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How to Make the Most of Art in the Bedroom

Artwork can set the mood in a bedroom so it’s important to get it right. Here’s how to pick and display the best art for your sleep space

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Achieving the right design scheme in the bedroom is crucial in such a personal space and artworks can make the perfect finishing touch. But should the art you choose blend in with the furnishings or be loud and proud? Are calm, tranquil colours best for Zen energy, or do you need something bright and bold to wake you up each morning? Is one statement piece best or should you display a whole host of artworks in one go? Check out these simple ways to use art in the bedroom and discover what will work best in your space.

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Try a panorama
The wide stretch of this headboard makes the perfect base line for a panoramic artwork. Think horizons, sunsets and seascapes for a Zen feel. We love how the blue of the sky and the river match the colour of the bed linen.

Photography works particularly well in this orientation as the medium lends itself to expansive images and these works are often produced in wide formats. Be aware that you’ll need a bespoke frame which can be expensive, but it will give you maximum quality and impact.

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Rise and shine
Here, a large statement piece using bright colours that tie into the furnishings acts to lift away from the neutral scheme and adds light and energy to the space. This type of artwork is for the morning people out there, who won’t shy away from such boldness at the break of dawn.

Abstracts create a lively, energetic feel, while the ambiguous brushstrokes and blended tones make for easy living.

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Think horizontal
Making use of forgotten floor space can be a fun way of drawing the eye and making a statement with your artwork. I love the urban feel of stacking art against the wall, bringing a bit of loft conversion coolness into a room. It’s also a great way to navigate tricky wall surfaces or the sloping sides of an attic room, both of which demand some inventiveness when it comes to displaying art.

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Match textures
Colour coordination is an age-old trick, but how about matching textures? A neutral but sculptural feature artwork that subtly coordinates with your fabrics and furnishings creates a sense of harmony.

When searching for a piece to create such an effect, find out what materials the artist has used and try to go for something out of the ordinary that will bring added oomph and a tactile feel. Artists use all sorts of techniques nowadays, from gold leaf and embroidery, to textural, almost 3D collage, so there are lots of styles to choose from.

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Work with your space
Placing a series of small artworks in an unexpected place, rather than building your décor around a statement piece on a feature wall, will ensure your art works perfectly with the design of your room. Displaying art this way means it doesn’t immediately stand out and catch your eye but instead creates a cohesive energy.

Small pieces that draw the eye effortlessly will still gently command attention but also create a sense of intimacy – perfect for a pared-back bedroom. Drawings and illustrations work especially well when displayed this way, or try mixed media collage that reflect moments and memories.

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Go for the gallery wall
The classic look of the salon wall is the perfect way to add a creative vibe to your bedroom (and get in all those works you want to fit in somewhere). Try using different sized frames hung symmetrically for extra impact.

Staying safe with monochrome artworks allows you to choose extra colourful bed linen, but a neutral space like this could also be the perfect backdrop for vibrant artworks. Whatever your preferred palette, the sheer variety in a gallery-style display means you’re sure to find something to suit your taste.

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Try the triptych
These neat but bold square framed artworks are geometric, and subtly match the bed linen to create a sense of balance and harmony in the room. Triptychs are a safe option, and you can have three identical works or mix it up. The key is to keep some sense of uniformity in terms of size, framing or theme.

You could go for three different pieces, potentially from three different artists, that look good grouped together as a triptych, (look for a common theme to tie them together, or select artworks with coordinating colours or shapes). Or if you love to match, simply stick to a set.

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Shelve it
Having totally different frames, sizes and subjects in a series of artworks gives a bedroom a cool, alternative edge. Go neutral, as seen here, or try using wallpaper as a backdrop and prop the works on a plain shelf to make them stand out.

Choose four or five artworks that you really love and bring in a sense of fun and the eclectic. Mix in some favourite objects and you’ve got a collector’s dream room – best of all, you can switch around or swap items as the mood takes you, giving your sleep space an ever-changing mood.

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Create a collage
It can be tempting to fill the large expanse of wall above the bed with one large, statement artwork, but why not think outside the box? Creating a clustered collection of individual artworks is the perfect way to achieve a high impact look without breaking the bank.

Don’t be afraid to choose artworks that are of different size or orientation – the jigsaw puzzle effect adds a playful element to this arrangement – but do try to choose prints that are similar in theme and colour. Monochrome geometrics are amazingly easy to style, and also look contemporary and stylish.

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Make it monochrome
A bedroom with a black and white palette has a timeless appeal, and a matching artwork can have real impact. Rather than getting lost in the scheme, monochrome art can add subtle pattern and interest, while harmonising with the overall look.

Strong, dark colours could give a space a cold feel, but here, the organic shapes in the sharp feature artwork really soften the look and bring personality into the space. The piece also echoes the quirky light fitting to create a cohesive mood.

A monochrome piece can also work well in a vibrant scheme, creating a striking contrast and helping to ground the look.

How have you displayed art in your bedroom? Share your photos and tips in the Comments below.

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