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Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathrooms may not be the priority in a home makeover project, but that doesn’t make the less important than any of your rooms.

Thinking about them, bathrooms are where our entire family spends a lot of time, which is why you should never settle for unattractive, poorly designed, or dysfunctional bathroom designs.

Plus, it is only contemporary bathroom design ideas that will look good in a new or redesigned home, in particular for those who know how to balance their needs and aesthetic sensibilities.

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RG Design Studio Inc.

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How should modern bathrooms look? While there is no single answer to this question, designers are probably capable of writing volumes of modern bathroom design content. To make your hunt for contemporary bathroom designs a bit easier we’ve prepared a handy guide that contains all basic bathroom décor principles and suggestion.

After reading it, you should be able to lay out your bathroom just fine, choosing a particular style you fancy, and implementing admirable storage solutions. Our modern bathroom décor ideas cover a variety of topics, starting with the tubes, tiles, and lighting fixtures, and moving all the way to accessorizing tips.

Are you ready to equip some admirable contemporary master bathrooms? Let’s get started than! We assure you that this guide will address any of your design concerns, and that you will find the information inside to be invaluable for your project.

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Contemporary bathroom décor: Getting started

Before you’ve started gathering modern bathroom ideas, consider the needs of your family. Get everyone around the table for a conversation, and define the good sides and insufficiencies that are already in place. How should your ideal bathroom look? Is there a way to make it more spacious?

Do you, by chance, need more than a single sink? Is a simple shower cabin enough, or do you prefer a claw-foot bathtub? Once you have the answers to these questions, cool bathroom ideas will start flowing one after the other.

Spoil yourself with nitty-gritty details, even if it seems as you’re about to surpass your budget limits. With no defined amount to worry about, everything will be feasible. The more likely scenario is that there will be factors limiting your creativity, and that you will have to make sacrifices along the way.

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Co & Co Espacios

Speaking of smart budgeting, plan the big bucks first. Unless you’ve opted for a small or fully-DIY project, you will have to devote an amount to labor, both in the planning and the construction phase.

After that, you will also have to pay for plumbing services, depending on how drastic your planned alterations are. Moving the shower or toilet, for instance, will cost much more than simply working around them.

The best idea here is to contact a contractor, or someone who’s recently completed a similar project. This way, you will have a clear picture of the costs involved during demo, installation, and construction, and will be able to plan your finances accordingly.

This will also help choosing the hardware, floors, and similar utilities once the basics are done. Don’t be surprised if the final amount goes beyond your expectations – sit and reevaluate your needs, and you will surely find a better solution.

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The Construction Zone

Last, but not least, read something more on local provisions and building codes. Your bathroom design project will very likely require you to tear items out and move them around, and you must abide to the law while doing it. Otherwise, you may end up spending on your bathroom project way more than what you expected to spend.

Types of bathrooms

Bathrooms are broadly categorized in four basic groups, each of them with specific quirks and requirements. Choosing a type is the first step towards initiating your design process, so explore each of them, and make a decision.

Master bathrooms: For homes that have the luxury of owning more than one bathroom, the one that counts as the master room is usually the largest. These bathrooms intend to accommodate the belongings of the spouses or even the entire family, and thus require more work than their smaller versions.

While crafting or redesigning a master bathroom, you should first think of the things you want to change: Do you need extra shower space? An additional sink? A different storage solution? Answer these questions, and you’ll be ready to launch the remodeling.

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Domiteaux + Baggett Architects

Full bathrooms: Full bathrooms are even or small versions of the master bathroom, wherever a master bathroom actually exists. The same as in the previous scenario, they are used by more people, and thence have their unique quirks that must be taken into account.

Is the bathroom going to be shared by your children? Will it also be the bathroom for visitors and overnight guests? In cases like these, focus on choosing durable materials that can accommodate such traffic, and efficient design concepts that can respond to everybody’s needs.

Three-Quarter Bathrooms: There are a lot of similarities to main and full bathrooms, as the purpose here is the same: accommodating heavy traffic, and meeting the needs of large families and such with frequent visitors. The difference is that these bathrooms have no tubs, but rather a shower, a toilet, and a sink. In general, they also occupy less space than a full bathroom, and will require you to focus on efficient storage and lasting materials.

