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Which Tiles Should I Pick For My Bathroom Walls?

Metro, mosaic, marble… if you’re not sure what tile style to go for, check out these bathrooms for inspiration

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Tiles are waterproof and easy to wipe clean, so it make sense to use them on your bathroom walls. But with so many styles around, it can be hard to choose the right ones. Take a look at these beautiful tiled washspaces to help you decide on the perfect type for your space.

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Mix plain and pattern
If you want to add pattern without overdoing it, consider a combination of unadorned and decorative tiles. Here, the owners have jazzed up plain grey metro tiles by adding a beautiful design to the recessed areas. The muted colour palette keeps the end result subtle, but you could create a bolder effect by contrasting more vibrant colours.

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Lay some herringbone
Metro tiles have been ubiquitous in our homes for a while now, mainly because they’re both versatile and budget-friendly. If you fancy something different from the usual brickwork layout, why not try a herringbone pattern instead? Here, classic white metro tiles have been laid in a herringbone design, which works well with the monochrome patterned tiles over the bath.

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Throw some shapes
Do you want your bathroom to stand out from the crowd? Then think outside the box when it comes to the shape of your tile choice and opt for one of the new wave of designs available. These hexagonal tiles, for example, give this minimalist bathroom style kudos. The designers have teamed the matt grey wall tiles with on-trend copper fittings and have added pastel colours to the floor. It’s a striking effect, but not too overpowering.

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Make it natural
Give your washspace a spa feel by opting for tiles with a natural, textured look like they’ve done here. The floor and walls are covered with the same beige tiles, but to break it up the designers have used a range of sizes. Large rectangle tiles are spread out over the floor, while a brickwork effect has been created on the shower walls. Finally, a herringbone pattern covers the floor area of the shower. The only divergence is a darker strip of tiles along the top of the shower area, which ties in with the shower fitting. The effect is both sophisticated and relaxing.

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Max out on marble
There’s no doubt that this natural stone will bring the wow factor to your space. Here, a long white sink unit gives a bright contrast to the grey and white marble walls and floor. The effect is simple, yet luxurious.

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Add some shimmer
Iridescent mosaic tiles are not just a style statement – nope. They’ll also help bounce light around a space. In this bathroom, the dark floor and traditional-style panelling and shutters prevent the look from being too glitzy.

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Go for soft greys
Hoping to give your bathroom a calm feel? Pale grey tiles, like the ones in this beautiful space, are ideal for creating a tranquil effect. This is a big room, but the tiles would work just as well in a smaller area, as a pale palette helps to create a feeling of space. The designers have chosen metro tiles with a rippled and glossy finish to add some shiny texture, and teamed them with a simple mosaic above the sink. By opting for two tile types, the designers have added interest, while the neutral colour palette keeps things simple.

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Opt for half and half
If you can’t decide on a shade for your tiled walls, choose your two favourite colours instead (of course, they need to be compatible). Here, a lower half of mushroom-coloured metro tiles provides a darker backdrop for the white bathroom fittings. The upper half also has metro tiles for consistency.

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Create clean lines
For a ultra-modern streamlined look, choose large rectangular tiles in a neat, aligned layout. Large tiles can also help to expand your space visually, as there are fewer grout lines. Fewer grout lines equals a less cluttered look, which helps enhance the feeling of space in a compact room.

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Choose a ‘barely there’ surface
If you don’t want your wall tiles to stand out too much, go for an understated look like this. Here, the walls are covered with pale rectangular tiles that tone with the rest of the room and blend into the background. However, the beauty of these tiles is that they have a subtle hint of texture which prevents the room from feeling bland.

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Let them take centre stage
Fancy something bold? How about a stunning green design like this one? There are plenty of unusual-shaped tiles around now, so it’s easy to make a statement on your bathroom walls. The scalloped shape of these tiles look almost like fish scales, adding some fun and personality to the room.

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Will you be using any of these ideas in your own bathroom? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.


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