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Minimalist Bedroom Ideas : Decor, Furniture, And Designs

Minimalist bedroom ideas are a real blessing in disguise for modern homeowners. Still, the style’s blatant simplicity often makes people reluctant, only because they can’t appreciate its benefits at first sight.

Minimalist bedroom designs are, before anything else, hassle-free and relaxing solutions, and ones that eliminate unnecessary stuff to make you feel more comfortable.

The showstopper role among minimalist bedroom ideas belongs to the walls, which are in most cases crisp white to support the clean look. If that’s too simple for your minimalist room design, gray, beige, tan, and other soft neutrals are also an option.

Bed linens enhance even more the tranquility of minimalist bedroom décor. Instead of getting lost in the ocean of colors and patterns, you can turn towards basic and neutral solutions. This will not only support the relaxed looks of your room, but also help you invest in quality, instead of appearance.

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Jaime Prous Architects

Minimalist bedroom designs also apply to your bedroom’s windows: Depending on whether you’ve chosen a sheer or a bare setting, you will need simple coverings that let as much light as possible come in during the day.

Accent lighting is another defining attribute of modern minimalist bedrooms. What you should be looking at are creative brass sconces and pendants, and give them the role of your bedroom’s focal pieces. Two to three of those will suffice.

With all minimalist arrangements being maximally simplified, there is no reason to change the approach when choosing our minimalist bedroom furniture. You can skip buying classic bedside tables, and create a unique one from rustic crates, antique chairs, coffins, and even old magazine stacks. This way, you will get a more personalized bedroom at a fraction of the expected price.

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hoo Interior Design & Styling

And while it is fully understandable for a first-time owner to turn art shops upside down, turning the walls into galleries is not the way to go with minimalist design.

On the opposite, you should trade the idea of displaying several masterpieces for a single statement piece, or even leave the walls completely empty. Believe it or not, this is the most soothing treat you can give yourself before going to sleep.

Besides, focusing on the mere basics reveals a number of interesting options you never thought of before. It gives you the chance to experiment with fabrics, match and mix textures, and bring up eye-catchy diversity without going off board with colors.

Wouldn’t a sheepskin rug look just adorable combined with a chunky knit throw? Indeed, less is often more!

Before we leave rugs aside, let’s mention minimalist bedroom design floors. The recommended option is hardwood, with compulsory fur/woven rugs to warm your feet in the morning. Ideally, you should be looking at samples that match your bed linens.

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180 degrees

When it comes to minimalist decorating mediums, wood is definitely the way to go. Wood is used to add warmth to otherwise cold and simplified bedrooms, preserving their clean and luxurious looks. It can be a carved wood dresser, a large headboard, or any other piece you’d like to bring up to contrast the white walls.

Minimalist scenarios also look great with the compulsory pop of green, which is why you should be looking at beautiful plants for the corners. This way, you will make the room look more colorful, and add up some extra freshness.

Of course, there will be those among you who’d rather not give up on their favorite colors, and that’s absolutely fine. Minimalist bedrooms leave some room for palette compromises, as long as you use two colors the most, scattered with balance across your bedding and window coverings. Keep in mind, however, that brighter colors will work better than their darker counterparts.

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Kriste Michelini Interiors

How to have a minimalist bedroom? Here are some interesting tips and ideas:

First, remove the clutter

It is time for the junk you’re not using to disappear. Take some time to rummage through the bedroom utilities, and remove the belongings that you could easily live without. This includes old photos, random decorations, holiday memorabilia, and all similar items that won’t really make a difference.

A minimalist bedroom is not necessarily a cold and threadbare one

Minimalism won’t make you give up on your knick-knacks and favorite wardrobe pieces but help you edit them to pare down what is not really necessary. You won’t be expected to remove all belongings, and there are many ways to preserve the coziness and the warmth every bedroom needs.

