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5 Things You Never Knew You Needed in Your Bedroom

Don’t miss out any longer – these additions to your sleepspace will make life so much lovelier

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Sanctuary from the world? Definitely. Decorated to please only you? Of course. Comfortable? Naturally. But what else does the perfect bedroom require? Take inspiration from these schemes and introduce the extras that should help you take it from so-so to sublime.

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Bedside pendants
This is an idea worth considering if you’re planning to repaint or redecorate your sleepspace in the near future.

Wired-in lighting – in the form of pendants, as seen here, or wall lights – will free up your bedside table. Freeing it up will create a little more space, which generally feels more luxurious (you can also enjoy artfully styling your bedside table for maximum tranquility, rather than balancing reading matter, phone and water glass around a lamp base).

Another benefit is having permanent wall controls close at hand. No more scrabbling (for some of us) for switches on dangling wires just out of reach down the side of the bed.

Call in an electrician for a quote and ask about how disruptive it’ll be to your décor. This will depend to some extent on where the electricity already flows in your room; at best, and if you have existing sockets or switches beneath the position of the proposed ones, it’ll just be a bit of a sand, fill and repaint on a narrow strip of wall where the new cable has been chased in.

A final tip – do ensure you get the height just right; you don’t want to feel as if you’re under an interrogation lamp as you open up your bedtime tome. Wired-in wall lights may suit you better and, especially if they’re flexible ones, may be more foolproof to fix in the right position.

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A proper breakfast tray
Vanishingly rare as breakfast in bed may be, for those special days, a tray with legs is a boon, avoiding the need to balance a flat version across your legs or, worse, juggle plates and cups. Go for a tray with folding legs and it won’t be a storage hog on non-lie-in days.

Of course, these are quite handy for laptops and tablets, too, but the experts say these should stay out of the bedroom for better sleep, so save your tray for croissants, juice and a morning coffee.

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An upholstered cube
One (or more) of these is a multi-tasking marvel for any bedroom, and it won’t take up much floor space. Use it as a seat when you’re pulling on your jeans; team it with a dressing table and it’ll tuck out of the way when not in use, or swap it in as a simple bedside surface.

These are rugged in leather, but when it comes to the upholstery, there’s a world of plains and patterns, colours and neutrals from which to choose.

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A bookshelf
Bedroom book nooks are the place for about-to-reads, favourites to which you’ll always return, or (whisper it) the volumes you’re not willing to loan out.

Even a small bedroom can accommodate one if you opt for over-the-bed shelving like this, which won’t impinge on the floor area. (Over the door is another good use of dead space.)

Alternatively, built-in shelving along one side of the room can work in bigger spaces, while a display opposite the end of the bed makes for a pleasing view when you’re tucked up.

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Cushion and throw stash space
Extra pillows, cushions and throws are the daytime layers that dress up a bed, but discarding them sideways at bedtime isn’t a good – or relaxing – look. An ottoman or blanket box isn’t a novel idea, but dedicating it to the pieces used for styling might be. The end of the bed can be a convenient position, or use the space under the window instead.

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