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Carolina V. Gentry

Half bathrooms and powder room: Half bathrooms and powder rooms are more limited in both form and function, as their purpose is only one – to accommodate the toilet and the sink. This is why home owners usually pay less attention to the looks of this place than they do to its function, and try to make it as practical as possible.

You too should make the most of the space you have available, and focus on comfort rather than attractiveness. Given that the square foot is fairly limited, you will also have to think of adequate ventilation to remove all unpleasant odors.

Assessing your bathroom

Once you bathroom design/redesign project is ready, you will also have to reinvent the process of arriving to the bathroom. It is here where most homeowners face difficulties and limitations, both because of the space they have available, and the cost of what it would take to assess their bathroom in the desired way. These are the challenges you should expect:

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Concept Interiors

Plumbing works: Everything in the bathroom revolves around access to water, which is the main reason why bathrooms cannot be placed where we’d want them to be. Before you’ve started, check where the drain and supply lines are running, and hire a plumber instead of making your own experiments.

Ventilation works: Ventilation matters to the bathroom almost as much as water supply does. To start with, you will need a suitable mechanism to vent hot air from the tub and the shower, unless you want to deal with mildew and mold. Those of you remodeling their bathrooms should check if the ventilation in place is functional, and what can be done to improve it.

Electricity works: Last, but not least, you will have to give your outlets a look and understand what you’re working with. Here, again, you will need the help of a professional, since we all know what mixing electricity and water can cause. Whatever your choice may be, make sure that cords, plugs, and wires are far from any source of water.

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VV Contracting, Inc.

After this, it will be more than easy to lay out the bathroom, given that you know where to place each element, and have pinpointed the exact changes that should be made.

Tips for the ideal bedroom layout

When placing the elements in your bathroom, there are four important guidelines that you should remember:

1. The toilet goes first. And that’s not because it should be glamorous or anything, but because it is simply the most used element in there. In the best scenario, you can divide the bathroom and make some separate space for the toilet, as in such way it won’t distract attention from the rest of beautiful items you have inside. Basically, give it the central role it deserves, but still make sure it is not the focal point everybody notices.

2. Find efficient storage solutions. At first sight, it may not seem that you’ll be placing too many items in the bathroom, but inefficient storage will become a pain from the very first day you’re using it. You’ll be looking for a place for straighteners, hairdryers, cosmetics, toilet paper, and cleaning utilities. Only with these items accommodated you’ll be able to move freely around the bathroom, but even if you haven’t considered them, don’t worry – more storage tips are coming on!

3. Putting the walls into action. For most of us, walls are where beautiful contemporary bathroom tile ideas come to life, and that’s it. We fail to recognize one of our most efficient space saviors that can accommodate our belonging instead of messy cabinets and bulky vanities. How do bathroom shelves sound?

4. Enough room for the entrance. Another common mistake is to skip securing space for the entrance, in which case items just ‘bump into your face’ when you go inside the bathroom. Make sure there is enough entrance space, or even design a special transition area that would connect your room with the bathroom. Remember to set the door in the right closing direction, so that it won’t interfere with the elements you have inside.

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International Custom Designs

Showers, baths, and tubes

The way how your bathroom is going to look depends on a lot of factors, including its size, design goals, and of course – the money you’ve invested to equip it. What makes bathrooms really unique, nevertheless, is the choice of bathing solution, which will once again rely on what you like, need, and can afford.

We can’t tell you which solution is the right for you, but we can certainly expose the good and bad sides of each to help you decide.

Shower types

Multi-piece showers: For creative homeowners engaged in DIY projects, multi-piece showers will probably make the most sense. These showers literally come in several pieces, which means they can be installed easily and fit into almost any setting. On top of that, they are reasonably priced, but don’t expect them to last too much.

Multi-piece corner showers: This is another relatively inexpensive option, where you get a shower with two glass panels used to enclose a particular corner. The walls inside should be covered with tiles, or covered with cheap, premade moisture-resistant panels.

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Bonin Architects & Associates

Singe-piece showers: This is the most common, but also more expensive option. At the same time, you’ll be securing yourself a durable and watertight piece, easy to install in almost any type of bathroom.

