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Victorian-style Bathroom Ideas

Bring some period elegance into your washspace with these bathing beauties

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If you’re drawn to the ornate design of Victorian interiors, you might want to bring the look into your bathroom.

Of course, it wasn’t until the late Victorian era that people actually had bathrooms in their homes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce elements that give a pleasing nod to the era.

Take a look at these beautiful washspaces to find inspiration for your own home.

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Make the floor the focus
Victorian tiles were designed in geometric shapes with beautiful encaustic patterns, turning the floor into a stunning feature.

Here, the white walls and bath form a blank backdrop to showcase the black-and-white chequered expanse of floor tiles. With a striking monochrome design like this, there’s no need to add too many other elements.

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Add some cosy touches
This pretty space, with its soft blue walls, long curtains, wooden floor and artwork, is more like a bedroom than a bathroom. The decorative elements give the space a welcoming feel reminiscent of a Victorian bed chamber.

If you want to create this look in your own bathroom, it’s a good idea to use wipe-clean paint on the walls.

To keep a wooden floor in good condition, seal it with a suitable protective layer. Alternatively, choose waterproof wood-effect tiles, which can replicate the look of floorboards.

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Ramp up your radiators
Combine 21st century plumbing with Victorian design by going for a period-style radiator and towel rail.

This model, with its column radiator and ornate pipework, sits well with the pretty mirror, vanity unit and floor tiles to continue the period look of the whole room.

If you’re going for a particular style, it’s important to consider the finishing touches, so think about your light switches and skirting boards, too.

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Work in a washstand
Recreate the look of a Victorian washstand with a countertop basin (or two) and vanity unit, like the painted one here.

The table’s rolled legs and pretty details give the bathroom an elegant feel and provide a soft contrast to the sharper lines of the tiles and mirror.

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If you’re not keen on adding extra furniture to your space, go for a chrome washstand console instead. The pipework frame adds character to a space, but doesn’t interrupt the feeling of flow – and the metalwork is also pretty handy for hanging up a hand towel or two.

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Reflect a little
For an instant shot of Victorian elegance, position a vintage-style mirror over your basin. Here, the designers have gone for two matching versions over double basins.

Although the design is ornate, it’s simple enough not to overwhelm the space, and the slim frames are elegant rather than over-the-top.

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Showcase a chandelier
If you have the space and height in your bathroom, you could consider ditching the usual downlights and going for a statement pendant instead.

A Victorian-style chandelier adds a touch of luxury, but it’s important to take precautions. Bathroom lights need to have a specific IP rating, depending on which area of the room they’re located in, so make sure you choose a chandelier that’s made especially for a bathroom.

Hire a professional to help you with the installation and to ensure it’s fitted safely.

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Luxuriate in a statement bath
To really finish off your Victorian-style bathroom, consider investing in a roll-top bath. This grey version, with its elaborate claw feet, is a stunning feature in the room.

You can find roll-top baths in a number of different colours, so it’s easy to choose one that fits your room’s scheme.

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Tell us…
Are you designing a Victorian-style bathroom, or do you prefer a more contemporary look? Perhaps you’ve managed to combine the two styles perfectly? Share your ideas and photos in the Comments section.

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