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Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Check Out

Decorative mirrors for bathrooms are, as many designers think, an underestimated arrangement detail that deserves much more attention than it receives.

You use the mirror in the bathroom every day, but last-minute grooming is not the only practical input this element has to offer.

Unique bath mirrors inject a dose of style and personality, and transform even the simplest and most neglected bathrooms.

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Shaw Coates

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Instead of your old and ordinary one, get some modern bathroom mirrors, and you will see the place completely transformed without replacing expensive elements such as the sink or the tiles.

Decorative bathroom mirrors will turn a clinical-styled place into a memorable and trendy hub, especially when combined with high-impact wallpapers and dramatic sinks. Luckily, there are many cheap, low-effort, and fun bathroom mirror ideas you can consider to make this happen.

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Walconco Inc

Think of hanging your mirrors as hanging art – there will be few basic rules to follow, including the appropriate size, height, and location. Much of the process of choosing mirror designs will depend on what you want and need, but we always recommend following the main guidelines in order to avoid mistakes.

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Scott Bunney Architect

Before you lay down few suitable bathroom mirrors ideas, consider the size of your sink and the height of the people that will be using the mirror. Ideally, the upper edge of the glassy surface should surpass the eye level of the tallest person using it, and be long enough for everyone to see his whole reflection.

The distance between the sink and the mirror is usually dictated by the height of the ceilings (with a tall ceiling, you will need a larger mirror, as otherwise you’ll have too much of odd wall space expanding about it).

With an extra large mirror, you’ll have no other choice but to hang it closer to the sink. Small bathroom mirrors, on the other hand, will be the best choice for those decorating small and practical spaces.

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Laura U, Inc.

When choosing a mirror, consider also the creative side of the process. Think of the influence your mirror is about to have (reflecting lights and colours), and the tasks you’re going to complete with it (shaving, make up, and so on). These are the most important mirror decorating ideas you should keep in mind:

Familiarize with the styles offered at local shops, and pick the one that works the best for you. Keep in mind that this is a decision that will influence the looks of your entire bathroom.

  • Mirrors look the best placed on top of the basin. Ideally, this should be the wall opposite the window, so that the mirror will reflect natural light.
  • Avoid mirrors whose edges stretch longer than the sides of your vanity.
  • If designing a bathroom for the first time, consider vanities that have mirrors attached on top of them. With an old vanity in place, get a self-standing mirror instead.
  • For a cosy and homey atmosphere, illuminate your mirror. Bathroom mirror lights (LEDs in particular) can do miracles for the ambiance, and ensure you feel good each time you go inside the bathroom.
  • With vanities that don’t provide sufficient storage, you can get a mirror cabinet.

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vGreystokes Millwork Ltd.

Double mirrors

Why not duplicating the stunning effect of your beautiful mirror? Instead of a single large mirror, get two or three and hang them over your large vanity, or distribute them evenly for an even better reflection. A full-size mirror is also a great idea for large bathrooms.

Make it memorable

In order to make your bathroom mirror even more effective, choose an unconventional shape people will certainly remember. You can also play with the sizes and style, and pick extraordinary, intricate designs. This way, you will have a statement bathroom without spending a fortune on expensive accessories.

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Prime Renovations, Inc


Instead of a single mirror, you can get few in different styles and shapes, and arrange them in a gallery-style look. Still, make sure they are similar enough to complement each other, and keep them on the same wall.

Hanging mirrors

It is really difficult to find a bathroom mirror that is not hung on the wall, but that shouldn’t stop you from coming up with your unique solution. Why not getting a suspended mirror that hangs on a visible wire/rope? Remember, however, that the material should be thick enough to keep the mirror stable and secure.

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Wolfe Rizor Interiors

Install lights

Backlighting is a strategy that can make even the simplest mirror look amazingly glorious. Certain mirrors come with inbuilt lights, but to avoid spending too much, you can install illumination on your own. These mirrors work the best for makeup, and thus represent the best solution for low-light bathrooms. Meanwhile, avoid fluorescent and harsh lights.

Choose larger mirrors

With enough space to allow it, there is no reason for you to skip buying a large mirror. This way, you will make the room even lighter and more stylish, especially with a polished frame for a more elegant appearance. In small and minimalist spaces, however, mirrors work the best without frames.

