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Luxury Bedding Ideas for A Classy Bedroom

Sleeping and lying in our cozy beds takes more than one third of our lives, so why not getting luxury bedrooms to enjoy in? Nowadays, turning bedrooms into five-star dormitory is achievable even on a budget. As long as you have a modern and comfortable bed, you won’t really need an ultra expensive bedroom to feel like a star.

We looked around and gathered the most inviting luxury bedroom ideas developed by experts, so that we can offer you with some helpful tips on beautifying your sleeping space. All of our interesting discoveries and fancy bedroom ideas have one thing in common: they involve luxury bedding sets for all five bed layers.

The choice of luxury bedding collections is a matter of taste, and many people consider it as a unique opportunity to infuse some color into their bedrooms. What matters to all homeowners is to preserve the feeling of compactness, and address each and every layer of their luxurious bed adornment starting with the mattress.

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Alexander White

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The first thing to do is to choose a good color compatible with the décor of the luxurious room, and build up a coloring strategy. For most renowned experts and luxury bedding brands, the definition of a good strategy is a neutral color for the sheets, and bolder, accent patterns and monochromatic textures on the following pieces:

  • Duvet covers
  • Throw blankets
  • Throw pillows for decoration

If you want that your modern, luxurious bedrooms will make an even stronger impression, tie your beautiful bedding with the main theme of the bedroom, ideally the bed’s headboard, background wallpaper, or a delicate piece of art.

The safest choice for any luxurious room is to invest in classic, neutral color pieces, and spice up the atmosphere with bolder nuances on accent pieces and items. This will preserve the versatility of your décor all year long, as it lets you change bedding as many times you want, and do so in a very affordable manner.

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Hotel Collection

For instance, a white/cream bed foundation will tolerate both the warm and rich accents and faux fur covers during winter, and the tropic, refreshing ones during summer.

Here are the best luxury bedroom ideas that will give you a refined resting experience:

Layer 1: The mattress and its toppers

Let’s be honest – When it comes to mattresses, there is no compromise. You’re fully justified to spend more and ensure comfortable sleeping, but the idea of achieving bedroom coziness doesn’t only come down to a single purchase.

What you can do to enhance comfort is to place a good, fluffy layer on top of it, and make it even more inviting. We recommend memory foam pads and feather beds, so that you will always feel warm under the sheets.

Layer 2: The sheets

Why do hotel personnel spend so much time arranging sheets? Truth is, hotels spend an incredible amount of time and finances to research the needs of their customers, comfortable sleeping being their first priority.

The conclusion of Hyatt, Marriott, and Hilton was actually quite simple: putting 300 count cotton sheets on top of their luxurious beds. These sheets are not as expensive as their higher-tread counterparts, but have the very same effect on customers.

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Michael Abrams Limited

Thread count, however, is not the only criterion to be looking at. The breakthrough discovery was made by Westin Hotel, which doubled up reservations by introducing their Heavenly Bed. As it turns out, they asked guests for suggestions on how to improve their service, and concluded that a white and fluffy mattress layer will be enough to make them happy.

The key takeaway from their experience is that you can get the very same ‘five-star’ feeling for an amount much lower than you could have imagined.

Layer 3: The pillows

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McKee & Company

Sleeping pillows

Pillows matter just as much as the mattress when it comes to design for comfort. And while most of us dream of being swallowed by a batch of soft pillows, experts recommend us to balance between having too little and too many of them. For example, US Sleep Comfortably Foundation claims that maximal comfort is obtained with only 2 pillows in regular sizes.

Luxurious pillows are another competitive area for high tier hotels, and the leader among those is The Four Seasons Hotel. This hotel is reputed for offering huge, and very luxurious down pillows. The pillows will not only provide extra comfort but are also hypoallergenic to protect people allergic to feathers.

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Control Your Life, Inc.

Decorative pillows

Once done with the mattress and the pillow, you should be looking at pieces you can use to decorate your bedding. This way, you can give your bed a bold and personalized touch, and add up your favorite pattern without making quality compromises. These are the best decorative pillows that can make your luxury bedroom more beautiful:

  • Large bolsters sized like your bed
  • A couple of Euro shams (25×25 square pillows)
  • 16” to 20” decorative pillows groupings
  • Few smaller rectangular bolsters sized as a regular pillow.

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Fabric Factory Outlet

Layer 4: The covers and the comforters

One of the most luxurious additions to a cozy bed is a comforter made of down, as this material is fluffy, warm, and fully insulating in different seasons. This means that its price is a reasonable investment in any region. Plus, you can easily find a hypoallergenic comforter for your bed, and make sure sleeping on down won’t affect you.

Comforters can then be personalized with high-quality duvet covers, which also act as extra insulating layers. If you live in a generally warmer region, you can consider a lighter quilt to replace the comforter.

