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Cool Rooms And Interior Design Ideas

All parents out there are in constant search for cool room ideas, so that they can give their kids the ideal living space where they will play, sleep, and learn.

In fact, be it your room or your child’s room that you’re designing, you should always look for solutions that back up your lifestyle and interests, and give you enough comfort at the same time.

For the purpose, we’ve gathered and suggested several cool interior design ideas and cool things to have in your rooms this year.

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Fredman Design Group

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Let’s go back to cool rooms ideas for children: The priority when designing these rooms is to create a space that will reflect the kid’s needs and wishes, and supports at the same time its growth and development. This means that children’s rooms ought to be comfortable, engaging, and equipped with all means he or she will need.

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Andra Birkerts Design

Cool bedroom ideas won’t necessarily require you to go off board with creativity (and way beyond your budget) and create unique ‘indoor tree house’ or ‘magic castle’ settings. Instead, it may suffice to work around the amount of light spreading through the room, or the artwork you’re about to display.

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Whatever you’ve chosen, keep in mind that cool home ideas will bring joy to your family’s life, and create beautiful and lasting memories.

Cool house ideas, of course, will face both positive and negative critics, depending on how we imagine cool houses should look like. For some people, these are ultra modern, minimalist and bright spaces, while others prefer to make them colourful, lively, and full of energy.

Taking the ‘cool’ road with kids’ rooms design also involves other concerns, such as safety precautions around ladders, off-place and sharp edges, and ropes, and the eternal problem of how far one can go without spoiling its child rotten.

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Yakusha Design

Here are some interesting ideas you should consider:

One of today’s most popular design ideas is a glass-encased room, or even a real greenhouse with a magnificent location and breathtaking view. As long as the windows are overlooking your own garden, you won’t feel exposed or have any type of privacy concerns.

Another timeless choice is top-floor bedrooms, in particular hotel-inspired suites with large skylights over the bed and wonderful stars scenery during the night. If not in a position to install a glass roof, you should consider floor-to-ceiling windows to make the scenery even more spectacular.

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Saratoga Signature Interiors

A smart way to cut remodeling costs and still obtain a wonderful bedroom is to invest in a beautiful, super comfortable bed. We suggest Oge Architects designed nest beds, which are incredibly cosy and appealing.

Hammock beds will also look amazing in a modern room, due to their casual, attractive, and ultra homey look.

Have you ever thought of sleeping in beer barrels?

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Singlepoint Design Build

With some warm, dedicated lighting and an ultra soft mattress, the idea won’t look as weird as it sounds. Prime brand hotels around the world have worked around similar concepts, including Germany’s Landhotel Hof Beveland you should definitely visit.

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Bayless Custom Homes

DIY Cool room concepts

Washi tape

How about giving Washi tape a role in your design project? Just few years ago, Washi tapes were perceived as a bit overdone and too decorative for minimal and cool scenarios, but that’s no longer the case.

Today’s leading designers are rethinking the whole concept, and using black and purple Washi tapes to make bedrooms even more attractive and relaxing.

Another reason to consider Washi tapes is that they are painless to use and affordable, and hence represent a clever investment for every home owner on the budget.

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Youtopia Designs

Given that Washi tapes are back on the big door, why not giving them a chance for other projects too? You don’t have to cover and decorate the entire room with them, but a cool idea you can consider is applying them on doors, windows, and light switches.

Make sure you find the right colours and complementary patterns, and make your room awesome without spending a fortune.

String art signs

String art signs can help you convert your room into a dreamy place. Just pick the word you like, print it out, and the work will be done.

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Upland Development, Inc

Hammock chairs

Hammock chairs are slowly becoming home owner’s coolest home additions, simply cut for peaceful reading in the corner of the living room or studying in your kid’s bedroom. Both children and adults are falling in love with this concept, not just because of how hammock chairs look, but also due to the possibility to create one of their own.

Hammock chairs are really easy to make, as long as you’ve found the right canvas and colour combination.

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Suzanne Nichols Design Group, Inc.

Tie dyed pillowcases

Teenagers find tie-dyed pillowcases to be the most creative and engaging room decoration ideas, right because it doesn’t take them much to convert their rooms into amazing and personalized hubs. For them, dyed pillowcases are also the easiest and timeless way to share a creative statement.

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Shouldice Media

Doily pendant lights

This project will require:

•Several doilies – In the best case, purchase a few, so that you will have enough room to repeat the process and place them accordingly on your lamps.

•Glue suitable for wallpapers – According to designers, the ideal glue for doilies is wallpaper glue, available both as liquid and powder in any local hardware store. If you find the glue too thick or too jelly, mix it with few drops of wood glue, but make sure it is not too watery as it won’t resist humid conditions.

•A three feet rounded balloon – The size of the balloon is not strictly limited, but you should always try to leave a reasonable distance between the bulb and the lampshade. Since most bulbs are similar, designers recommend 3 feet balloons which are easy to find in any market store/supermarket, preferably round ones as they’re thicker compared to oblong ones. Just in case, get two instead of one.

•A large brush – The larger your painting brush is, the less gluey you will be at the end of the process.

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Bella Home Builders Inc

You can also get:

•A pair of latex gloves to minimize the clutter

•Spray starch

•A string where you will hang balloons until they’re dry

•A ladder

Cool photo frames

This project will require:

Wires, strings, wooden frames, hanging eyelets, clothespins (small or medium), measuring tapes, rulers, a hammer, and a pencil.

The easiest way to go is to get a premade wooden frame, send it upon need, and paint it with the desired colour, but there is always a way to get more creative.

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De Hasse

The first thing to do is to measure and then mark the exact distance from one eyelet to the other, in order for the wire to hang tight and straight on each side.

Here, you can use a hammer to press the eyelets in the market fields until they’re fixed, and you can twist them in. Next, feed the string between the eyelets, and tie it in tight knots.

You can either leave the string long and visible, or clip it. If you decide to use wire, twist it tightly to make sure it won’t poke our.

Once ready, hang the frame on the wall, and use the clothespins to clip all of your favorite photos.

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Hanging printables on the walls

Those among you who don’t have the patience or the time to consider any of these modern wall ideas, we suggest printing free posters and hanging them in their rooms.

Ending thoughts

Every one of us has a different idea of how the perfect home should look like. For some people, such home would have a relaxing indoor pool, while for others, it will be a clean, minimalist place decorated with postmodernism artwork.

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Flea Market Sunday

Whatever you’ve imagined for your perfect home, these DIY and fast ideas can help you achieve it.


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