As a result, you will be rewarded with simplified, breathable surroundings, and a more pleasant ambiance. Therefore, don’t confuse a minimalist bedroom design for a cell-like space with nothing but a mattress and a chair.

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Chad Mellon Photographer

Get a simple bed frame, or skip it altogether

In a minimalist bedroom setting, getting an adequate bed frame matters more than anything else. At that point, you’ll be picking the focal piece for your bedroom, and picking wisely will set the right mood without any additional effort. What we have in mind here are metal frames, platform bed, or box springs – once you have those around, figuring the rest out will be a breeze.

Choose bedding in neutral colors

When it comes to bedding, your best bet are neutralized tones (pale grays, creamy whites, and soft beiges), as they set the ideal backdrop for a truly minimalist bedroom. Once again, keep in mind that you’re after a Zen vibe, and working with bold and clashing patterns won’t bring one up.

Plus, bedding is effortless and relatively affordable, and you won’t be challenged to change the accent colors had you decided so.

Actually, choose everything in neutral colors!

Our intention here is not to convince you to rush into West Elm and put a fortune down on premium khaki-colored throws. In fact, one of minimalism’s most distinctive advantages is affordability, and you can certainly get a piece to fit into the neutral scheme you’ve selected.

Once again – do avoid unexpected color pops and clashes, as those will disrupt the peaceful scenario you worked so hard to achieve.

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Make use of natural light

In a minimalist bedroom, proper lighting can be observed as an important accessory. With limited furniture around, it is light that makes the biggest difference, in particular when you’ve chosen to let sunlight in as much as possible.

If it is an option, pull curtains away, and let the interior unite with the surroundings. This way, you will get a fresher, opener, and much more modern room.

Limit artwork to a single piece you adore

Minimalist aesthetics exclude all possibility to clutter walls with artwork end-to-end. Even if you’re a serious admirer or a passionate art collector, try to choose the statement piece among your valuable belongings, and let it cheer you up each time you enter the room.

To give it the attention it deserves, leave the rest of the walls empty. The walls, alongside your simple and comfortable bed, are the main elements that dictate the minimalist character of the room.

Don’t forget greenery

A nicely positioned plant in a modern and minimalist bedroom will give it a fresh and earthy touch, and introduce the necessary pop of color that will make the setting more energizing. A modern plant, nonetheless, is one that requires minimal maintenance, as for instance philodendrons or rubber plants, fiddle leaf figs, or a cute basket with a string of pearls.

A thoughtful touch would also be to bring a vase full of freshly picked and bright colors, or even to put such in a simple, clear jar.

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Marie Burgos Design

Organize your clothes in a single dresser

The most helpful thing you could do for you minimalist-chic project is to edit your clothing collection, and narrow it down to several essential pieces that would fit inside a single dresser or a drawer chest.

This will give your bedroom a clean and clutter-free look, and you will certainly spend less time searching through clunky drawers. Yet, if it feels as you can’t give up on your so beloved belongings, keep the dressers further from the bed to preserve the simplistic appearance.

A single shelf for your decorations and memorabilia

Remember – you’re decorating a bedroom, not a store! Choose a single shelf, and use it to display your sentimental memorabilia and keepsakes in plain sight. As long as these fit on a single shelve, you don’t have to give up on your minimalism project!

Coming back to the bed frame

It is imperative to find a bed frame that will match your minimalist décor plan, as it will be the leading element that sets the tone of the bedroom. In a more traditional scenario, you’d probably opt for a large, heavy-looking frame with ornaments and aesthetic details that don’t look minimal at all, but in this case, you should be looking at low-profile metal frames or simple platform beds.

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Kaegebein Fine Homebuilding

A platform bed

Old good platform beds are minimalist bedrooms’ center pieces, as they support fully the rest of your simple furniture, and set the ideal foundation for a truly minimal design. The issue with them, however, is the relatively high price that happens to surpass $2,000. Therefore, get ready to invest heavily in your minimalist bedroom.

