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Are These the Most Stylish Cloakrooms You’ve Ever Seen?

Treat your tiny toilet room to a décor update with these top tips

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It’s easy to overlook small spaces – with their awkward dimensions and probable lack of potential – but even a tiny cloakroom can provide a dose of dreamy design.

The best schemes offer both practicality and aesthetics, so spend some time working out the most efficient use of space. Once these basics are taken care of, it’s your chance to try out new ideas, experiment with colours and generally have far more fun than you would with most other areas of the house. The tricky bit begins when you have to pick a favourite…

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Welcome whimsical wallpaper
Be bold and use your cloakroom for brave design choices that you’d rather not risk elsewhere. You may even be able to up the budget to include fancy wallpaper, because such a small space won’t require many rolls. This Nuvole design by Fornasetti from Cole & Son transforms a modest space into something extraordinary.

Borrow this trick instead of tiling: a barely there Perspex upstand protects the area behind the basin from splashes.

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Take tiles further
This creative cloakroom has patterned, cement-style tiles in place of paper. The patchwork effect creates a cohesive combination with the adjoining room, as the tiles continue into the hallway. A surface-mounted basin sits above a slim storage cupboard, which cleverly conceals plumbing.

Give your cloakroom an identity of its own with a gallery wall of family photos or clippings. Tie frames into a busy scheme by picking up on a colour found in the tiles.

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Go bespoke
A custom-made vanity unit will maximise surface space in a small cloakroom and provide additional storage. Rather than drawers, this design features a big basket for stashing extra toilet rolls and other bathroom bits and bobs.

It’s always best to include smart storage in your plans if possible, as it’s easy to spoil a small space with freestanding solutions that won’t be as efficient.

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Be brave with brassware
Set a small cloakroom apart by selecting interesting taps and matching accessories. The atmospheric wallpaper seen here is Dark Floral by Ellie Cashman. Its rich tones sit beautifully against golden brassware and fabulous fuchsia pink accents. You could try black taps in a light-coloured bathroom for smart contrast.

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Master mixed media
Pair classic marbled tiles with quirky wallpaper for a pleasing mix of finishes. A wipeable surface works well for the lower section of wall, too.

Here, the toilet cistern has been hidden and several shelves created to squeeze storage into the little room. Investigate which toilet type will suit your space, as this arrangement must be well planned and carefully executed.

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Dabble with dark tones
Embrace the dark in cosy cloakrooms that receive little natural light, decorating with saturated paints and interesting papers. This fun fish print will surprise visitors and give them lots to look at.

Matching dark paintwork feels more contemporary than a stark white stripe of skirting board, so tone yours in, too.

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Steer clear of clinical
Keep a cloakroom from feeling sterile by introducing soft, organic elements. This simple wooden basin stand breaks up the expanse of white tiles and provides tactility.

Other materials that will have a similar effect include stone, terracotta and woven textures, such as wicker or rattan. Even a few accessories in these finishes will work wonders.

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Do things differently
Try introducing non-bathroom elements to warm up your cloakroom and add personality. This space is mostly monochrome, but a small yellow lampshade dials up the décor a notch.

Other ideas to incorporate include cotton (ie, washable) rugs, picture shelves, plants, candles and decorative scent diffusers.

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Try tongue and groove (two ways)
For a calm and airy bathroom, traditional panelling is brought up to date with light colours and modern sanitaryware. Choosing square-edged wood to top the tongue-and-groove feels less fussy than rounded architrave. Taking the timber frame around the mirror is a small detail that subtly elevates the space.

Be inspired by more homes that feature tongue and groove

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For gothic glam, turn tongue-and-groove over to the dark side with a deep paint colour. This Derwent wallpaper by Osborne & Little imbues the cloakroom with a sense of grandeur – even if it’s the smallest room in the house! A pale floor prevents the space from feeling claustrophobic by reflecting light from the ceiling spots.

How have you decorated your cloakroom? Share your photos or tips in the Comments section.


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