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Should I Get Rid of My Bath?

Not using your bath but unsure about whether to ditch it? Check out these ways a walk-in shower can work beautifully

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If you want to free up space and rarely take baths, a shower-only room could be a good option for you. Take a look at these schemes to see if living without a tub would work in your home.

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Create the illusion of space
Losing the bath makes sense if your room is tiny. In fact, you may not realistically be able to fit in a full-size tub anyway. Lack of space is one reason why many new-build apartments don’t feature baths at all.

A wetroom is a simple way to make a small space appear larger. Whereas a bath visually shortens a room, a clean-lined shower area, with a modern glass screen where necessary, helps open it up, as seen here.

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Use the full width
Baths take up a pretty big chunk of space, and if you hardly ever use yours, it’s a total waste – even in a bigger bathroom like this one. Get rid of it and you can free up space for a spa-style, luxurious double shower that stretches wall-to-wall.

In this wetroom, the walk-in shower incorporates different washing areas, including an overhead rain shower, clothes hooks, a built-in soap dish, and even a shelf. Not having a bath also means plenty of space for a generous-sized basin.

How can I get a spa feel in my bathroom at home?

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Go for modern and minimal…
While baths can look traditional, shower rooms tend to be sleek and simple. That means they’re a good option if your natural style is contemporary.

The latest frameless shower screens, like this giant pane, let the light flow freely. They also allow you to show off a feature wall – the owners here have taken the opportunity to use interesting-shaped tiles along the whole length of the shower.

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…or opt for vintage
Ditching your bath doesn’t automatically mean you have to go for a minimalist wetroom. This traditional bathroom has a standalone shower enclosure with a low tray and classic fittings.

The space does heritage style beautifully, with grey metro tiles and a pedestal basin. So if you’re not bothered about a bath but love your period fittings, take inspiration.

What do I need to know when choosing a shower enclosure?

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Slot in a seat
If you still want to sit down, how about adding an integrated seat? While many traditional bathrooms incorporate a chair, in wetrooms it can be trickier. This clever design features a built-in bench, so bathers can perch before or after – or even during – a shower (handy for taking socks off). Its position against the wall keeps the look streamlined.

If you have a long, slim space like this one, not having a bath also means avoiding an awkward layout that feels cramped.

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Divide things up
To separate the shower area from the wash basin and loo, consider an internal wall like this one. It works well in a small space, and will ensure your shower area feels more private.

The wall here provides an extra vertical surface for the shelf to butt up against, allowing the basin to fit neatly in the corner.

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Separate with glass
In a particularly tight spot, it might be better to zone the area with a glass panel for an open feel. Make up for any lack of space by investing in a decent shower – when you’re actually in there, you’ll forget how big your room is if the water’s powerful and hot.

Ultimately, the fate of your bath will come down to whether or not you and your family are bath or shower lovers. The former are unlikely to give up their rights without a fight. However, if you can agree, giving up your tub could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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