IKEA ideas for on-budget shoppers

The only place where you can actually get a platform bed on an off-shelf price is IKEA, but you must keep in mind that the quality won’t be the best one. You have to avoid putting too much pressure on the frame or moving frequently, as this may cause the bed to break.

IKEA will also offer a number of matching furniture pieces to combine with your platform bed, and you will often be able to equip the entire room at a price of a single, high-profile platform bed.

Box springs and metal frames

If stuck with a minimalist look, but with no intention to break the bank whatsoever, you should start looking at box springs and metal bed frame alternatives. You will find plenty of those on Amazon.com and similar market places. Odds are good you will find a great frame at the price of $100.

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Blackfish Homes Ltd.

Plus, these beautiful and inexpensive pieces will be shipped and delivered at your door, mounted upon simple DIY manuals, and will require minimal maintenance efforts. The good news is most of them are made of steel, which means they will definitely last longer than an average platform bed.

The right mattress

In the mattress selection process, comfort rules style out, but knowing this shouldn’t stop you from aspiring for a balanced, minimalist look. We recommend getting a standard mattress not thicket than 10 inches, and avoiding covering it with piles of pillow toppers.

Leesa mattress

Leesa is one of the most popular mattress brands worldwide, in both minimalist and traditional bedroom settings. It introduces comfort, firmness, temperature control and amazing body support, accompanied by its beautiful white aesthetics and balanced feel. It is exactly 10 inches thick, and costs $830 (Queen Size).

Tuft & Needle mattresses

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Ian Moore Architects

Shopping on a budget doesn’t have to mean you should give up on your firm mattress quest. In such cases, you should consider Tuft & Needle, a comfortable mattress with a minimal, no–bells-and-whistles cover that comes in both 10 and 5 inches. The mattress is a great low-profile solution for modern platform beds, and will cost you only $450 (Queen 5) or $600 (Queen 10).

The right furniture for a minimal bedroom

Furniture will make or break your minimalist bedroom design, and may turn its pulled-together and smooth looks into an unwieldy chaos. The rule is the same – less is more! Don’t be tempted to buy every piece you like, but opt for the very essentials you can’t live without.

The nightstands

The nightstand should be basic and purpose-oriented, namely able to accommodate your phone, lamp, or alarm. IKEA offers plenty of those in different heights and colors, and does so on a very affordable price. Since nightstands are not moved around the room that often, you don’t have to worry about their quality.

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Christopher Simmonds Architect

Chests and dressers

The size of the chest or the dresser will be predetermined by the size of the room, as well as the functional needs it will respond to. Of course, you may require a wide, 6-drawer dresser in a large and traditional bedroom, but a minimalist one will certainly look better with a small 3-drawes set.

There are many simple and unobtrusive drawers and chests that can accommodate all of your clothes, and still not make the room look overwhelming and busy.

If possible to bring needs down to a single piece of clothing storage, than that’s the way to go! If you lack storage space, you can always get a cheaper alternative and place it out of sight, so that it won’t disrupt the perfect order of your bedroom.

Art and decorations in a minimalist bedroom

For many popular minimalists, hanging and displaying art in small and minimalist bedrooms is not a good strategy, as it may clutter and degrade the elegance of the place. Many good examples, however, prove them wrong, and show how a single, yet beautiful piece of art causes dramatic uplifts to an otherwise dull minimalist room.

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AR Design Studio Ltd.

Selective decorating

Artwork in minimalist bedrooms is mostly used to highlight and sharpen the contrast with your neutral walls and bedding. With a single canvas or a printed poster above the bed, you bring the so desired color pop in your minimalist project, and get a unique, modern bedroom at a fraction of the price.

Decorating with plants

Plants, both fake and real, have an important role in minimalist bedroom décor. Flowers, pots, and cute small Bonsai trees will bring the room back to life, and change the otherwise neutral and anemic feel.

