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9 Inventive Ways to Arrange a Tricky-shaped Bedroom

From working with a sloping ceiling to utilising height, follow these ideas to really make the most of your bedroom

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Unusual spaces force us to think outside the box and this can be particularly challenging when we need to fit in a bed, too. These useful design tips will help you deal with a tricky-shaped bedroom, and create a calm and restful space in which to sleep.

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Lose the balance
As tempting as it might be to aim for perfection and balance, sometimes it’s necessary to opt for an asymmetrical furniture arrangement. In tight spaces, you might have to give up that extra bedside table or lamp in order to have a good-sized bed.

It’s sometimes better to do things with conviction than try to make the most normal thing work in a space that’s anything but.

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Break up a large room
While many of us dream of a huge bedroom, vast spaces can actually be really difficult to furnish. You’ll need to think about dividing the room into functions so you don’t feel as if you’re sleeping in a ballroom.

Floating headboards are a great way to divide a space, and can be used to screen off a section behind the bed for wardrobes and a dressing area.

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Turn one room into two
A high ceiling presents a brilliant opportunity to add a mezzanine, which is great for a little library or additional sleeping space. An area like this can bring a sense of fun to a room.

Plan ahead, however, and make sure you know how much space you’ll achieve. If you’re going to splash out, you’ll want the extra area to be useful.

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Make things multi-functional
If a bed has to sit next to a window, make the most of the space and use the sill for storage. The ledge in this guest bedroom is the perfect place to rest a bedtime drink or book. Use wall lights rather than table lamps for your bedside lighting, too. Anglepoise-style lamps are a good choice, as they can be swung around to light different areas.

If you are going to do this in a child’s bedroom, ensure the window has a good lock on it and is fitted with secure glass.

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Build in your bed
An awkward-shaped bedroom with a low ceiling and sloping eaves might offer limited storage space. If the only large wall surface is being used for the bed, this might leave you with no storage room at all.

However, it’s possible to give a wall two functions – by thinking back to the 1980s! Build an up-to-date version of the era’s popular behind-the-bed fitted cupboards. To make sure they don’t look dated, break up the elevation with different textures and materials.

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Dress a sloping wall
Bedrooms located in the eaves can bring their own challenges when it comes to dressing the windows. These heavy velvet curtains have been prevented from protruding into the space with a neat bar.

If you prefer complete darkness, you could set a window treatment into the reveal, but it might mean sacrificing a portion of the view. Weigh up what’s most important to you and contact an experienced curtain-maker or fitter to find a solution to suit your room.

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Create a chill-out zone
If you need to use a small room for a shared bedroom, consider positioning day beds against the walls. During the daytime, they can be dressed with cushions and turned into sofas. By doing this, you’ll transform a bedroom into a cosy, sociable living space.

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Go with the space
Rather than disguise an awkward space, go with it instead. Take the opportunity to design in some bespoke elements, like this unusual-shaped mirror. Glass surfaces help to bounce light around the room and make the walls look less heavy.

Alternatively, make a feature with wallpaper or an accent colour.

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Use awkward nooks for storage
Space under the eaves is perfect for storage, so try to make the most of the area. This awkward space has been boxed in and fitted with useful drawers.

In a room with sloping ceilings, position your bed at the apex if you can and use the least-accessible areas for storage.

How have you arranged a tricky-shaped bedroom? Share your ideas and photos in the Comments below.
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