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Dressing Table Ideas For Every Size Bedroom (Even Tiny Ones)

Always wanted a dressing table? Then take a look at these clever designs

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Often overlooked in bedroom design, the humble dressing table could be worth a second thought, as the right one can elevate a room from functional to luxurious. Don’t think you can fit one in? These smart tables – from tiny alcove options to sleek modern designs – prove you can.

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Reclaim a corner
Turn a wasted space into a practical one by tucking a petite dressing table into a poky alcove. By slotting a table and mirror into a small recessed space in this bedroom, and adding two slim shelves above, the homeowners have created a useful and pretty dressing area without taking up too much valuable floor space.

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Bridge a gap
This neat dressing table is a clever bespoke solution. By bridging the tiny space between the two walls with a drawer shelf, and tucking a low stool underneath, the homeowners have created a practical zone that squeezes every last drop of space out of the room.

Ask a carpenter or builder to help create something similar in your own home.

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Maximise a sloping roof
Because you will usually be sitting down when using your dressing table, generous ceiling height isn’t an essential consideration. As such, a dressing table can fit nicely under a sloping roof or into an awkwardly shaped corner. As long as you have adequate lighting and wall space to hang a mirror, these areas should suffice.

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Double up
If you don’t have space for both a dressing and bedside table, you could combine the two, as shown here, with a wide table spanning the space between the bed and the wall. Just allocate a little space for your bedside essentials.

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Have fun
This quirky dressing table doesn’t take itself too seriously and, as such, it adds plenty of character to this bedroom. Created from a vintage suitcase adorned with film-star bulb lights, it’s perfect for storing make-up, brushes, perfume bottles and even a vase of flowers. If this has inspired you to make your own film-star dressing table, vintage suitcases can be found online or at flea markets and battery-powered string lights are widely available.

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Borrow space from a run of drawers
A run of drawers would have been an obvious storage solution to place underneath this sloping roof, but by carving out space for a dressing table the room has been elevated and the view from the window maximised.

If you’re at the planning stage of a bedroom redesign and have factored in a run of storage, see if there’s any way to claim a little bit of the space back as a dressing table area.

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Make it streamlined
Choose a sleek table like this one and you’ll get your dressing table and keep that open and airy look you love. This table has pivot drawers that fold back discretely when not in use and an ultra slim ‘floating’ top that helps to increase the sense of space in this corner.

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Supersize a mirror
This dressing table area feels very grand, but when you look closely you realise the table itself is actually quite compact; it’s the oversized mirror that brings drama to the space.

This is a good trick to employ in a small room where space is at a premium. Hang an oversized decorative mirror, tuck a curved console-style table underneath and keep the tabletop free for accessories and toiletries.

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Utilise a chest of drawers
The surface area on top of a chest of drawers could be the perfect space for a ‘dressing table’ if you don’t have room for an extra piece of furniture.

Even a small chest of drawers can be transformed into a make-up station, as this room demonstrates. A simple wall-hung mirror and a few well-chosen pieces create a pleasing vignette, as well as offering a practical spot for applying make-up and fixing hair.

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Be playful
This colourful chest of drawers offers plenty of styling opportunities, and a surface like this is the perfect place to create a ‘stand-up’ dressing area. The key to a visually pleasing table is smart editing, so think carefully about the items you keep out on display. Fresh flowers, your favourite perfume bottles and a photograph or two are in, but half-used tubes, bags of cotton wool and messy make-up are out.

To keep clutter under control, collect a few oversized glass jars and allocate one for storing cotton wool, one for make-up and one for all the other little bits and pieces that tend to accumulate.

Do you have a dressing table at home? Share a photo in the Comments section.

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