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10 Stylish Nurseries Where Tired Parents Can Also Rest

Make your baby’s room multi-functional with well-chosen seating and sleeping solutions

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When planning space for a baby – whether beside your bed or in a separate nursery – be sure to factor in your own comfort as well as the new addition’s. Having somewhere warm and comfortable to sit will go a long way when taking on the challenge of sleepless nights.

Also think about longevity. For example, a loveseat-style nursing chair can become somewhere to snuggle for storytime as your child gets older. These 10 are top examples of how to design a nursery that’s picturesque as well as parent-friendly.

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Select your scale
A cosy armchair creates an inviting spot for bedtime reading or feeding. Opt for a petite, bedroom-suitable style in a coordinating colour, like this grey number, which doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Check the depth of any chair you’re considering for the nursery, as many are quite substantial, making them extra-imposing from the side. Choose a design that’s easy to get out of, with armrests and an upright back to ensure good support.

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Make it multi-functional
If there’s scope, a daybed makes a marvellously multi-functional addition. Layering cushions against the long side looks more sofa-ish, while bolsters at either end pad the frame.

If your child falls ill – or one parent needs to guarantee a good night’s sleep – the option of switching to a single bed may come in very handy.

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Try a trundle
Those with space issues will appreciate a daybed that turns into a double for guests. Trundle beds have a mattress underneath the main bed that slides out and sits flush on a frame. You can still dress the single bed to make an attractive seating area, but it will offer extra flexibility if you need to accommodate overnight visitors.

A cosy sheepskin and favourite quilt provide the finishing touches to this calming, two-tone nursery.

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Get creative with colour
Use fun furniture to beef up the colour content of a neutral scheme. This nursery’s monochrome backdrop showcases vibrant citrus brights to best effect. The orange chair is perfect for night feeds, with its comfortable rounded arms and good head support.

The dark ceiling grounds the space, making the celestial stars appear to float down from the night sky.

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Work in a woodland theme
A serene forest scene unfolds on the walls of this gender-neutral nursery. The standout wallpaper (Bellewood by Rebel Walls) requires little embellishment, meaning that furniture can be kept ultra-simple.

A white slip-covered armchair is a washable way of incorporating pale upholstery, while a leather pouffe – perfect for tired feet – feels appropriately earthy.

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Style for softness
This gender-neutral nursery would make a restful retreat for tired parents thanks to lots of soft textiles and both seating and sleeping options.

The skill of the designer is evident in the unusual blue and orange colour combination, which is woven in via several small details. Rainbow-inspired toys pack a colour punch that’s easy to dial up or down.

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Give vintage a go
Add midcentury magic to a Scandinavian-inspired nursery with a retro chair and footstool. This pale green-grey piece with a wooden frame complements the room’s pastel palette and minimal aesthetic, while offering a comfy spot to stretch out.

Accessorise with a cosy rug, abstract art prints and alibaba-style lidded baskets that make tackling “toy overload” less time-consuming.

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Settle on a smart sofa
Another versatile nursery seating option is a sleek sofa-bed. Styles are now so sophisticated and comfortable you wouldn’t know they weren’t a standard sofa.

This luxe nursery has a lot going on, but repeated colours and themes create cohesion.

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Mix your prints
If pattern’s your preference, this neat nursery space could spark inspiration. Layering geometric prints of different scales – all in crisp, cool blue/green tones – achieves beautiful balance.

A traditional armchair gets a bold overhaul with wide deckchair stripes that coordinate with the gorgeous green chest of drawers. The footstool is nice and wide, meaning it can function as somewhere to rest feet and feeding paraphernalia at the same time.

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Consider bespoke options
When window positions are causing you problems, a bespoke piece of furniture could be the best solution. This slim bench seat incorporates the changing table at one end to minimise its footprint, while a fairly low profile avoids obscuring too much of the glass.

The simple plywood design is freestanding, rather than built in, meaning the owners have the option of taking it with them when they move house.

What’s your best nursery design or furniture tip? Share your ideas in the Comments section.


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