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How Can I Make my Bathroom Feel Like a Spa?

With a few additions, you can turn a functional washroom into somewhere much more calm and luxurious

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Spa bathrooms look set to be a big trend in 2018, with many of us keen to create a nurturing haven in our own homes. If you want to transform your bathroom into more than just a place to perform your daily ablutions, check out these ideas for making this otherwise practical space feel cosy, tranquil and indulgent.

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Trade up your towels
For a luxurious feeling when you emerge from the bath or shower, it’s a good idea to have some soft towels to hand. There are numerous gorgeous, inexpensive designs on the market, so it’s worth investing in a couple of sets. Don’t forget to include a bath sheet that’s large enough to wrap around you fully.

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Stock up on handy essentials
You’ll also need some luxurious toiletries, sweet-smelling fragrances and ambient candles. A few indulgent supplies will help to achieve the feeling of a luxurious spa, so hunt around for fragrances and toiletries you love. If you don’t want to waste your favourite products on everyday washing, you can save them for occasional use, but make sure they’re easy to grab when you want them.

The owners of this bathroom have a handy table for bathtime essentials, as well as plenty of wicker storage below the vanity unit.

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Pop in a chair
A chair next to the bath or shower is useful for drying your toes, applying body lotion or simply relaxing before or after bathing. It doesn’t have to be a big armchair – the simple rattan number in this beautiful bath space is ideal.

If you’re going for a cushion and/or seat pad for added comfort, make sure the room is well ventilated or go for a fabric that’s water-resistant to avoid damp patches.

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Surround yourself with plants
You can’t beat a bit of greenery in the bathroom. Plants create a cosy feel, provide something lovely to look at, and have the added bonus of bringing oxygen into a room. The foliage here surrounds the bath to create a lush space for relaxing.

If you don’t have enough floor space around your tub to recreate this look, consider hanging planters over the bath from either the wall or ceiling.

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Use soft woods
For a soft, natural feel, make sure you bring in plenty of wooden surfaces. The gentle grains in timber look great against smooth white sanitaryware and help to make a stark bathroom feel more snug.

Here, a vintage-style vanity unit and ladder shelf add character to the washroom and turn it into somewhere it’d be nice to linger.

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Keep things cosy
For ultimate indulgence, why not design your bathroom as you would your bedroom or living room? Turn it into somewhere to relax, rather than just wash and go.

Here, the designers have included soft curtains and a wooden floor in their scheme, as well as plenty of paintings displayed on a colourful wall.

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Choose tactile surfaces
As well as wood, consider introducing additional textures to soften the space and make it feel more luxurious. In this bathroom, the shower is covered with tactile pebbles and the walls and ceiling have an almost velvety texture. These soothing finishes give this room a lovely calm ambience.

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Provide a perch
If you’re designing a new shower enclosure, consider providing a spot where you can sit down – it could be handy if you need to reach your lower legs or feet. This wet-room-style shower includes a low-level niche where the owners can either take a pew or keep a towel to hand. It’s also a great place to get dry while still benefiting from the steam created by a hot shower.

Do you like to relax in your bathroom, or do you prefer a more functional wash zone? Share your thoughts in the Comments section.


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