When purchasing one, check whether it coincides with the characteristics of your bathrooms, as not all of these showers were made to complete a remodeling project.

Full-tile showers: If you’re looking for to spend more on an elegant piece, look no further. Thanks to its tile-base construction, this shower will give you unlimited customization possibilities, and certainly give your bathroom the luxurious vibe it deserves.

Still, note that you must hire a professional to install a shower like this, so that it would be absolutely watertight. As expensive as this process may be, you can’t complete it on your own.

Single piece and full tile showers: Those who don’t want to settle for a shower different than a tile one, but are struggling to afford it, single-piece and full-tile showers can accomplish the mission. Again, the tiles and the basin should be installed with professional help.

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Lori Dennis

Bath types

Claw-foot baths: According to some designers, claw-foot baths are slowly shifting towards the past, to the regret of many looking to save the classic and elegant vibe they provide. This is why we recommend such tubes to all of you that have space to accommodate them, as it is the fastest and easiest way to make their bathrooms look luxurious.

Claw-foot baths, however, need a specially deployed watertight floor, as they are placed in the middle of the room and less isolated than a regular shower.

Freestanding baths: Freestanding baths look absolutely the same as claw-foot baths, with the main difference that their bottom is flush with the ground. This is why they are deeper, and look way more modern than the later. We recommend them to all homeowners looking to design a contemporary bathroom.

Drop in baths: Just as their name indicates, drop in baths are designed to complete an existing structure, but it can be difficult to find a piece that genuinely matches the rest of tour décor. Still, it won’t be that much of a problem to cover it with tiles or similar materials, and make it look just the way you want it.

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Ibi Designs

Corner baths: Corner baths and tubs are another type of drop in tubs, this time specifically designed to fit in a corner area. This is why they’re often square and not rectangular, and designed to accommodate more than one person.

3-wall alcove baths: If the space allows it, you can decide to pack your shower and your tub into a single room, and design in such way a premium bathing space. These tubs are also positioned in the corner of the room, but also have a wall-mounted shower over them to give you the fool retreat.

The appeal of your bathroom: Tips and ideas

Regardless of how much you intend to spend on your bathroom, your main investment will still be the shower and the tub. Once you’ve purchased those, you will also have clear guidelines for choosing other pieces and materials, and styling your bathroom to make it look like a continuous, compact unit.

Wall paint and wallpapers

A large portion of how of your bathroom is going to feel and look will be determined by the color of its walls, so make a wise decision. There are multiple solutions to the ‘color problem’, including lighter solutions such as sea-foam green and powder blue (used to enhance a spa-atmosphere and relaxing feelings); or the contrary masculine palette with darker colors which looks energizing and modern.

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Pinnacle Mountain Homes

Small bathrooms and powder rooms’ look can be set off with nice wallpapers. This doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to use such in larger bathrooms, but you have to confirm the wallpaper’s ability to resist moisture when exposed to it.

At the end of this process, try to picture the bathroom you’ve imagined in the overall design of your home. Does it fit? With a Craftsman style home, for instance, it will make absolute sense to expose wood in the bathroom, and use color choices that will match the rest of your décor.

Backsplash ideas

Who told you that backsplashes are only used in kitchens? Bathrooms can also benefit from their gorgeousness and practicality, especially for owners looking to turn them into colorful and unique havens.

How to install backsplash in the bathroom?

This is a very easy question, as the backsplash can be integrated into literally every wall in the bathroom. In fact, you can wrap the room entirely with it, so that you will protect the area behind your baths, showers, toilets, and elsewhere.

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De Meza + Architecture

Your options will vary all the way from cheap to freaking expensive, but an easy way to sip spending unnecessarily is to use a more affordable material, or to install a backsplash on a small portion of the walls.

Sinks and fixtures

The choice of your future sink depends on whether you’re planning to install a vanity, as this solution makes it possible to pick from a variety of styles and shapes. In case you’re skipping the vanity route, your options will be as follows:

Wall-mounted sinks: These sinks are the ideal fit for small bathrooms, as they’re literally mounted within the wall, and liberate the most of your floor space. In addition, you will have some extra storage available underneath.