Still, don’t push it, and limit the number of plants to three, depending on the size of the room. Make sure you’ve not chosen plants that contradict the artwork you’ve chosen, so that each piece can make its own statement.

Lighting minimalist bedrooms

Lighting in a minimalist bedroom is not just a functional precondition, but also a decorative element that has an incredible impact on how that room will look.

In a minimalist setting, you should be looking at lamps that will:

  • Provide accent lighting in all necessary areas
  • Match the furniture and meet the functional needs of the room
  • Look beautiful enough to stand out, and supplement the dramatic effect of your artworks.

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TLA Studio

The best bedding options

Bedding supplies are often overlooked when decorating bedrooms, but that doesn’t make them less important when it comes to the room’s final appearance. Instead of wondering what’s wrong after you worked so hard to make your bedroom look minimal, you can choose sheets and linens that support this idea at the first place.

As expected, your task will be to look for pieces that support the style, décor, and lighting solutions, in particular when it comes to colors and patterns.

Minimalist doesn’t have to mean black and white, but still requires natural and easy-on-the-eye tones to keep the room balanced.

In addition, you won’t need more than 2 pillows, as you don’t want them to grab all attention for themselves.

Thinking of functionality, you may as well start looking for a mattress protector. It is a very basic piece of bedding that will protect the mattress from stains and other types of damage.

As usual, we’ll ask you to deviate from heavy coloring, patterns, and knick-knacks, as you already know they’re not the wisest choices in a minimalist bedroom. This won’t mean leaving the room bleak and lifeless, but making it dedicated to simplicity, calmness, and functionality.

dc37155d584caf5481a74fc03cb13883 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas : Decor, Furniture, And Designsd7f88c363cb4284b6706ee34793a709f Minimalist Bedroom Ideas : Decor, Furniture, And Designs

bsk büro + designhaus

A restricted color palette

Minimalist décor is, by many, still confused for a plain black-and-white solution. To be completely frank, these are without doubt the leading colors of minimalist scenarios, but none of their counterparts is absolutely excluded.

As long as you work with fewer soft colors and know how to combine them, the palette won’t matter that much. By soft colors, we refer to 2 or 3 nature-inspired hues such as pastels, mid-tone beiges and whites, or even classic, darker tones for a more subdued look.

Use of clean lines

The first thing that attracts attention when looking at minimalist furniture is the clean, sleek lines. You’ll see no ornate trims and detailing in these decorating themes, just as proven by IKEA’s frill-free solutions with a utilitarian and relaxed vibe.

Small, attractive details

The fact that a minimalist room should be simple and clean doesn’t have to mean you should deprive it from all patterns of art touches. You can still make your bedroom incredibly beautiful by choosing decorations with care, and working with a limited palette of patterns and textures.

745219c0a43d66844c3fb8d74e628247 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas : Decor, Furniture, And Designs0dc872eb895e0bb16e29db05fd0cab98 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas : Decor, Furniture, And Designs

Alison Brungart de Almeida

This means – nothing large, nothing extravagant, and nothing that shouts for attention. Otherwise, you may lose the tranquil feel that took long to achieve.


Minimalism relies on harmony, and expects practitioners to take excellent care of scale. Neither too large nor too small pieces will work in a minimalist bedroom – they should be balanced instead, and arranged symmetrically to inspire an overall feel of peace and organization. With a correctly balanced layout, every room can feel calmer, and that’s exactly what minimalists stand for.


Let’s come clean – if you can’t give up on your cherished ruffles and carefully displayed holiday memorabilia in all colors and styles, you’re considering the wrong concept. Minimalism relies on serenity and cleanness, and keeps insisting on them even when being described as ‘sterile’ and ‘not interesting’.

Plus, we showed you several tricks on how to make a clean bedroom more welcoming and attractive, and none of them involved tenths of collectibles, oversized furnishing, and gallery walls. Think about it!

