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10 Patterned Headboards That Make a Bedroom Scheme

What easier way to ensure the room creates a great impression than with an attention-grabbing headboard?

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There’s no doubting that adding a headboard to a bed will up the impact of the natural centrepiece of a bedroom scheme. Make it a patterned version to boot and the effect is even bigger. Floral or geometric, small-scale or large, these headboards have made their presence felt in all the right ways. Take a look.

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Bring flowers
In a room scheme that majors in white, and is mostly pattern-free, a floral headboard stands out. The effect is one of natural abundance, with the riot of blooms and foliage bringing life to the cool, calm room, but blue-only tones keep things contemporary rather than cottage-y. Note how the geometric patterns of the cushions dressing the bed tilt the balance to the modern, too.

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Stay sharp
This room turns the floral headboard and geometric cushions pairing on its head with painterly blooms on the cushions and a tailored design on the headboard. In a warm colour, the latter ensures the room’s a cosy haven without compromising the smartness of the scheme.

Want to make a high-ceilinged room feel warmer? Follow this room’s lead with a cocooning dark neutral for walls. With crisp white for coving and ceiling, the period features are still noticeable.

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Keep it crisp
Neat geometric pattern for the headboard echoes symmetrical chests of drawers, bedside lamps and mirrors in this quietly luxurious bedroom. For a scheme that’s equally tailored, opt to finish a patterned headboard with studs like these.

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Create pattern with padding
Headboard pattern doesn’t have to come from the print or weave of upholstery. Here, horizontally stitched padding maximises comfort and introduces a motif. If you want to make a bedroom feel sumptuous, be inspired by the tactile fabric and width of this design, which gives the room five-star hotel style.

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Combine patterns
In this room, the curvaceous floral and trailing foliage motif of the headboard provides a contrast to the sharp lines of the striped wall behind the bed. Curves are easier on the eye and the softer pattern plays up the comfort of the bed.

Get the look by choosing a headboard shape that features curves rather than a regular rectangular shape. Also, there’s an art to clashing two very different patterns: to avoid a jarring vision, pick out at least one colour that both prints share and choose shapes that vary in scale or intricacy.

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Put a twist on tradition
A small-scale floral is a country favourite, but here it’s almost entirely limited to the tall headboard, making the pattern stand out rather than join an exuberant mixture as might be the case more traditionally. The result is resoundingly modern. Both the cerise of the chair and lime of the curtains are reflected in the headboard, pulling the look together.

Want to use a buttoned headboard? Keep it shallow if contemporary is the way you want to take the scheme, or deep for a more classic look.

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Double up
The headboard in this scheme does sterling work as a display shelf, as well as drawing the eye to the bed. With a white background, the stylised design complements the crisp white of the bed linen, and the overall look is chic and modern.

Adding lighting to a solid headboard like this is a real space saver when there’s not room for bedside tables and lamps at either side.

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Incorporate an outline
In this room, velvet edges the patterned upholstery of the headboard creating a frame for the delicate design within. The tactility ups the opulence of the bedroom, alongside black gloss lacquer bedside tables and a gold and cream wallcovering. Contrast piping is an alternative if you like the idea of a headboard border for a more formal look.

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Be size wise
A headboard doesn’t have to be sized to the bed alone. This version extends beyond to create a backdrop to bedside tables as well as the sleeping space.

Follow this room’s lead with simple graphic images above intricate upholstery to avoid visual overload.

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Set the tone
The boho pattern of this headboard works alongside stencilled pattern on the walls, a geometric rug and stripes in a combination that’s colourful and pretty. Steal the idea of a winged headboard like this one to create a super-comfy spot for bedtime reading.

Did you pick a patterned headboard for your bedroom? Show us or tell us in the Comments section.

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