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Red Bedroom Ideas: Decor, Walls, Paint, And Furniture

A red bedroom can be hard thing to imagine. The color is naturally dramatic and is often used as an accent color for seasonal decorations or large outdoor items like cars.  Bright red looks like blood or fire and many people find that too intimidating to be used in a space meant to be calm and soothing.

Because of this, red is often replaced in regular décor with yellow and orange, as they are generally more subdued.  With that said, you can still use red as a major color in your bedroom design. Here are some useful red bedroom ideas to help you pull it off.

Less is More

Red’s natural dramatic flair means that a little bit of red goes a pretty long wall. Red bedroom walls can be tempting, especially if you have decided that you just want to embrace the color, but it might work better as an accent wall, or even as an accent stripe. Small rooms tend to look better with red painted walls, because their size brings in a natural kind of restraint.

If you are going to have a bedroom with red walls, make sure you make the most of the color by presenting it with a lot of items to contrast against. Place wall décor, like art and mirrors, against the red wall(s) to make the color really pop. Red walls make excellent backdrops for image galleries. You can also set furniture against the walls to the same effect.

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Red Bedroom furniture takes a bit more thinking than it normally would because the color is so dramatic. White or black furniture looks really good against red bedroom walls. Less dramatic colors, like dark wood, is not a good choice, as it just fades into the red walls. White will balance the red very well, providing a coolness to offset the intensity of the red bedroom paint.

Brighter reds are perfect for contemporary styles, usually paired with other bold colors. For more modern designs, you should opt for earthier red paint that has burgundy or brown undertones. Deep reds with black undertones look good with a more traditional style, though a countryside take on traditional styling works better with more muted, dustier looking shades of red.

Red wallpaper is anther good idea for an accent wall. It can add that pop of color as a part of a design instead of being a sheer solid overwhelming block of bold color. The right pattern can give an illusion of space or even fore-shortening.

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When using red, keep things fairly simple with your contrasting color choices. Too many vibrant colors result in an insane mess that is painful to look at. The space quickly becomes the opposite of soothing. For bedrooms in particular, this is something you really want to avoid. A bedroom is a refuge and the colors should help create that atmosphere.

Red and Black Bedroom

Using red and back in your bedroom is a classic combination. It lends the space a retro feel, reminiscent of classic race cars and sleek Art Deco designs. Utilize clean, polished finishes and subtle Art Deco-style intricacies if you are going to use red and black in your bedroom. It creates an overall rather masculine look and is a great option for a single man who wants a different sort of style.

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Brilliant Lighting

Use red and black alongside calmer neutral colors to balance them out. This is a great color palette to include a red accent wall with. If that is too much for you, paint a red geometric Art Deco pattern on the accent wall instead for an interesting focal point. Utilize the same shade of red in your red bedroom accessories to draw the color out.

The décor on that wall should be selected to make the color stand out. Use black frames for pictures for maximum contrast. Use darker, red-toned leather for upholstery.

Grey and Red Bedroom

Red bedroom décor looks very good when paired with grey. It is a very modern look that turns your bedroom into a personal refuge. A soft gray primary color, typically painted on the walls, makes red bedroom accessories really stand out. Those red accessories will add life to a room that might seem otherwise dreary or too soft. You can use red bedding, throw pillows, blankets, art, and area rugs.

Choose soft fabrics and other textures. Décor should be simple and modernistic while remaining soft. This look can be very modern and calming, with a nice mix of warmth and coolness. Pick subtle, soft lighting to help the colors feel right.

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Red and Gold Bedroom

Red and gold are a sumptuous combination, especially when paired with ornate décor and furnishings. Paint the walls a soft, buttery golden yellow, then add in red fabrics and décor. Ornate wooden furniture makes the room feel regal, as if it belongs in a fairytale palace. For a very theatrical look, use long red velvet curtains.

You can add in some red patterns or swatches of red wallpaper for accents on the walls that will not overwhelm the richness of the gold. A solid red headboard can provide the perfect accent, as well, as it will be a very dominating feature of the room.

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Red, Black, and White Bedroom

Using only red, black, and white in a bedroom is a super modern design. Paint the walls white (of off-white, if plain white is just too much). Use black furnishings, then top it all off with red accents. This creates an austere but still lively look.

If you choose the right furniture and decor, it can be an urban, space age, or retro design. Soften it with your choice of fabrics and some cozy area rugs. You want to use simple geometric lines and avoid anything too ornate, as it will look out of place.

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Ending thoughts on red bedroom ideas

Red bedrooms can be soothing refuges, even if you choose brighter shades. Its vibrancy and boldness can lend a sense of warmth and life (and passion, even) to the space if used right. If you would like to have a red bedroom, you can pull it off if you just think through how you’d like to use the color.

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