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5 Bedroom Pendant Light ideas

Bedroom pendants should be a key part of your room’s design, not an afterthought. But where to start?

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When planning or revamping your bedroom’s design, the basic considerations probably start with the bed and perhaps take in a dressing table, chair, clothes storage and bedside lighting, but a pendant light fitting will often come further down the list.

Let these stylish sleep spaces encourage you to kick off with a fabulous fitting instead, then allow the rest of your room to take shape around it.

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Put texture at the forefront
This bedroom is a riot of soft textures. Linen bedding, floaty curtains, woven wall hanging, bare wood, fabric electrical cable, a fluffy chair… As such, a sleek and smooth light fitting could easily look out of place.

So instead, the homeowner has opted to ramp up the texture even further by adding a giant rattan shade that immediately draws the eye.

Keeping a restricted palette when layering textures in this way works very well, as two strands of visual busyness can look overwhelming.

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Boost your headboard
The bed and headboard are often the focal point in a sleep space, but it doesn’t need to stop there. Let this room inspire you to make even more of a beautiful bed.

A theme is a good starting point and this room shows off a contemporary take on Art Deco in several different areas – the delicate side table, the slimline bed legs, and the shiny metallics generally.

But it’s the starburst pendant – the shape is a classic bit of Deco design – that’s the strongest nod to the era. It echoes the spikes in the foliage on the bedding, as well as the gold in the bed legs. By both components – the bed and light – being tied together, they create a more dramatic whole.

Get the look by positioning a similarly striking pendant over your bed. You can easily move one from the centre of a room without replastering – look out for ceiling hooks and switch to an attractive cable that you’ll be happy to drape across the ceiling.

As it will be prominent, don’t forget your theme, whether you choose colour, texture or a particular era.

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Think outside the pendant
Pendants can be used as multiples, and these ultra-contemporary shades show you don’t even need to have them, as is traditional, pointing downwards.

In terms of ease of fitting new ceiling lights, as already mentioned, you won’t always need to chase new wiring into the plasterboard. This room shows an alternative to the aforementioned visible cable and hooks – galvanised utilitarian trunking. You can just see it above the pendant over the dressing table.

Trunking or conduit comes in various decorative styles. For a softer take on the industrial look, you could consider brass.

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Go low
As long as you can sit up without bashing your head, you can go pretty low with any pendant light hung above your bed. An oversized design will look especially dramatic flying low and this one conjures up the idea of fluffy clouds – a nice image to enjoy as you wake up.

Note how all the colours are soft and neutral (and especially that the walls and ceiling – backdrop to the light fitting – are pale). This makes a bold light fitting all the easier to incorporate, since it blends in gently, despite being pretty huge.

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Move away from the centre of the ceiling
Convention tells us that our overhead light source comes from the middle of the ceiling. Banish that idea now! You can have it wherever you want it.

Here, there’s not one but two large pendant lights on either side of the bed (and multi-lamped ones to boot) and they are the only ceiling-hung lighting in the room.

If you’re considering something similar, be sure to get your circuit set up well. You’ll want a switch by the door to light your entrance, but each light will also need to be able to be turned off and on from the bed, too. As ever, dimmer switches are your friend.

Tell us…
What’s your bedroom ceiling lighting like? Share photos and ideas in the Comments section.

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