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10 of the Most Summery Bedrooms on Houzz

Love the idea of a bedroom with a summer mood? Take a look at 10 rooms that celebrate the best of the season

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The colours, sights, and soft and gentle air of the summer season are wonderful influences for a bedroom scheme. It’s easy to translate them, too, through organic textures, nature-led palettes and motifs, and light-enhancing strategies. Be inspired by these 10 sleep spaces that evoke the summer beautifully.

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Dress in white linens
Nothing says summer like a bed dressed with pristine cotton bed linen. In pure white, it looks cooling and it helps regulate body temperature naturally even on hot nights because cotton is breathable.

Want a more relaxed effect than crisp cotton offers? A duvet cover, sheets and pillowcases made from pure linen, like these ones, have an invitingly rumpled appearance but also make sleep more comfortable when the thermometer doesn’t descend much.

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Swap the headboard
Including florals in a bedroom is a shortcut to summer style. This room introduces them with a headboard in a painterly floral motif that makes the bed a focal point. Try upscaled blooms like these teamed with a geometric motif against a backdrop of white walls for a contemporary take on the romantic bedroom.

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Dream of tropical shores
Follow the lead of this room and use a brilliant accent shade to suggest the season. Coral, both as a colour and a motif, stands out against the layers of soft neutral shades for the floor, furniture and soft furnishings, and evokes faraway sun-drenched locations. Keep themed touches like these to a handful for a sophisticated result.

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Stay light
A room filled with daylight is key to a summery look, so strategies that introduce as much light as possible and reflect it back into the space are vital. In this bedroom, clear panels for the steps ensure light’s not blocked and dark shades that absorb colour are avoided. Select different textures in an all-pales room to create decorative interest.

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Lift with white
Traditional furniture complements the period surroundings in this room. To keep the scheme light and summery, the biggest beams have been painted white – a clever tactic to visually lift the ceiling and keep the room airy. Shutters that fold neatly away repeat the colour of painted furniture and upholstery for a pulled-together finish.

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Ramp up colour
To create a vibrant take on summer colour in a bedroom, select shades from opposite sides of the colour wheel like this scheme’s green and pink. These pairings are dramatic, creating a look-at-me effect rather than subtle backdrop, but this combination is a genuine reflection of the punchiness of summer colour as the display of blooms beside the bed proves.

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Fall for tongue-and-groove
A boarded wall and ceiling give this room a beside-the-sea look that instantly brings summer to mind. Fit boards horizontally to draw the eye outwards and make a narrow room look wider than it really is, and finish in white to increase the sense of space.

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Frame a view
To appreciate summer inside a bedroom, welcome it in from the garden. Opt for a window treatment that exposes every centimetre of glass, like these solid shutters, to maximise the focus on the green and growing plot. In this room, a mirror opposite the bed ensures the garden outlook is reflected for double the impact.

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Be bold with blue
This twin bedroom majors in the shades of sea and sky with the patterned wallpaper taking centre stage and the ombre curtain fabric and throws completing the monochromatic blue scheme. Include neutral-toned upholstered headboards like these to give a bedroom a tailored edge and use plain neutral flooring to prevent pattern overload.

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Stay in Europe
Exposed ceiling beams add a rustic note to this bedroom, which has the summer holiday feel of a Tuscan villa or French manor house (in fact, it’s in Toulouse). All-over white paint has a summery effect in a room that gets plenty of light, and rather than pale tiles, as seen here, which could be a bit chilly in cooler climes, you could paint floorboards white instead. One or two pieces of old furniture tracked down in secondhand stores or French brocantes would bring some of this rustic and assembled-over-time effect to a scheme in your own home, and any scuffs and marks of age are a positive benefit.

Does your bedroom channel a particular season? Share your photos or tips in the Comments section.


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