Pedestal sinks: These sinks, as suggested by their name, are directly connected to the floor, and come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors.

Top-mount sinks: Both regular sink and vanity fans will find this solution to be the simplest of all, as the sink literally drops within a dedicated hole on the vanity’s counter. If you opt for this option, make sure you choose the appropriate hardware.

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Chris Snook

Under-mount sinks: There is a big similarity between these sinks and their top-mount counterparts, but the difference consists in the fact that you don’t install them on top of the vanity, but from the bottom. They are very useful in bathrooms with small vanities, as they save precious countertop space.

Vessel sinks: Vessel sinks may be the hottest bathroom trend right now, and the reasons for that are more than enough. These sinks are placed on top of your vanity, and look very distinctive. Thus, we recommend them in all modern bathroom scenarios looking to attract attention.

Now, let’s give a look to your bathroom’s lighting fixtures. Once again, you will have a variety of options to consider, but most of them can be categorized in three general groups:

Bar lighting fixtures: These are the most popular bathroom light fixtures, usually arranged in bars that are later affixed in different areas (the wall above your mirrors, sinks, and vanities). In most bathrooms, you will see three to six bar lights, or a single one above the mirror.

Sconces: Sconces in the bathroom have the same role and appeal as the ones in other areas of the house: they are affixed to the wall, but in case they serve to cast light on the mirror, they will likely appear on its sides. We recommend them for bathrooms with lower ceilings, or in lighter spaces that could use some mood and coziness.

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NV Kitchen and Bath

Recessed lights: Recessed lights provide contemporary bathrooms with a clean and fresh look, and cast enough light to reach each corner. They accentuate the freshness and simplicity of bathrooms, and are thus ideal for neutral and light color settings.

Efficient storage tips

Another important consideration in each bathroom is the storage, as you have to think of efficient ways to accommodate your linens, toiletries, and appliances. They must be within reach when you need them, but still well hidden not to disturb the clean and fresh look of your bathroom.

If possible, the best alternative is to bring a small closet within the bathrooms, or at least a shelve case with multiple drawers that will make it easier to categorize stuff. Without these pieces inside, you will have to be more creative and maximize the purposefulness of what you already have. We’d start with the vanity

Vanity storage designs

Vanities can have many different uses, depending on what your bathroom space allows. In the best scenario, the

vanity can even accommodate all items users will need access to, and eliminate all need for additional storage solutions. Which are your options?

Vanity storage in half-bathrooms: Small and half bathrooms and powder rooms don’t need that much storage, as their use is limited. The vanity here will be enough to store basics such as toiletries and cleaning products, ideally styled in a fashion similar to the items present in adjoining rooms. You don’t need to find storage for much, as those bathrooms will be used mostly for you-know-what.

4cfefd8234624dd78c571383443ff730 Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas40304b572fd8092cf992c4de34e60bad Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

Designing First Impressions

Vanity storage in three-quarter and full bathrooms: The vanity here will have a more important role, so you may consider installing drawers as the best-organized storage unit. Here, function comes before form, so don’t worry if you can’t find a vanity that would adjoin the overall style of your place.

Vanity storage in master bathrooms: In master bathrooms, vanities should provide nothing but exceptional amounts of storage space, as there are a lot of belongings they should be accommodated there. This counts particularly for large and double-sink vanities that should have lots of drawers, and flexible cabinets on both sides.

Shelves and cabinetry

Homeowners who’re lucky enough to have a large bathroom should consider adding shelves and cabinetry to their project. There are a lot of styles and types available, but the primary concern should always be their durability and intended use.

A shallow cabinet, for instance, will suffice for medicines and personal toiletries, but won’t be enough to store bulky items such as towels and cleaning products. What most vendors will recommend is a traditional cabinet size developed with these items in mind, or a compact shelving unit that can also make your bathroom look more charming.

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Little England

The style of your new bathroom

That’s all folks! We congratulate you on reading this guide and preparing your bathroom remodeling project!

Be it that you’re experiencing the adventure of bathroom design for the first time, or you’re coming up with a simple renovation plan, your home will certainly be refreshed and look way better. The investment makes sense regardless of whether you have a master bathroom or a powder room to design, as it is intended to last.