Layer 5: The throw blankets

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Ergo Beds

Another popular idea on dressing up your bed is using a throw blanket, namely an extra layer that will protect you when cold, and act as a contemporary and stylish addition that polishes your bedding experience. You can even check some designer tips on folding blankets, and give your luxurious bedroom a genuine hotel feel.

With blankets being the finishing element of your bedroom décor, you have to pay specific attention to whether they match your decorative pillows. In case they’re both bold, there should be a smart visual coordination so that one of them won’t simply get lost in the other.

Common linens & sheets materials

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Highmark Builders

Bedding producers of today pay a lot of attention to the quality of materials they’re using, and their main choices are:


We can all agree that cotton’s amazing wicking properties make it the most popular bedding & clothing choice, as it also manages to keep moisture away from our bodies. Cotton is also a very soft and pleasant fabric, and there is no feeling that compares to having your body wrapped in it.


  • Linen is another natural fabric produced from flax plants whose wicking properties come quite close to the ones of cotton.
  • The feeling linen creates on the skin is cooler and different.
  • Pure linen will last longer than pure cotton, but it may lose its color and get wrinkles over time.
  • If you want a quality set of pure linen sheets, expect to pay more than $1,500.
  • Keep in mind that you won’t always find high-end linen sheets in the desired colors, as processing may damage this material, and producers prefer to keep them white and ivory.


  • Silk is definitely the most luxurious-looking bedding fabric of all, as it is very soft. Yet, silk doesn’t ‘breathe’ as well as cotton does, and it may case excess warmth during summer.
  • You have to take excellent care of silk as it snags easily. To save it from excess damage, you may have to take it to the cleaners and pay quite a lot for the service.
  • Silk won’t work for summer nights, as it becomes clingy and sticks on the skin.

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Sasha Meredith Designs


  • You can find sheets that combine cotton and polyester in different ratios. They will cost more than 100% cotton ones.
  • Cottony/Poly sheets won’t wrinkle as easily as cotton would, but this also means that they’re not the best moisture absorbers.


  • Modal is in fact rayon extracted from beech trees.
  • At first sight, modal looks and feels like silk, as it is very soft.
  • Yet, you can wash it just like cotton, and worry not that it may be wrinkled.
  • Good modal happens to break the bank, as the best luxurious bedding brands cost around $1,000.
  • According to experts, modal is much more durable than 100% cotton.


  • Bamboo may not be your first idea for the perfect bedding fabric, but so it seems that bamboo sheets are soft and durable. However, they tend to turn coarser after washing.
  • Bamboo definitely doesn’t have the durability of cotton, linen and modal
  • Its wicking properties are good, especially compared to the ones of modal and other wood fiber sheets.

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JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

At first sight, it seems that using wood fiber to produce sheets is an eco-friendly household benefit, but the Federal Government didn’t exactly share the opinion.

According to them, wood fiber is broken down using very caustic chemicals, as a result of which the produced fabric cannot degrade quickly, and has no antimicrobial features as some vendors are trying to convince us.

More than once, the FTC raised accusations on manufacturers for spreading false eco-friendly promises among their users.

4 Simple steps that can take you to your snuggle heaven

With the right bedding choice, you will never be forced to regular boy temperature as you sleep, overdress, or throw additional covers. Our 4 essential tips will help you achieve just that:

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Malibu West Interiors

1. Opting for 100% cotton

Pure cotton is the obvious choice for many homeowners, including those that can afford a more expensive fabric. When purchasing cotton bedding, pay attention to the thread count (the higher the better), and cotton will regulate your body temperature in all conditions.

2. Think of mattress insulation

While you are sleeping, 30% of the body-generated warmth gets lost through the mattress. This is why you need a luxurious mattress topper to distribute warmth back to you, either as a fluffy comforter or a fitted and soft sheet. Needless to say, such pads also enhance the comfort your mattress provides.

3. Duvet inners

The market is simply overwhelmed by beautiful duvet inners, and it won’t be difficult at all to find one whose material and color match your requirements. Our personal recommendations are duck and goose down, weighted and togged correctly (10/11 tog for autumn and winter). 100% down duvets happen to be expensive, but a good one will probably last forever.

4. Snuggly blankets

If you live in a colder region, make sure you get a blanket or a throw to help you warm up. The cover should be large enough to cover the sides of the bed, as in such case it won’t fall off your body regardless of how you sleep.

How to choose the ideal bedding

Do not spare time on research

You’re making a choice that will affect how you feel and how healthy you are. Nowadays, when all information is available on the internet, you can do a pretty decent research of bedding options without even spending money on it.