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Facings of America, Inc

The right size

Before you buy a mirror, measure the size of the vanity. This will limit your possibilities, and instruct you on choosing frames and decorations. The general rule is to avoid mirrors that are larger than the vanity, as this invokes the so-called box-effect.

Ideally, you should leave four inches of empty space between the vanity and the mirror. A single wider mirror will work just fine for dual vanities and larger bathrooms.

Measure the distance between the vanity and the lighting section, and you will see whether you need a gap between the lights and the top of the mirror. To make sure there are no water stains, pick a mirror that starts approximately 6 inches over the vanity.

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C.P. Hart Bathrooms

Decide how much of your wall space you can dedicate to the mirror, and this will help you pick the right thickness for the frame. The decision will also depend on the style of the mirror (in some cases, the thickness can go up to few inches), as well as the function (for more than one person using the mirror at a time, thick frames won’t be that practical).

What would be better in the case is a mirror without frames, or two framed ones instead. Mirrors look the best opposing windows and adjacent walls, in which case they should also be large enough to reflect the natural light.

If possible, measure and check how much recessed space you have to work with. In the best scenario, you should get a custom, frame-free and larger mirror, as it fill fit just naturally in the recessed wall setting. You can of course still get the frame your want, or install two mirrors as you would on a flatter surface.

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FINNE Architects

In order to get your measurements, right, cut some mirror-size paper pieces and tape those to your wall. This way, you will see whether the size matches the vanity, and whether there are gaps to fill in.

You’ve got plenty of options

  • Framed mirrors: You can buy a mirror with a frame readily attached on it, which suits best busy homeowners who’d skip purchasing separate pieces. These mirrors are also notably easier to hang.
  • No-frame mirrors: In this case, you will only get mirrored glass which you can decorate on your own, or hang them without a frame for a modern, floating effect. They will be just as easy to hang or install, but for the purpose you’d have to use glue, and find a solution for the illumination problem.
  • Custom mirrors: For a custom look, you should pick separately the mirrored glass and the frame, and build a piece of you own. You’ve got endless options to go with, but try to keep the measurements right. Keep in mind that this may require more time and installation assistance, depending on the result you want to achieve.

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The Ransom Company

Functionality considerations

Think of your mirror as something more than a reflection. Mirrors will also reinforce the style and appearance of your home, and complement the quality of your bathroom without breaking the bank to get there.

Let’s give a look to the practical aspects of your bathroom mirror:

Storage: Both traditional and modern bathrooms are often accompanied with vanity cabinet mirrors, and the reason is exactly storage. Traditional bathrooms, for instance, are best known for mounted and large mirror boxes, while contemporary ones look much better with sunken cabinets people would hardly notice without opening them.

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Urrutia Design

Illumination: From a cosmetic point of view, we can all agree that well-lit mirrors are the best solution. With them, we will have extra glow to ensure we look good before we go out, especially if the bathroom is small and doesn’t have that much natural light. Of course, all lights should be hardwired, which may require the help of a licensed electrician.

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Lori Shaffer

Choosing an appropriate mounting styles

Permanently installed mirrors: If your idea is to get a new mirror that will be there for years and years, glue certainly works the best. You can stick your mirror to the wall with liquid nails and similar glues, and have the peace of mind that it won’t let your mirror break, as heavy as it may be.

Half-permanently installed mirrors: When hanging a new mirror in the bathroom, but trying to save time and money, think of an alternative you’ll only have to replace after 5 or 10 years. We suggest glue that can be loosened with specific chemicals, but make sure you’ve researched the quality in advance.

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The Wiseman Group Interior Design, Inc

Temporarily installed mirrors: The best way to do this is to get a wire mirror bracket that is screwed in, and then hung on the wall. This option is cost-effective and effortless, as well as easy to replace when you decide so. With a rented apartment or condo, this may as well be the only option you’ve got.

A bonus tip: When ticking the mirror to the wall with glue, research solidly, and choose one that will sustain the weight of the mirror. To do so, match the weight values on the mirror box and the glue bottle, and go for the higher strength glue to be sure.

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Studio Becker- Bespoke Cabinetry & Millwork

Ending thoughts

When designing a bathroom, you will discover an endless number of ideas and designs, and all sorts of fixtures and colours to choose from. Mirrors are the cornerstones of practicality and good design, so make sure you give them the attention they deserve.



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