As you could see, the bathroom redesign project you once perceived as scary is quite simple to accomplish. There are only several guidelines you should follow, and you will soon turn the room into a relaxing and cozy place where you escape from the chaos around you.

A good bathroom certainly enhances the atmosphere for your family and your guest, both when you decide to follow a traditional, homey styling approach, or use the hottest trends and design tips.

How is a modern bathroom supposed to look like? Contemporary interiors are usually known for their sleekness, coolness, and notable sophistication. They can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century, often related to the post-war period as symbols of new, simpler alternative to over-elaborated and gaudy designs.

They’re main rationale was to combine function and form, and make interior more effective for the future.

564b04ca315193239db65207d24f0535 Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas42605c2374e37635a451484afe56b013 Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

Designed To Appeal

The accent with modern bathrooms is functionality, as such were first developed by homeowners looking to visually enhance their space, and make the most of it. The sudden popularity of this trend caused designers to adopt the minimalist approach and think of more efficient storage, which is why modern bathrooms of today are heavily devoted on minimizing clutter.

Quite often, they come with pedestal sinks and marble/granite vanities that look amazing with stainless steel surfaces and other natural materials. Modern interiors also favor clean lines and geometric shapes, and heavy use of natural stone surfaces.

For those of you who have decided to modernize their bathrooms with stone, there are few edge profiles available: straight edge, smooth laminated lines and edges, and ¼ bevels.

Instead of stone, you can also use marble, which may be even more suitable for elegant, yet heavily trafficked areas. Stone and marble are your best bet around showers and Jacuzzi baths, especially Travertine.

Despite of having appeared in the early 20th century, the modern and minimalist design movement was sparked only in recent years, and with few popular

Nordic designers taking the lead. As they explained, their work represents an aesthetically pleasant, yet very efficient design, and a seamless balance between form and function that will certainly rule interiors in future..

35bcbdeaf4e4d848e0e1ab3255186142 Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideasf70dbdcf8ae050bcb83ebe020948e9a6 Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

KS Classic Homes

The thing with modern bathroom design is that it works just as well in tiny bathrooms as it does in ultra large ones. This is all because of its unobtrusive, seamless aspects and full devotion to practicality, the characteristics that make it ideal for owners of small bathrooms.

Plus, modern bathrooms have plenty of unique features you can recognize them by, including pedestal sinks that are gently curved, and made of interesting materials (glass, steel, and so on). Pedestal sinks are also an efficient feature choice that saves your space and stores your items, and doesn’t affect the room’s airiness and elegant appearance.

What about materials? The most common choices in modern and contemporary settings are glass, wood, ceramic, slate, and stone, but the way how you’re going to display them depends entirely on your ideas. We invite you to experiment and to combine materials, as for instance to pair natural wood vanities with steel sinks, or tile backsplash work with glass above the vanity.

The color palette in modern bathrooms is not that restrictive, but you should still sooth to emphasize simplicity. The usual approach is to feature heavy contrasts of base colors, as for instance black and white.

Monochromatic scenarios, however, happen to lack the interest and attractiveness people have in mind when using them, which is why you can increase the fuss with a third, distinctive color, a playful pattern (herringbone, chevron, and so on), or even a whole wallpaper.

807bef6aab1e27088b77ffe9dc76227f Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas24b0a48b186e8f05d9bb7b2fd2acf314 Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

Sienna Homes

As for furniture and accessorizing, try to follow the general aesthetic concept of the place. For instance, chairs and benches made of top quality wood provide just the ideal trademark mix of curves and angles that caters to a modern bathroom.

The lampshades should ideally be round, rectangular, or square, to secure in such way the ‘of-the-moment’ striking touch your bathroom needs in order to be remembered.

Ending thoughts

One of the easiest ways to upgrade and refresh your home is to remodel your bathroom, and turn it into a sophisticated upgrade that thrives with purpose and elegance. The ideal setting for a modern bathroom is, of course, a modern home, so keep materials consistent for the best positive results.

Keep in mind that there are simple ways to enhance the elegance and beauty of your bathroom, as for instance using natural stone.



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