Plus, you get a clear overview of all options and a possibility to compare them, and all key terms such as fiber, weave, and thread count are being explained to you for free. Another important thing to snug around is how different beddings are produced, as this will help you make a healthy and eco-friendly decision.

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Robeson Design

Contact a local specialist

There are many small and affordable companies that specialize in bedding options and will give you some quality advice without overhead payments. They also work hand by hand with producers and retailers, and may even negotiate a bonus or discount for you as their client. Odds are good they also have a share in a company like that, so get informed!

Choose a reliable vendor

What is also typical for smaller suppliers is how passionate about what they’re doing, and very likely to possess additional knowledge on fabrics and properties. You can use tips and support to choose the best bedding for your dormitory.

A luxurious bedroom without too much effort

Overfill the pillows. Plush is luxurious by default, and the more of it there is, the more transformed your bedroom will appear. In fact, overstuffing pillows is one of the hotels’ leading tactics for giving customers a unique retreat.

Use hanging light fixtures. Bulb lights are history. Instead, you can get a modern, accent hanging lamp to complement your luxurious chandelier. This won’t cost as much as you think – West Elm Capiz’s on-budget pendants will make your bedroom romantic and dramatic for as much as $150.

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The Sofa & Chair Company

Workaround the nightstand. For most of us, the nightstand is just a messy hodgepodge full of important items: our books, phones and chargers, semi-full water glasses, and alarm clocks.

But does this really help create the bedroom of your dreams? Before doing anything else, find a drawer that will hide these items and still keep them within your reach.

Choose the statement pieces. Why not give your gorgeous dark wood bed frame the attention it deserves? Same goes for your velvet armchair, multi-sectional bookcase, or an expensive piece of art – whatever it is, place it under the spotlight, and let it tell its own story.

Remove everything from the floor. Well, this is more of a cleanness tip than a décor one, but its importance is still imperative: the more cluttered a room is, the less luxurious it will look, and that depends a lot on the floor. This means – no extension cords, stacks of books, and tossed clothes!

Take hardware to the next level. Why would you keep the regular hardware you received with the dressers and the nightstands if you don’t like it? Luckily, you can replace hardware for a modest amount of money, and choose pieces that will personalize the look: copper, gemstone, crystal, and so on.

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Studio Duggan Ltd

Put the vanity in order. Your vanities and nightstands must not be cluttered and disordered, as they will create the same impression as a fully chaotic bedroom. It may be the time to shop for makeup units, acrylic chests and jewelry boxes, modern hangers, and other similar containers.

Don’t forget greenery. As it is with all rooms around the house, bedrooms can be upgraded and made to look more expensive by simply adding some greenery. You can go for small potted plants and arrange them on the dresser, or a large fern by the window. Whatever you choose, it may turn out to be the luxurious bedroom idea you were missing.

A luxurious bedroom on a budget

1. Taupe should always be your first color choice, in particular when not sure which one to use. You need a deep shade, as it denotes more drama.

2. Create a visual balance of tones and textures, and leave the accent pieces for the end. Once you’ve purchased the main elements, you will understand how much money you have left to invest in pillows and decorative items.

3. Do some shopping at home before you go out for solutions. This also means using the items you already have, especially sentimental memorabilia that accompanies every style and decore. Repurpose old furniture, and change the order of your cabinets. You will be surprised by all major changes you can do yourself within few hours.

4. Asian-inspired designs work miraculously well with fresh bamboo, so why not getting few steams from the local florist, and letting them grow inside the room? They are not difficult to maintain, and accompany perfectly organic and natural bedding solutions.

5. Who said metal accents have to match? As long as you preserve their organic look, you are free to mix them up.

6. Your bed linens have plenty to do with your lifestyle and habits. This means that fabrics suitable only for dry cleaning won’t be the best option in a household full of kids and pets, and neither will sensitive silk. Instead, you should be looking for easily washable, long wear materials that are also less expensive.

7. A bedroom can also look luxurious with a bulk bed, as long as you’ve enriched it with a sleeping comforter, and an additional cover on the edge. Covers are most of the time used to add height, texture, and color to your bedding solutions.

8. Despite them appealing as small and insignificant details, case goods and door hardware can transform the looks of the entire bedroom, and convey a message of style the same way jewelry does on a person. Home-improvement stores are full of such solutions, so it won’t be difficult to get one that suits you.

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Cravotta Interiors

Ending thoughts

Nowadays, luxury often comes down to customization and creativity, as passionate homeowners come up with bespoken and beautiful solutions that don’t really cost a fortune. The process starts with a huge, luxurious bed as the centerpiece of the design scheme, and comfy bedding that tells your story in a visual manner. Remember, however, that the priority in every bedroom is to make it comfortable, so don’t sacrifice a good night sleep for elegance.


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