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10 of the Most Restful Bedrooms on Houzz

In need of a good sleep? You’ll drift off in no time in a space like one of these Zen rooms

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Life is hectic, so we all crave a space where we can switch off from the world at the end of the day. Take a look at these gorgeous bedrooms for ideas on how to transform your own sleep space into a restful haven.

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Look out of the window
If you’re lucky enough to have a room with an amazing view in your home, make the most of it by turning it into your sleep space. The owners of this ground-floor bedroom can wake up to a view of the garden and also benefit from plenty of morning sunlight.

The space uses soft woods, natural colours and a large plant to create a link between the outside and inside.

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Soften your walls
Delicate textures are the ideal way to give your bedroom a restful feel, so why not get your walls in on the act too? The natural fibre wallcovering here creates a smooth background to give this sleep space a peaceful feel. The knitted fabrics on the bed replicate the wallcovering, while the Japanese-style prints bring a small dose of pretty pattern into the space.

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Go for green
If you use it wisely, green can make a room feel ultra calm. In this sleep space, the pale green walls and door completely frame the room to give it a harmonious feel. The added green accents help to give it a cohesive look, while the beige and brown tones of the painting and bed add an earthy touch.

The key to getting this look right is to choose a variety of green tones, but make sure they’re pared-back shades rather than bright, jarring hues.

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Layer up neutrals
For a calm space that’s easy on the eye, consider keeping the colour palette simple. Here, the designer has chosen a neutral scheme with no bright tones. The choice of fabrics and accessories, however, has ensured this neutral space is anything but dull. A subtle geometric pattern on the headboard and divan livens the bed, and a vignette of quirky picture frames on either side adds interest. Finally, the angled lamps give a sharp contrast to the soft textures on the bed, carpet and curtains.

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Add biscuit tones to blue
Did you go for cool blue to get a relaxed scheme? Is it feeling too cool? Warm it up with biscuit shades, like they’ve done here. The soft blue walls and darker wool headboard are wonderfully calming in this bedroom, while the throw and cushions add a cosy layer to the space. Hints of green give the room an extra layer of colour, and all the hues are replicated on the print and lamp for a considered look.

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Make it dark and cosy
If you’re after a bedroom that’s snug and intimate, as well as relaxed, consider using dark tones. Here, a panelled wall in a charcoal shade creates a cosy sleep space and the choice of dark fabrics adds to the snuggled up feeling. If you’re going for dark colours, different textures and tones will soften the look.

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Sleep beneath the trees
This tranquil spot is the perfect bedroom to lose yourself in. You could lie back on the soft sheets and imagine you’re walking in the woods or lying in a sun-dappled glade. The colours add to the restful feel of the space, with grey, white and pale aqua creating a watery backdrop to a hit of peach.

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Max out on comfort
To be really relaxed in your bedroom, you need plenty of soft surfaces to sit, walk and sleep on. This room combines them all – there’s a soft rug on the floor, a comfy ottoman to sit on and a padded headboard to lean against. The whole space is layered with sumptuous textures that are arranged neatly to keep the room feeling calm and harmonious.

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Soften a modern scheme
Here, straight lines and navy tones have been softened to create a tranquil space. How? The addition of rattan and other tactile textures, such as the earthenware vases, the woollen throw and soft curtains, have done the trick. Simple, but effective.

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Soften with blossom
Fancy some pink in your sleep space? The bed here is the colour of a beautiful rose – a bold choice that’s been toned down with a soft beige on the walls and some all-white bed linen. Sprigs of blossom tone in with the bed, while their vases blend into the walls.

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