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Black and White Bathroom Design Ideas

Ever look at amazing black and white bathroom pictures, and wonder how it would be to get one of your own? Simple but impressive, black and white bathroom sets are the evergreen of bathroom design, as they are modern, unique, and yet very personal.

Black and white will contrast each other perfectly, with black being the absorbing, and white being the reflecting shade.

When put together, the two complement each other with functionality and cleanness, and those are exactly the two features that define what a good bathroom should look like.

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This made black & white bathrooms popular within different design approaches, and preferred by all types of people, regardless of their lifestyles.

To make matters even better, black and white bathroom decor is very easy to achieve, and probably the cheapest way to get yourself a genuinely luxurious bath hub. Bring in white and classic fixtures and surround them by sharp wallpaper or black bathroom tile, and that will be enough. The statement is the contrast itself, and you’re not expected to break the bank trying to make the place unique.

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At the same time, white and black bathroom ideas are not at all traditional. As long as you know how to play with colours and unusual shapes, your bathroom will be the most memorable thing you’ve designed on a budget. Most homeowners achieve this with simple mosaic tiling, murals, or feature walls.

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Plus, there is almost no person who dislikes white and black bathrooms, as they are both beautiful and clean. For an even more luxurious feeling, you can choose to decorate yours with a free-standing, seemingly aged bath surrounded by bold colour blocks.

You can also fit in an energizing Moroccan theme in your black and white design, by simply sticking patterned wallpapers, or choosing shabby and vintage furniture for a classic, whimsical vibe.

The style you’ve chosen may not even matter – black and white will always look classy, and maintain its elegant impact for years to come. Keep in mind, however, that you also need to soften these themes with low-impact furnishing or grey details.

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Ready to explore some great black and white bathroom ideas? Let’s begin:

Why choosing a black and white bathroom?

With black and white in your design supply kit, you just can’t go wrong. This monochromatic scheme has many advantages, and here are some of them:

  • When put together, black and white look very traditional, and will remain relevant and stylish for as many years as you keep them in place.
  • Black and white bathroom design matches any decoration or style, which means that your bathroom can be both modern and vintage.
  •  You can combine these colours in many different ways, and experiment with different patterns and contrasts.
  •  Black and white bathroom simply have no disadvantages, as all you have to think of is controlling the used amount of each. With a small bathroom to redecorate, this will be your most important concern.

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What experienced designers have to say about black and white bathrooms

Before you’ve jumped on the bandwagon, you have to make a very important decision: which colour is going to dominate in your bathroom? Here, it could be useful to turn to an experience designer, and follow his tips:

With more white details around, you’re conveying a message of cleanness, in particular when you’ve chosen to make the walls or the tiles white.

  • If your bath or toilet is black, they will require more frequent cleaning and maintenance.
  •  If using black and white tiles in a smaller bathroom, put more of the white ones in. This way, the space will look bigger than it actually is.
  • Leave the bathroom’s ceiling white, as it will appear taller that way.
  • Avoid dark shower curtains – go for a transparent one, or a lighter one with black and white patterns.
  • For a visually longer bathroom, go for two black and two white walls opposing each other. Design tips for black and white bathrooms

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C.P. Hart Bathrooms

As it is with every room back home, the best place to launch your design project is the floor. For black and white bathrooms, designers recommend chessboard floors as they create a very interesting contrast, and won’t close up a small bathroom if laid down diagonally. In fact, they could even make your bathroom look larger.

The next step is the decoration of the walls. For a widening effect, go for longitudinal stripes of any of these colours. If you want it to appear higher, make the walls white, and decorate them with darker vertically positioned lines.

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Melissa M. Mills Photography

Despite of what you think, there is hardly any detail that could look more elegant in a room than black walls, as they make it stricter, more sophisticated, and provide a perfect backdrop for your white accessories. Still, keep in mind that black is a colour you must use moderately, and that applying more than you should, will likely ruin the whole project.

What we all know is that black design (or dark colours in general) makes rooms look smaller, and this is particularly true in bathrooms. If you get a whole-black wall scheme in a small bathroom, sharp lights and huge white vanities won’t get you out of trouble.

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The richness and elegancy of a black bathroom can be supported with glossy, first-class tiles and large lighting fixtures to reflect the glare.

The ceiling should preferably remain white and expand the room, and eliminate in such way the claustrophobic feeling of being pressed in from above.

Extra tips & reasons to make your bathroom black and white

It is timeless, and will look just as good ten years after you’ve applied it. It doesn’t date, and requires little to no updating when the seasons and colour trends around you change. If you want to refresh it, all you need to do is to bring a bunch of beautiful flowers inside.

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It meets your functionality needs

Monochrome schemes are graphically simple, and work well in all rooms where functionality is more important than appearance. Its strict angles and clean lines do just fine in bathrooms and kitchens, but may be a bit overwhelming in ‘softer spaces’ like your bedroom.

It has a relaxing effect

For most of us, bathrooms are a place to hide from the world and devote attention to ourselves, and we want them to be functional, practical, and relaxing at the same space. Of course, there are other colours known to calm our senses (blue, for instance, counts as the most soothing and serene choice), but they won’t have the warmth and homey vibe black and white schemes are so well-known by.

The absence of hue may be more calming than you think, and provide the ideal backdrop for a long and distraction-free bath.

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Sounds simple, but black-and-white is a very versatile combination. You get to choose between patterns, stripes, blocks, or geometric themes, or go a bit more on the playful side and make unique combinations. Florals will also work well on your shower curtains, towels, and mats.

