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Bedroom Chairs: Large, Small and Comfortable Examples

Your master bedroom is much more than a place to sleep. It should give you more than enough place to relax, any time you wish.

A lot of people neglect how important comfy chairs for bedroom are, even if they often go there to read, or watch TV.

Your master bedroom’s size, as well as the seating preference and style are few of the factors you should consider when choosing bedroom chairs. See whether you need seating for relaxing, reading, or decoration.

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Choosing a bedroom chair, regardless if you’re going for bedroom lounge chairs, bedroom accent chairs, small chairs for bedroom, or any other kind of comfortable bedroom chairs, depends on a lot of things.

Fortunately, the market is pretty much unlimited, and you can get any bedroom chair style you want. Before you begin, though, take a look at a few tips that might make things a little easier.

Space is extremely important

Regardless of whether you’re getting lounge chairs for bedroom, or small bedroom chairs, the space you have available must be considered first. Instead of buying something, only to figure out it is too big and overpowering, calculate first. You should have a balance between too small and too big, and still have enough space to move around your room.

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If you have a small room, get small bedroom chairs, something you can push in the corner. If you have a large bedroom, you can even go for a luxurious, large ottoman that has room for more than one person.

Form is also very important

Size and layout are also decisive here. A small bedroom is more suitable for a chair, whereas with a large one, you have more of a freedom as to what kind of piece you really like. If you’re lucky and have a large bedroom, you have a lot of space to get creative with your sitting area.

You can go for a private corner with a few chairs and a footstool, and maybe separate it even further with targeted lighting. You could even go for rugs and freestanding screens to further divide the space visually.


Consider what you’ll use the space for. Are you alone and want to watch movies, or do you want to make it into a romantic couples’ place? This is the most decisive question and will play a big role in the specific type of seating you opt for.

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Storage tip

Storage may not be a high priority if you have extra room anyways, but if you don’t, it is pretty important. Getting creative with storage isn’t an easy ordeal, and a good idea would be to take a look at catalogues and magazines that may give you tips for concealed storage options.

Some of the most popular solutions include sofas with drawers, or tables with an opening flip top. These solutions can be placed within arm’s reach, so you can take whatever you need from them while you’re resting.

A comfortable armchair with a drawer inside it is amazing, for example. You’re relaxing, and all you need to do to get your favorite book is to reach for the drawer. Ideal, isn’t it?

Another popular option is an ottoman, because you can use it for a footrest, coffee table, or, of course, a seating piece. If you can afford the space, get the largest rectangular one you can get, or two smaller ones.

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Stick to the theme

You’ve most likely already chosen a theme for your bedroom, and you don’t have to change it for the sitting area. You can continue the décor, and create some kind of a visual connection, which will make the room look much bigger, and better designed.

For example, light blue walls which have a few green shades leave room for blue chairs in the corner, as they will immediately attract attention. And, at the same time, you can go for a few green accent touches, for example soft pillows.

If you have a room with an antique theme, you can go for a vintage solution, such as a rocking chair, or whatever else you think may complement your rustic color palette.

You can create the visual connection through choice of material, color, and design, but you should keep in mind that the seating isn’t more important than the bed. You should keep things consistent. This means that a wrought iron bed won’t look good with loud upholstery, and you should think cohesively – your room should be relaxing and peaceful.

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Seating as a small living room

Would you like a living room in the comfort of your bedroom? With a large bedroom, you can surely afford this, and you can transfer an entire living room area in the room that gives you the most privacy. You can choose from a few small sofas, to an L-shaped sectional, or even a few reading chairs. T

he space should be rounded out with a good looking coffee table. This might sound luxurious, and it will be the best home getaway you could buy.

Multiple seating areas

How many seating areas you have depends on your specific lifestyle. For example, if your kids tend to come in your room and watch TV in the morning, at the same time when you’re checking your e-mails, you should have seating that works for both. A ‘living bedroom’ is ideal with separate chairs, couches as well as conversation areas.

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Louis-style armchairs

This kind of armchairs is amazing, and you can even use them as dressing table chairs if your goal is to make a statement. You will have an impressive dressing area, especially if you add bright floor lamps, sheepskin rugs, and a full-length dressing mirror.

Get creative with accessories

Bedroom accessories should be appropriate for the bedroom, and you have to keep things functional. When we’re discussing seating, the best choices are soft cushions and colorful blankets.

Placement matters

The traditional seating is usually at the foot of the bed, and if you aren’t really sure where to put things, put them there. However, if you have a large, sunny window, or a cozy fireplace, they give you options that are far better.

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Your chairs will look best if placed opposite each other, but you shouldn’t be sacrificing functionality. If you need a spacious sitting area for guests, put it in a corner, close to the door, or if you have a fireplace, around it.

The bed is the most important piece

Your seating should complement the bed. The bed is the center piece here, and the seating should complement the bed with materials, color, or form, or all of them. A small bench is ideal if you want to put your shoes on and not mess up the made bed.

A custom headboard and matching fabric on the chairs gives you a pulled together look. When you’re looking at your bedroom like a single piece, the result is a great space that is functional for both lounging and seating.

What kind of chair?

Choosing the best chair is easy once you know which ones to go for. Below, you will find a couple of recommendations which you can guide yourself by, and all come with descriptions which tell you what kind of environment they fit best.

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Hanging chairs

Do you want to give your bedroom a unique look? A hanging chair is incredible, and you can choose any kind you like, as long as it matches your bedroom. They will not only add a unique touch, but they will make your room feel a lot more comfortable. A hanging chair can be made of wood, fabric, iron and other options.

Lounge chairs

A lounge chair is also recommended, and is an amazing option if your goal is to put a comfortable chair in your bedroom. You will find that there are plenty to choose from, and all you need to do is choose one that matches your specific bedroom theme. This kind of chair will add an exotic look to your bedroom, and it will be very comfortable.


Ottomans are another popular option. They are pretty unique in looks, and often come with other purposes such as a storage option. You can even sometimes use it as a coffee table. They come in plenty of sizes, and if you’re after a multi-functional seating option, an ottoman is something to look into.

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Last but not least, armchairs are also a good option. You can put two of them in the bedroom, and use them for watching television. And, two armchairs in a bedroom can result in a pretty romantic setting.

Ending thoughts on bedroom chairs

Your master bedroom shouldn’t only be beautiful – it should also be functional. Before you decide on any kind of setting, you should take a good look at the space you have at your disposal, as well as your preferences and needs, and go for something that fits your taste well.

If you want something multifunctional, for example, get an ottoman. If you want something but you aren’t sure if you will use it all the time, find moveable seating – you can get it out of the way when you don’t need it. The main factor here is space, but it shouldn’t result in you sacrificing the looks of your master bedroom.


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