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9 Smart Ways to Use Your Bed Space for Extra Storage

Canny solutions for turning the area around your bed into a storage goldmine

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We all crave a calm, clutter-free bedroom, but that’s often easier said than done. The floor becomes a magnet for shoes and clothes, while the area under the bed gets crammed with all those things we can’t find room for elsewhere. But with some clever thinking, you can maximise the space below, behind and at the foot of your bed, and create some stylish, streamlined storage in the process. Here are some ingenious ideas to transform your bedroom into an organised, restful haven.

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Install simple drawers
Make the most of the cavity underneath your bed by adding drawers. Many beds have drawers already installed below the frame, but if yours doesn’t, there are other options. Underbed storage boxes on castors are available from a number of stockists and come in a variety of sizes and materials. Look for a finish that suits your bed frame and a size that fits neatly into the space.

What you put in your drawers depends on what type they are. Ready-fitted models attached to runners in the frame won’t be able to withstand heavy objects, so they’re better used for clothes and linen. Freestanding boxes on castors can hold heavier items such as books and toys, as the weight is on the floor.

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Have a low-level library
This wooden bed frame uses the space below the mattress as a shallow shelf that’s perfect for books. The space is blocked off with a backboard to stop things disappearing underneath, so it’s a nice way to keep small items or reading material nearby.

As a budget-friendly alternative, try installing backboarded wall shelves underneath your existing bed frame.

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Make use of your headboard
Maximise the space behind your bed by creating storage in the headboard. The unit at the head of this bed contains drawers that offer masses of storage and are hidden behind sleek doors.

Add a similar unit on the other side of the bed and carry it all the way to the ceiling, so that you get maximum storage space from a small area.

To make a similar headboard, use tall drawer units with a solid front panel which the bed can rest against. You could even fit lights to the headboard side and hide the cables in the cavity.

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Go wall to wall
Rather than have bedside tables, keep things sleek with a headboard that stretches from wall to wall. This nifty model incorporates handy recessed shelves, and as the headboard comes out from the back wall, an upper ledge is created naturally.

This idea works well in a small room as the uninterrupted lines make it seem more spacious and uncluttered.

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Put your feet first
The space at the foot of a bed can be used to great effect. This bed frame has a unit at the end with an upper shelf that faces the bed. Below it is a long pullout drawer, so every inch of space is maximised.

This fun design is great for children and teens as everything is within easy reach, while they’re reading on the bed or playing nearby.

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Use small spaces wisely
Save space in a small room by installing a bed frame above huge drawers. It negates the need for other items of furniture, so the room’s footprint is little more than that of the bed.

Buy the storage first (drawers or a low-level cupboard), then ask a carpenter to build a platform to fit neatly over the top. Don’t forget to include steps or a ladder in the design. If you have enough space, incorporate an area around the edge of the bed where you can move freely in and out, as shown here. If not, make sure you build a barrier around the bed to avoid falling.

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Go up and over
Utilise the height of your bedroom by framing the headboard with tall, fitted storage units. These modern units, which contain drawers, cupboards and open shelves, make great use of the space that’s usually kept for bedside tables.

Create this look using tall slim bookcases attached to the wall and joined with a piece of MDF. To maintain a contemporary feel, avoid having cupboards directly over the headboard.

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Reposition furniture
If a chest of drawers on a side wall creates a bit of a squeeze, move it to the end of the bed instead. Here, it makes a lovely footboard feature and enables clear access in and out of the bed.

The back of furniture is often plain, so it’s a good idea to cover any exposed backboard in paint or wallpaper. Alternatively, use a blanket box and place cushions on top for a comfy seat.

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Store little-used items
A large trunk is a useful place to keep things that you don’t use very often. The flat surface of this trunk is at the perfect height to hold a book, lamp and glass of water, so it acts as a handy bedside table. The large cavity inside is perfect for storing that out-of-season duvet, blankets or even spare linens.

Don’t be tempted to store things that are used daily inside a trunk as the top surface has to be cleared to access the inside – something you don’t want to have to do every day.

To make your own version of this unique bedside cabinet, paint an old trunk or wallpaper its sides, then stencil numbers (or your initials) on it for a personal touch.

What do you think of these bed space storage ideas? Share your thoughts and ideas in the Comments below.
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