a fun touch.

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Focus on a theme
If you want to make your child’s sleepspace really fun, go for a bunk bed like this one. The owners have chosen a safari theme and installed a cosy cabin bed. The top deck can be accessed via a pull-down ladder, and the area is enclosed by a roof and wood panelling. To ensure the space feels light and unconfined, the designers have added a window to the roof and incorporated an opening in the timber wall.

As this is a space for a young child, the upper level is quite low, but there’s still enough space for a mattress underneath, which can double up as a snug play area and reading nook.

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Create a space for everyone
Need to put up more than two kids? If you have the wall and floor space, this set-up is perfect for a larger family, a holiday home, or for sleepovers. In this room, two sets of bunk beds have simply been joined together. However, if your space is limited, it might be worth paying a good joiner to construct something that fits into the area available.

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Go for a look to suit all ages
As your offspring grow, they might want a little more privacy and a zone to call their own. Here’s an ideal solution – two built-in bunk bed nooks where each child or teenager can relax in their own space. It’s a perfect way to incorporate some private areas into a shared room.

The colour scheme is also a good choice, as it tones with so many other shades, helping the space to grow with the children. Here, the blue looks cool and muted, which would be ideal for a teenager, but it would work equally well teamed with brightly coloured accessories.

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Choose a solid design
For a safe and sturdy option, consider a custom-made construction like this one, which has been designed with a proper staircase. It’s a good choice for a young child, as it’s easy to climb up and down, particularly for those who wake up during the night.

If you need the storage space, you could incorporate pull-out drawers under each of the stairs and the lower bunk.

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Consider a freestanding bunk bed
If you want something you can take with you when you move, a freestanding piece is the best option. These Scandi-style bunks in white and oak are ideal, and have a beautifully curved design. The slimline frame also prevents the bottom bunk from feeling too dark and enclosed.

Are you considering bunk beds in your own home? Which of these is your favourite design? Share your thoughts in the Comments section.

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