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Neat Bedroom Tips to Steal from Tidy People

“Floordrobes” be gone! Use these simple ideas to avoid a perpetual tip in your sanctuary

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It’s easy to ignore the mess in your bedroom when it’s tucked away upstairs and no one has to see it. As it isn’t often on show, you’d be forgiven for simply closing the door on a big shambles and concentrating on sprucing up your living room or kitchen instead. But if fleeting order brings you happiness, it might worth striving for it on a more permanent basis. Here are some ideas from (enviably) neat freaks for keeping your room spick and span.

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Opt for an ottoman
A big blanket chest at the end of the bed, or anywhere in your room for that matter, can hide a multitude of sins. Whether it houses spare blankets, shoes or the paperwork you were doing in bed last night, a piece of furniture like this is a storage saviour. It’s so quick to chuck things in there, too.

This example is extra neat, and buttoned to match the headboard. For longevity, look for styles that go with everything and will fit most schemes in case you fancy a change or move house – wicker, wood and leather finishes have lasting appeal.

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Place items with precision
It’s surprising how much order you can introduce simply by lining things up in a row. The shoes are still on the floor in this room, but they’re neatly placed under the wardrobe, with baskets for storage on top and books neatly stacked on the bedside table.

Be confident about your clutter and it can look carefully curated instead of messy.

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Catch it all in a tray
Tray-style bedside tables like these are a cunning way to trick the eye in a bedroom, as they can potentially hide piles of jewellery, reading glasses and other bits and bobs within deep-sided walls.

Opting for a non-symmetrical look to your bedside tables (less about the standard identical lamp each side, more about variety with framed pictures and vases, as here) creates a mismatched vibe that’s more forgiving for clutter-keepers.

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Hang up jewellery
If necklaces and bracelets typically get taken off at the end of the day and piled up in a tangled mess on a bedside table or chest of drawers, this is a pretty way to give them a more orderly space in your room. Plus, you can see what you have at a glance and getting ready in the morning suddenly becomes a lot easier and quicker.

Small, decorative hooks are widely available and it makes for an easy, satisfying weekend DIY project.

If watches are more your thing, they look beautiful displayed in a neat row, face up, on a freshly polished chest of drawers.

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Add a row of pegs
Go a step further and add a whole row of pegs, then display carefully selected clothing, bags, pictures and jewellery. This adds interest to your room and draws the eye up, while keeping surfaces and the floor – where these items often end up – clearer.

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Make space for baskets
Baskets are perfect for stashing anything from scarves and belts to small bags and purses. Even craft materials, such as balls of yarn or lengths of fabric, look gorgeous in a bedroom when they’re stored but on show at the same time. Plus it reminds you to use those items more often.

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Buy a bed with built-in storage
For small bedrooms, this is always a winner. It makes total sense to get as much hidden storage into a room as possible, especially when you know you have a lot of clutter to hide. You’ll thank yourself in the long run for investing in something so neat and sensible.

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Store it in something beautiful
Battered old suitcases make great under-bed storage if the built-in option isn’t for you. Take an afternoon to look at the space you have and the belongings that typically end up strewn about and identify areas that could hold more storage. Use the space well with items you love and tidying can even become a joy!

How do you keep your room tidy? Do you find it a challenge? Share your ideas and photos in the Comments below.
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