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Decorating Ideas for Neutral Bedrooms

Ensure your neutral scheme doesn’t fall flat with these decorating hacks

If your all-white (or grey or taupe or cream…) bedroom is teetering on the brink between tasteful and torpid, help is at hand. There’s no doubt that a plain scheme can provide the ultimate relaxing retreat, but ensuring it isn’t bland can be tricky as it requires the right mix of textures, accent shades and statement pieces to work. Not to worry, these simple tips will ensure your sleep space is anything but boring.

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Panel a wall
To keep the look of a neutral bedroom benign but not bland, texture is required. Piling on different textiles is an obvious way to achieve this, but here a wall panelled in bleached wood does the job very nicely. The padded headboard provides further contrast, along with floaty curtains at the window and a soft blanket on the bed.

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Frame the bed
Drawing the eye to a particular feature is a clever idea in a room dominated by neutral tones. Here, the bed frame lends a sense of structure to the whole space and stops everything from merging into one.

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Use pattern
Subtle prints and patterns in neutral shades add just the right amount of interest in this vintage-style room. Look for designs with small, repeating motifs to ensure that the pattern doesn’t become too prominent and disrupt the calm you’ve worked hard to create.

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Work in some wood
Midcentury furniture designs in teak, elm and walnut work really well in a neutral bedroom as they instantly add warmth. The statement lines also introduce useful contrast, meaning the rest of the decoration can be kept plain.

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Hang striking artwork
Keeping the colour palette neutral in a bedroom provides the ideal backdrop for displaying bold art. This idea works particularly well in a space that lacks architectural features, such as this bedroom in a modern apartment, as it creates instant impact but in an unfussy way.

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Think pink
Beige, stone, grey and cream are all neutral favourites, but ultra-pale pink is a pretty alternative, too. When used sparingly, as seen here, the result is fresh and inviting, but not too girly.

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Get moody
With its super-subtle grasscloth wallpaper, low modular furniture and chic lighting, this bedroom offers a darker, sophisticated take on the neutral theme. The tucked-in bedding and neat pile of cushions add to the feeling of understated luxury.

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Love linen
If slick lines and a regimented row of hotel-style pillows are not your thing, why not go for a more relaxed look with linen bedding instead? Linen looks best in natural tones, like the beige shown here, and its slightly crumpled appearance is charm personified.

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Add a statement colour
Breaking up a sea of neutrals with an accent shade is a proven formula, and a nice alternative to the more usual cushions or throw on the bed is a blanket box like this one, with the top upholstered in a bold shade. Mustard yellow is a great choice against grey, adding that all-important lift to the room.

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Drop down the lights
Whether you go for brass, as seen here, copper, glass or fabric, double up the impact of lighting in a neutral bedroom by hanging a low pendant either side of the bed to punctuate the space. Choosing lighting that is decorative as well as practical allows the rest of the room to be kept simple.

Would you choose a neutral scheme for your bedroom? Share your thoughts in the Comments section.

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