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Transform Your Bedroom in a Weekend (and on a Tight Budget)

Give your sleep space a speedy makeover without breaking the bank

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Has your bedroom lost its lustre, hampered by piles of clothes, tired bed linen or an uninspired theme? You don’t have to spend weeks planning a big overhaul, nor fork out a fortune to make it more stylish and relaxing. Turn bedtime into a treat by trying one of these simple ideas.

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Invest in new bed linen
Be honest, when was the last time you upgraded your bed linen? And do you automatically reach for white when you do? Choose wisely and a new duvet cover and matching pillowcases can easily leave you with change from £100, and can make your bedroom instantly feel fresher and more relaxing to be in. Resist the temptation to go for practical white for everything. A mix of soft pastels, as here, can add a calming influence that will hopefully help you drift off to sleep peacefully.

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Put up some shelves
A few simple shelves can transform the style of your bedroom. Add character by adding a few items – a selection of much-loved books, a couple of potted plants and some framed pictures. If you have alcoves in your room so much the better, but even if you don’t you can still channel the power of shelving. In really little rooms how about a shelf right up at the top of the wall, close to the ceiling and painted the same colour as your walls? The items you then display on it, or the edit of books (an entire shelf of Penguin classics against inky blue, perhaps), will really stand out.

Be inspired by more white bedrooms in the Houzz photo stream

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Create a picture group
It’s amazing how a cluster of pictures can transform any room. This styling trick works particularly well used above your bedhead (make sure frames are secured safely to avoid any bumps in the night…).

Pick up frames cheaply at DIY stores, Ikea or high-street shops; artworks don’t have to be expensive either if you think creatively. Use tears from magazines, prints you already possess, old postcards or blow up a favourite photograph. You could even have a go at creating your own artworks at home.

How to make the most of art in the bedroom

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Coordinate colour
In a twin room, a couple of bright matching blankets and cushions are all it takes to make the room feel more coordinated and chic. If your bed linen is white, be bold and choose colours or patterns that stand out. Picking a table lamp that fits the same colour scheme further helps turn a relatively plain room into something special on a tight budget.

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Go indigo
A wall of dark paint can add a dramatic feel to a bedroom and it doesn’t have to cost more than a couple of tins of paint. Teamed with white bed linen – which, let’s face it, most of us already have – it can create an instant boutique look. Try painting a wall behind the bedhead for maximum impact and choose your favourite dark blue, a hugely popular colour right now for interiors. This room is flooded with light so the dark shade doesn’t drag it down, but simply adds a chic edge.

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Choose a wow wallpaper
There are tons of lovely budget wallpapers around these days, so if you have a large area to paper you don’t need to spend lots per roll. Then again, opting to cover just one feature wall behind the bed can radically change the feel of a bedroom, and you’ll probably only need a few rolls so you can potentially up your budget per roll. This bold orange and pink print works especially well with the contrasting grey. Most companies send out samples for free or at low cost, so if you’re shopping online order a few so you can see what the surface finish (matt, glittery, shiny, etc) will be like.

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Follow a fresh colour scheme
Work an accent colour to help your bedroom feel more pulled together. In this room, a few touches of green wake up the room and give it a vibrant feel. A large potted plant will instantly help your room to feel on-trend – here it’s been matched with this season’s big cushion trend, a leaf-print fabric. The small green lamps tie it all together. None of these elements need to cost a lot individually, but together they make the room seem more upbeat and cool.

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Bag a blanket box
If your bedroom is on the snug side and longer than it is wide, consider investing in a blanket box to sit at the bottom of your bed. Not only will it make your room look more stylish, it will also provide a place to sweep clutter and hide spare blankets and cushions. It’s a great solution if other wall shelves or freestanding units would protrude too far into the space, or make it feel awkward to walk around. Look for blanket boxes in junk stores and antiques shops to pick up a bargain.

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Swap in colourful blinds
Window dressings can make a big difference to a bedroom. In this space, the floral Roman blind adds a welcome burst of colour and sets the palette for accessories elsewhere, pulling the whole scheme together.

You can order roller blinds inexpensively online from a number of different companies, which vary in price according to what fabric you choose. Roman blinds like these you can even make yourself using a kit.

Unless your windows are large, you should be able to find ready-made blinds, particularly in a plain-coloured fabric, that won’t break the bank, especially if you look for discount codes and during sale-time.

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Buy a great knitted throw
When it turns chillier outside your home thoughts may lean towards cosier touches indoors. A knitted throw adds texture and a crafty feel to a bedroom, as well as being practical and adding extra warmth in bed. Choose an oversize knit for maximum impact; a neutral shade means it will match whichever bed linen you use.

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Hang around
Solve the problem of clothes draped over chairs by hanging a rail above a dressing table or chest of drawers to supplement your main wardrobe. It’s a place to hang up tomorrow morning’s shirts or blouses, so you don’t have to think too hard at 7am. This simple modern bedroom also shows how one unusual ceiling light can make a big impact.

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Rock a graphic headboard
There are lots of great ideas in this bedroom that could be copied on a budget. Headboards can be pricey but this graphic design was homemade, using MDF covered in fabric. The simple, industrial-style bare-bulb fittings were run from the ceiling over the bedside tables, meaning they didn’t need to be specially wired in in the correct position. And this space is yet another example of how dark paint can look fantastic in bedrooms.

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Source an unusual bedside table
Eschew the usual humdrum bedside surfaces for something different. A vintage tea chest makes for a quirky table and adds a retro character that changes the feel of a bedroom. The lettering will vary with each one for an original touch.

You can pick tea crates up for around £50 each online if you hunt around – so a pair should cost around £100. You could also opt for old trunks and suitcases for a similar vibe.

How have you transformed your bedroom quickly and on a budget? Tell/show us in the Comments section.

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