Half of your work is already done

The starting point for most of us will be a plain white bathroom, which means we’re halfway through getting a perfect black-and-white bathroom. If you want to keep it simple, a single black focal wall may suffice. Brave homeowners can even consider painting their floors black.

There are so many ideas to choose from

With black-and-white design, it is absolutely Ok to spare a bit on your creativity. You don’t have to be an expert, and you don’t have to over-think it. Surf the net for ideas and design schemes, and you will certainly find something that bold and interesting.

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It matches every decor style

Black and white bathrooms look amazing in all homes, from minimalist hubs to classy, industrial and art deco ones.

Money will not be an issue

Black-and-white bathrooms, as glorious as they look, are often completed on a budget. It is because black and plain white tiles are usually cheaper than their patterned counterparts, and so are traditional, monochrome bathroom appliances.

Furniture and sanitary ware

The first rule here is to avoid buying sanitary ware and furniture with the same colour of the walls. The contrast between them is compulsory, which means that dark walls need light sanitary ware, and the other way around. All other solutions may result into a boring and characterless room.

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Brooke Wagner Design

As for style, stick to the approach you’ve chosen as your general bathroom theme. Choose and combine shades carefully, and consider the size of your space when choosing a dominant colour. Give sanitary ware and furniture a central role in your design project, and choose pieces and proportions that make you feel comfortable.

Accessories, mirrors, and lighting fixtures

What creates a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom are not colours, but the appropriate arrangement of light fixtures that reflect on them. Regardless of the amount of natural light coming inside, your bathroom still needs a couple of high-quality lights, placed in different functional areas.

  • When there is not enough light inside, bathrooms look dull and small, and you just can’t feel comfortable inside.
  • Mirrors are the key for proper lighting, and you should place them in areas where they will reflect light rather than unattractive elements.
  • Make sure that all of your beautiful details and accessories are reflected on the mirror.

When choosing bathroom accessories, you have an almost indefinite palette of colours, styles, and patterns. We recommend you to go for a shade different than the one of the walls, so that accessories will reinforce, rather than blend into your bathroom design. Of course, make sure those accessories are functional.

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Bringing in additional hues

Bringing in additional colours in black and white scenarios is always a good idea, in particular when speaking of neutral and clam features that can make the place look calmer and more inviting. Plus, off-whites are a classic option that never goes out of style, and it is thus save to use on large bathroom elements such as the shower or the bathtub.

Get a tile backsplash

Tile backsplashes are very common nowadays, especially in black-and-white bathrooms and popular shower designs. Sometimes, they are applied on the entire wall, but what most bathroom designers prefer is to place them above and around the sink.

The backsplash certainly counts as the shortcut to a more appealing bathroom. Common ideas include rectangles and squares, usually completed with classic and clean subway tiles placed horizontally or vertically. For a funkier and more memorable effect, choose an uncommon shape, such as a personalized mosaic or an octagonal tile arrangement scheme.

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Mixing & matching experiments

Mixing and matching is no longer an experiment in home design, but a common and recommended practice. It is the homeowner’s way to convey a personal message, and explain visitors why his home is different than any other. This is why creative people struggle to find the unique pattern and material combinations, and why they often redesign and revitalize their bathrooms.

If matching and mixing ideas are not really your thing, look at some ‘reinvented’ examples, where designers did play with contrasting materials and elements, but didn’t deviate much from how a classic bathroom should look like:

Choosing a vibrant, accent shade

With black and white being the main two colours in your bathroom, you can consider mixing in a third refreshing colour to make the place livelier. The favourite solutions for modern designers are red and gold, and what they usually do is painting a whole accent wall to complete the colour flow. In your case, the third colour can solve the finishing question, and be the single missing aesthetic piece that will make your bathroom look complete.

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Design Tank

Choosing the right vanity

As it is clear by now, a bathroom doesn’t have to be crispy white to look clean and organized. An attractive alternative is a creamy, neutral, or off-white scenario, which can both look great in your white design project. The vanity should remain white, as it will brighten the room significantly, be that a brand new piece or one you chose to repaint for the purpose.

Nevertheless, most homeowners who opt for a black-and-white bathroom setting are on the hunt for something bolder and more dramatic, which is why they should consider a black vanity. A vanity like that will have a stunning effect against a white wall or countertop, and become your bathroom’s main ‘wow’ factor.

Creating a flow

Another simple trick for a beautiful black and white bathroom is using checkerboard patterns on the floors, ideally on a 45-degrees angle for a more dynamic look. This pattern can be obtained with stone, ceramic, or linoleum tiles.

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As the owner of a small bathroom, you’re still allowed to use black tiles or dark patterns on the floor, but you must remember to keep walls lighter for a visual balance. This way, your bathroom won’t look tiny and boring, especially if you choose to refresh it with beadboard and subway tiles.

Drama and sophistication

Drama and sophistication are the two words that describe the closest what a black-and-white bathroom should look like, which is why we often see freestanding tubs and oversized mirrors in these bathrooms.

These tubs look the best in sharp corners, as they soften the look of the room, and complement the colour scheme with an interesting pattern. The best choice is to get a clawfoot tub with black feet and a black seat cover for the loo that shows you’ve paid attention to every detail.

The fun details

The traditional scenario will be completed with a DIY shower cabin, ideally one with divided light windows and eclectic details. For an even stronger eclectic touch, beautify your design with vintage mirrors, dressers, or comfy chairs in the appropriate colours.

Ending thoughts

Black-and-white is an ever-safe choice for decorating your bathroom that looks well in any design scenario. If heading in a similar direction, follow our tips on planning and finessing, and your bathroom will look just right.



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