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Red Bathroom Ideas: Rugs, Accessories, And Decor

Were you looking for red bathroom ideas? If you are courageous enough to go with these bold choices, this article will be a treat for you.

If you’re looking for a new, vivid look for your bathroom, you might want to consider red. The color flatters many different kinds of skin tones, and different shades of red bathroom sets can add in different moods, from lively to romantic to soothing (yes, really).

A red bathroom is an intimidating color, for sure. Too much red can be overwhelming in small spaces with little lighting, which bathrooms often are. Creating a nice looking red bathroom requires a bit of thought, but it is often a great choice because the red provides a lot of bold options.

You have traditional true red, the red of firetrucks and valentine hearts, as well as bluer reds like fuchsia or burgundy. You can also go in warmer directions, choosing red bathroom décor with a peppier orange-red color range. Whatever shade of red you end up choosing, you will be amazed by how much you can do with it in your red bathroom.

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Using Red to Its Best

One of the most intimidating aspects of red is how overwhelming the color is. Red is a color associated with a lot of different emotions, from caution to passion. It stands out to us immediately among other colors and immediately draws the eye. However, used well, it is a great addition to your bathroom.

If you want red walls, proceed cautiously. A red accent wall is probably the best choice for a smaller space. It works particularly well for the wall facing your primary bathroom mirror, as this will flatter most people who stand in front of it.

You may need to apply several coats of paint to get the best coverage and an even tone for your red bathroom walls. It might be a good idea to find a red-tinted primer to help you out.

For a more subtle touch of red, use red bathroom accessories instead. These are easy to find in a variety of patterns and themes. These can bring in the perfect pop of color without too much effort or cost.

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Unless you are very committed to the idea of a red bathroom, avoid a red tub and a red bathroom sink. These items must be installed and can get very pricey. Uninstalling them is a major effort and expense as well. Red is such a bold color that using it for your major bathroom items will seriously limited any possible future redecoration items.

With these basic ways to use red in mind, what are some of the best ways to decorate a red bathroom?

Black and Red Bathroom

Black and red is a common contemporary color combination. It is a surprisingly soothing color combo, and can work very well with neutrals as a bit of balancing element to the combo’s drama. You can also choose to use some cooler shades of red and black alongside cooler colors like teal.

Red bathrooms in these colors are often done in a modern style. It works very well for a more industrial style. If you want to redecorate a bathroom used by teenage boys, this can be a perfect masculine look that will look nice for a long time.

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White and Red Bathroom

Most bathrooms are already done up in neutrals, often white, and it a red and white bathroom is often the most cost effective way to add in red bathroom décor. It is a very classical look. Warmer off-whites paired with red creates a very cozy feel, or you may want to create a snazzy red, white, and blue look that is very lively and elegant.

If you don’t want to paint your white or off-white walls, accessorize with red bathroom shower curtains and red bathroom rugs. Soap dishes and other bathroom accessories should keep the same tone.

It’s very easy to find a nice red bathroom accessories set in a variety of different styles. Remember not to overwhelm the space with red and maintain a clean, coherent feel.

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Gray and Red Bathroom

A gray bathroom with red bath décor is another timeless look. It’s a much cozier feel overall and can be quite soothing, especially with the right lighting. Add in a bit of black or white to ground it and also make sure your probably neutral tub does not stand out glaringly. Flowers accentuate the naturalism of red and gray. Look for ebony wood finishes for cabinets and shelves.

This color combo is both dramatic and soothing, lending itself to a lot of different styles and moods.  Make sure you get the proper lighting to make sure the cozy space does not become claustrophobic. Darker colors are always at risk of doing this, so make sure you plan appropriately before you start painting.

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Experiment with Color!

Just because red is such a bold color doesn’t mean you’re stuck using it alongside neutrals alone. Use it alongside other bright colors. Try out dusty mauves or soft teals for a nice contrast to red’s natural drama. On the other hand, you could capitalize on that drama by adding in lemon yellow for a spicy color palette.

The best way to combine these bold colors is to paint the walls with your chosen background color, while painting the trim and ceiling in the lighter accent shade. Use that color for your other décor, like your countertop bathroom accessories and towels.

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One of the best things about being open to bolder colors is that it opens up the moods and themes you can use. Tropical, modern, rustic….a lot of possibilities open up. It also allows you to add personality pretty freely. T

he important thing is that you use the bold colors wisely and tie the bathroom together well. Have fun with it. Take a look at what people have done with all these colors by taking a look at red bathroom pictures in home decor magazines and sites like Instagram.

Ending thoughts on red bathroom ideas

A red bathroom is a bold and original décor choice. The powerful color can be soothing or passionate, all depending on how you use it. Hopefully our ideas help you get started!

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