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9 Times Velvet Transformed a Bed

Not only will it upgrade your bed – it will also bring a welcome touch of luxury to your sleep space

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Upholstered beds and headboards are finding their way into many of our bedrooms right now, and the most luxurious of them all are the soft, silky velvet numbers. To prove our point, we’ve rounded up our favourite rooms that feature velvet beds and headboards. Just look at how this material transforms each space.

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Think bright
The beautiful wood furniture and earthy-toned rug in this bedroom give the space a warm feel, but the designers have added a brighter dimension with a couple of clever additions. One addition is the blue doors, but it’s the blue-velvet bed that really steals the show. The smooth velvet headrest is just the right shade of blue to look stunning against the grey backdrop, and the texture of the velvet adds a soft edge to the straight lines of the midcentury furniture.

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Add some curves
This high headboard is ideal for leaning against, but a large surface like this could have looked out of proportion in the fairly compact room. The curved corners and inset border came to the rescue, as they help to break up the expanse of material and tone it in with the cosy feel of the room. And we love how the white cotton bed linen provides a crisp contrast to the downy texture of the headboard.

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Take the velvet elsewhere
In this smart bedroom, the owners have chosen a dark-grey colour for their headboard, which tones beautifully with the pale-grey wall. This pared-back pairing makes the perfect backdrop for elements of bolder blue and terracotta. To tie the grey headboard in with the bolder shades elsewhere, the designers have used velvet on the russet cushions and blue armchair.

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Create a cosy corner
If your bed is tucked into a corner, why not add two headboards rather than one? And if you want your nook to be extra snug, choose velvet to cover them as they’ve done here. The two headboards have turned this unassuming bed into a delightful daybed, which could be the perfect spot for curling up with a book.

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Be brave with pattern
If you’re partial to a bold design, make a feature of your headboard by covering it with a patterned velvet. This beautiful floral design is a showstopper and the designers have been brave enough to use it on a large expanse of headboard. It’s a move that’s paid off as it makes the room. To give the space a cohesive look, they’ve picked out colours from the fabric to use on the curtains and chair, and have even used the fabric on the extra-long bolster.

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Stick to a classic look
Looking for something more understated? This sleep space is wonderfully restful thanks to its muted palette. The owners have gone for a traditional-style curved headboard, which ties in with the classic feel of the rest of the room. Everything is quite plain and minimal, so the choice of crushed velvet on the headboard was a smart way to add a luxe edge.

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Contrast with white
An all-white space can look stunning by introducing a decadent element of velvet. In this room, they’ve really gone for it by choosing a deep-purple bed with a silky velvet sheen.

If you’re going to add a striking contrast like this, it’s a good idea to find some complementary details to add balance. Here, the diagonal pattern on the headboard is replicated on the plant pot and the bedspread.

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Go grey
The dark-grey, crushed-velvet headboard in this room looks even more divine thanks to the alcoves being painted a similar grey. And the choice of a thick grey carpet finishes the cocooning feel.

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Add some vintage character
This decadent bed looks stunning in the otherwise pared-back room. By keeping the rest of the space calm and understated, the bed can take centre stage. If you’ve always fancied a vintage bed like this, but were worried it might overwhelm your bedroom, this space illustrates how it can be done.

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