Invest wisely

Since you’ll only be buying few pieces of furniture, choose wisely. Pick only pieces that matter, and let quality outrun quantity. Some of your heaviest investments will be the ones in quality mattresses and platform beds, but aren’t those the keys to a more comfortable bedroom?

543931bd731d712dfc71c00e930567ff Minimalist Bedroom Ideas : Decor, Furniture, And Designs1c9dea40d56f938ad817a92a1f88daa0 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas : Decor, Furniture, And Designs

thirdstone inc.

Learn to like white spaces

Minimalist bedrooms are open and light, and work with neutral and bright colors such as white, beige, and ivory. Get some elegant furniture pieces with stained wood finishes and bright colors, and don’t be afraid to position them against your crisp white walls. Continuity is always a good idea!

Nature-inspired decorations

You’ll be surprised to see how a bouquet of beautiful white blooms or hike branches in a clean jar can defeat overpriced accents! Plants and flowers exhibit the synergy between your home and its surroundings, and bring in the calming effects of the nature inside your bedroom.

The texture games

Since you’re not allowed to use all colors you’d like, minimalism invites you to add up visual interest with textures. A velvet pillow, or a Cashmere throw, for instance, will be perfect additions to your jute storage baskets or proudly displayed metal accents. This way, you will have both a minimal and a very stylish bedroom.

Accent lighting fixtures

Light, as we mentioned before, helps pull the looks of a minimal bedroom together in a compact and beautiful unit. You can go for two simple sconces, a larger, carefully picked chandelier, or a vintage inspired lamp – the effects will still be amazing.

819d1d673fbd56e1c854b99f2dcc1f04 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas : Decor, Furniture, And Designs36af3b05314d1d2ffb3fc7ea84807650 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas : Decor, Furniture, And Designs


The benefits of a truly minimal bedroom

Minimized cleaning efforts

A lot of homeowners out there go minimal because it is easy, and so that they’d rip the benefits of effortless maintenance. With fewer belongings around, there will be less surface to clean dust from, and that’s already a good sign.

Minimalist bedrooms are peaceful bedrooms

Peaceful means a different thing to every person, but one thing counts evenly to all perceptions – a cluttered room full of dirty laundry is not a peaceful one! This is why you should think of putting the room in order before you start redesigning it. With time, you will certainly appreciate what you’ve done!

You can change the look any time you want

How often do you get to do that? Another thing that makes minimalism a ‘refined art’ is that it is maximally open to changes. In most cases, it will take to replace a single piece of furniture or a painting to get a much fresher look. If interested to save even more, change the bedding arrangements!

A single piece for a bolder look

Regardless of how it seems at this point, achieving a bold, statement look is much easier with a limited number of things to work with. In the best case, you’ll pick an oversized art piece or a beautiful graphic bedspread, and get a room that is much more memorable than one full of patterns and colors.

53ebe95a2af68d5fb9bb430a286973e1 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas : Decor, Furniture, And Designs5482fd87a8e664897e70543ef742c0ca Minimalist Bedroom Ideas : Decor, Furniture, And Designs

Gary Hutton Design

Perfect imperfection

Perfect imperfection, as you’ve noticed, prevails in recent design publications and magazine photos, and is likely about to become the new concept of a truly stylish bedroom. You’ll often come across modern bedrooms where, instead of a spotlessly made bed, it is wrinkles and casual folds that infuse the feeling of modernity, casualness, and irresistible comfort. Sounds like an idea for your bedroom too, doesn’t it?

Minimalist bedroom ideas

Minimalism is not necessarily the most affordable design approach, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find items that suit your budget. Plus, buying fewer items will automatically trigger a shorter bill, and leave you more money to invest in other parts of your home.

Ending thoughts

In a nutshell, when it comes to minimalist design – less is more! Contrary to how it sounds, picking fewer pieces and arranging them in a logical setting may turn out to be seriously complex, but the effort is totally worth it. So, get down to work, and don’t forget to enjoy the process!

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