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Sleepover-Friendly Bedrooms the Kids Will Love

Whether it’s hidden or on show, an extra bed that’s ready to go will make slumber parties a breeze

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Tired of blowing up air beds for impromptu sleepovers, or setting up mattresses in the living room? Then perhaps it’s time to upgrade your child’s bedroom into a sleepover-friendly space that’s ready to spring into action whenever their bestie turns up. With some smart thinking and strategic styling, you can squeeze extra beds into even the smallest of rooms, so you don’t have to spend your evenings rejigging and reorganising to make space. What’s more, the kids will be encouraged to help set up and dismantle their friend’s sleep space if it’s an easy process…

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Is it time for bunks?
Bunk beds are the obvious option when it comes to creating an extra bed that’s ready to go, without encroaching on floor area. And when it’s not being used for sleepovers, the bottom bunk can double as sofa seating by simply adding cushions around the edges. If head height is an issue, consider a mid-sleeper bunk that’s not as high as double bunks…

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… but still provides a dedicated sleep space that’s ready for a bed at floor level. And again, when not in use, this space can be restyled as a cubby or reading nook, with cushions for comfort.

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Pop in a nifty chair bed
If you don’t have the space for a hefty sofa bed in your child’s room, consider a more compact option such as a chair bed that folds out to become a mattress. If you position the chair in the space below a loft bed, it can either fold out directly underneath, or out into the room. Just ensure there are no obstacles in front so that it can be folded out in one easy action.

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Make the most of the space with custom-built beds
An entire wall of bunk beds, built to fit your exact dimensions, will solve all sleepover scenarios and provide instant beds for all the kids and adults alike. It’s a costly alternative to ready-built bunks, but they will create a smart, sophisticated look that will adapt with your little ones as they grow older. It’s also a good investment for beach houses where you’re regularly inundated with guests.

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Similarly, a custom-built daybed has a grown-up appeal that will last the kids many years. Be sure the daybed is designed so it’s long enough to provide a comfortable night’s sleep, and include hidden storage beneath so you can store washed-and-ready bedding, encouraging your child to dress the bed themselves.

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A store-away trundle makes sleepovers a breeze
Slipped neatly under a single bed, a trundle is an extra-bed solution that is super easy to access. The mattress sits in the pull-out trundle drawer that rolls out in one easy motion, and can be popped next to the bed to create a fun and intimate sleepover set-up. If there’s anything next to the bed, such as a bedside table or storage, ensure it’s lightweight so it can be moved easily to make space.

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This bespoke trundle and daybed combo makes the most of a compact space and provides versatile sleep options for a number of kids. Colour matching the mattress with the bed frame is a clever styling trick that gives it a timeless feel that will last years.

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Living the dream
The ‘sleepover room’ doesn’t have to be in their bedroom, but could be in a play space or even a loft room if you’re lucky enough to have one. Creating a large comfy cushioned platform where a number of kids can snuggle up in sleeping bags is sure to get the thumbs up from your children and their squad. Make it extra special by stringing some fairy lights, pompoms or bunting across the top and it will be a magical haven that, hopefully, will encourage them to sleep well.

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