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Could This New Scandi Trend be the Secret to Bedroom Harmony?

Ikea has recently brought out a new product that raises an intriguing question about the way we sleep

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Should you and your partner have two single duvets on your double bed, rather than share a double one? Our Scandinavian neighbours cottoned on to this trend years ago and many claim it’s the secret to bedroom harmony. Here are the main arguments on both sides of the debate.

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The quandary
When making up a double bed, the standard way to dress it in the UK is with a double duvet.

But is this always the best way? Two single duvets side by side as an alternative to the classic double may seem unusual at first, but there are many compelling reasons to consider such a set-up. And it’s nothing new in Scandinavian countries.

“The majority of duvet sales in the UK are double duvets [200 x 200cm or 225 x 220cm],” says Martin Møller Aamand, communications and PR manager at Jysk, a Danish home retail chain with more than 2,500 shops all over Europe. “In Denmark, though, most duvet sales are still single duvets [135 x 200 cm].”

The tide could be turning, however, as Ikea has just launched a ‘TOG-ether’ duvet bundle in the UK, comprising two single duvets to be used side by side on a double bed.

Here, Houzzers have their say on this bedroom trend, along with the editors of Houzz Denmark and Houzz Sweden.

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The Case For Separate Duvets

It stops duvet battles

If you and your partner are always squabbling over who has the most duvet, perhaps two singles are the solution. “My other half is Danish,” says Houzzer DCL Interior Design LLP, “and as such, wouldn’t dream of sharing his duvet! It took only a very short while for me to come round to the idea, and now I love it.”

“I’ve never understood how, in the UK, it’s standard for couples to share an acre of duvet,” says Houzzer Pallas. “The draughty tunnel down the middle, the corkscrew move that twirls it around your other half and leaves you exposed and shivering, the sheer dead weight of the thing if the filling is synthetic… Nope. One duvet each keeps the peace (and the cosy)!”

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It solves heat issues
Do you like to rug up with layers of warm bedding while your partner swelters under anything more heavyweight than a light sheet? Two duvets would solve that problem immediately.

“After enjoying many a European holiday with two single duvets, I’ve adopted this in my new bedroom, plus two single mattresses on a super-king-size base,” says sksj1. “Bliss – me, firm mattress and cool duvet; my other half, squishy and warm!”

Houzzer ngairek takes it one step further with a clever three-duvet system. “He sleeps hot and I sleep cooler, so we rotate three singles for the seasons – a medium-warmth one that I use in summer and he uses in winter, my thick winter one and his ultra-light summer one. We won’t turn back – it’s a brilliant way to go.”

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It’s democratic
As well as solving bedroom squabbles, there’s the undeniable fact that allowing each partner to have their perfect bedding set-up is just a fairer way than one having to compromise for the other. “Two individual duvets saves a lot of arguments,” says Sara Norrman, editor of Houzz Sweden. “It’s a more democratic way of sleeping.”

“Two single duvets are just the more practical solution,” agrees Kasper Iversen, editor of Houzz Denmark, “and practicality is the benchmark of Scandinavian design and lifestyle.”

It also allows you more options for using duvets as an extra layer of warmth around the house in the winter. “Having single duvets allows you to take one to the sofa, for example, if you want to snuggle up and watch a movie,” says Kasper. “A big double duvet would be too bulky, but a single duvet is perfect. And watching a movie on the sofa under your duvet is the ultimate in hygge.”

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The Case Against Separate Duvets

You need twice the amount of bed linen

On the other hand, however, there are a few downsides to the trend that should be considered. The cost of buying two sets of bed linen is one of these. Although single duvet covers are nearly always cheaper than doubles, they are rarely half the price, so you’ll have to invest, upfront, in two duvets and two sets of bedding.

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Your bed linen choices are limited
As well as being a more costly option, you may also find that some bedding ranges can only be bought in double sizes, so you might have less choice when it comes to shopping for single duvet covers. “Many nice bed linen styles are not made in single sizes,” points out Houzzer ngairek.

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It’s tricky to style
Having two duvets means you have to effectively make the bed twice each morning, and styling two duvets can be more of a challenge than just simply shaking a double duvet out and allowing it to float neatly into place across the full width of the bed. “I’ve spent years trying out different ways of styling a bed with two quilts with varying degrees of success!” says DCL Interior Design LLP.

Houzzer ukoap agrees that “they don’t look as good during the day, due to the different thickness” but has solved the issue by throwing a bedspread and a couple of cushions across them. Not sure you have the time for that? Houzzer Pallas has another idea. “I ‘solve’ the problem of styling the bed by not making it. Bad me.”

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