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Hardworking Headboards With Integrated Storage

Need more storage space in your bedroom? Try building some into this often overlooked spot

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Headboards – they’re great for adding extra comfort for your night-time reading or early morning cuppa, but there are other ways you can use these handy pieces of furniture, too.

With a bit of clever design and some expert joinery know-how, you can create a beautiful headboard that contains some very useful extra storage.

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Divide the space
This narrow room could have been very short on shelf space without the clever headboard with storage at the back of the bed.

The designers have created a bookcase and bedside table, with plenty of room for reading matter and accessories. The storage headboard also acts as a handy divider, zoning off the space behind, which the owners can use as a dressing area.

If you’re wondering how to build a headboard with shelves in your own home, be aware of the space around the unit. Here, the designers have left a gap above the bookcase to maintain the feeling of flow in the compact room.

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Go round the bend
This curved headboard with storage seems to be part of the bed, which adds to its ergonomic feel.

The clever design is packed with useful shelving, with two-tier bedside tables that curve around to the sides of the bed and handy compartments at the back.

The curved top is also home to a couple of practical reading lamps.

The beauty of a headboard like this is that it allows you to move the bed away from the wall. This works well in a room with little available wall space, or when you want to wake up closer to a beautiful view like this one.

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Build in a desk
The smart bed with headboard storage in this room doubles up as a bureau. The deep recess contains shelves for books and stationery, and a hatch folds down to form a mini desk.

The owner can perch the surface on their pillows and do some work from the comfortable mattress in front of it.

It might not suit someone who often works from home, but it’s perfect for a teenager who needs an extra spot to do homework.

To create a storage headboard that works perfectly in your room, find carpenters and joiners in your area

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Keep it comfy
As well as including storage, don’t forget to add some all-important comfort to your headboard. Here, a wide structure features shelves, bedside tables and lamp fittings, but also a padded surface covered in soft fabric.

Think about how you like to sit in your bed, too: this one has an upright design, perfect for those who like to be propped up straight while reading. If you prefer to lie back slightly, go for a surface that slopes.

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Maximise the sides
The beauty of a custom-made storage headboard is its versatility: you can design it to fit your needs and bedroom layout perfectly.

Here, as in some of the other examples, the headboard creates a useful division between the wardrobes and the bed. This allows easy access to the back and sides of the structure, which the designers have capitalised on by adding inset shelving at either end.

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Utilise the eaves
In a loft bedroom, the space beneath the sloped ceiling can be an awkward area to navigate around, so it makes sense to use it for storage.

Here, the designers have built a false wall to be used as a headboard. The depth of the structure allows enough room for a large internal cavity, which can be accessed via the hatches on top.

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Pop in a perch
How’s this for a handy design? The bed sits in front of a wall of cupboards, which have plenty of space for bed linen, clothes and everything else you might need to store in a bedroom.

Two smaller cupboards either side of the pillow area are perfect for bits and pieces. And where to rest a bedtime book? A simple yet super-effective shelf attached to the cabinet door.

Tell us…
Would you like to design something like this in your own bedroom? Or have you already created a similar piece? Share your ideas and photos in the Comments section.

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