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10 Beautiful Blue Bed Linen Schemes for Dreamy Bedrooms

Check out these ideas for using different shades of blue to boost your bedroom’s appeal

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Blue’s versatility is ideal for a bedroom, as its many variations can create different looks: navy is rich and sumptuous; pale blue feels fresh and clean. If you want some colour in your bedroom but don’t want to redecorate, a new set of blue bed linen could change the look of your space so it feels transformed with the minimum of fuss. Browse these blue schemes for inspiration.

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Embrace country charm
Layered blue fabrics are the perfect choice for a rustic room. Here, the pale hues are subtle enough that they can be combined to give the bed a really cosy feel, but at the same time allow the beams and chandelier to take centre stage.

If you don’t have the period features, just team the look with vintage-style furniture, pale walls and simple floorboards to create a restful haven.

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Don’t be scared of pattern
White furniture is crisp and bright when set against a blue wall, and the bedding here links the two design elements perfectly. Patterns, especially large-scale ones, can be overpowering, but this design has soft, smudged edges like a watercolour. It’s bold, but also delicate.

Big prints are confident, but this shows they don’t need to take over the whole room. Instead, they can add personality and style. If your room is otherwise simple, patterned bed linen can add interest and prevent the space from looking bland.

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Luxe up a neutral scheme
If you want to add some richness to a neutral space, grab some blue bedding. If you’re surrounded by pale grey, cream or taupe, the temptation can be to pick linen in one of these colours, too, as you know it will “go”.

Here, the introduction of navy on the bed has given this potentially one-dimensional room a real lift. Navy is easy to live with and goes with almost anything, although a cobalt throw can bring energy to a space, too.

If you’re not sure which shade will work for you, use blue items of clothing that look good in the space for inspiration and take these with you when shopping for bedding. Check a store’s returns policy, as sometimes it’s easier to take two different coloured linens home and look at them in the room itself.

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Be inspired by your surroundings
For a coastal look, use the sea as your inspiration and layer blue tones. Add a pale waffle or chenille throw, or a striped one, as here.

Coastal style is popular because the base colours of white, blue, cream and grey are soft and easy to live with. Introduce painted furniture for a country feel, or opt for cleaner lines for a contemporary take.

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Choose inky blue for a gentle touch
If bright blue isn’t for you but you like the idea of warming up grey décor, this very deep blue shade is ideal. It adds an interesting warmth, but is subtle enough to sit happily in any neutral room. The patterned cushion adds a little energy while toning with the paintwork.

The inky blue is teamed with grey here, but it would also work with a cream or stone backdrop.

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Warm up monochrome with rich texture
Grey and white décor is sleek and contemporary, but can tip into being cold. Here, the addition of a simple navy throw stops any chilliness, as the rich tone and sumptuous texture add a luxurious, cosy feel.

When choosing a throw for a space like this, consider luxurious textures such as velvet, wool knit and chenille, as these add visual, as well as actual warmth.

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Tie walls and bed linen together
The bold wall décor in this bedroom could completely overpower the space. However, the rich blue quilt prevents that from happening. The quilt itself is an ombre style, with deep blue at one end fading to pale blue at the other, which quietly picks up all the colour variations on the wall.

Plain rich royal blue pillowcases are the bridge between the bed linen and the wall, breaking up the expanse of wooden headboard. The deep mosaic design linen under the quilt is almost invisible, so it blends perfectly and allows the room’s other elements to be the focus.

If you have a dominant feature in your room, consider picking up the colour with your bedding.

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Make blue the only colour
A plain white room is like an art gallery – a backdrop against which any colour can sing. This image is stunningly simple, but incredibly beautiful, and the bed looks soft, inviting and utterly restful.

To get this look, the blue itself should be a warm tone. Also, choose a tactile fabric, such as linen, with its relaxed, crumpled finish.

In this design, less is more. Keep the room simply styled and clutter-free. Choose white accessories, or very pale wood, so the beautiful blue bedding becomes the most important thing in the room.

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Go retro for a fabulous look
This compact bedroom shows how pattern, when handled carefully, can look fantastic in a small space. Many would shy away from such a punchy turquoise shade, but when paired with white, it’s full of energy and looks really cheerful.

The pattern has an attractive retro feel, and the repeating circular print looks neat, rather than sprawling, which is a good tip in a small bedroom. The mix of shades looks fresh and clean, and is an interesting contrast to the wooden bedhead.

If you have white furniture, add some retro wooden side tables or burnt orange fabrics to add depth to this style.

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Update granny chic
In this room, the mix of vintage and modern styles makes it look welcoming. The base of the décor has vintage appeal, with delicately patterned wallpaper, an ornate floor lamp and a collection of mirrors on the wall.

The essence is changed and brought up to date, however, with the use of bed linen in a strong, modern shade. Anything much paler wouldn’t have contrasted so well. The striped cushion and blue painted side table continue the up-to-date feel, making this room an eclectic success.

Are you a fan of blue bedding? How have you incorporated it into your bedroom scheme? Share your ideas and photos in the Comments below.
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