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A Modern Bathroom with a Cool Rustic Vibe

The owners of this stylish space wanted a bathroom that would grow with their kids

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A couple with twins needed to update their children’s bathroom, and luckily they hired a designer who was up for a challenge. Despite several derailments, Samantha Crow, owner of and principal designer at Juxtaposed Interiors, created a design that would stay relevant for the twins at any age.

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Bathroom at a Glance
Who lives here
A family of four
Location Loomis, California
Size of bathroom 6.8 sq m
Designer Samantha Crow of Juxtaposed Interiors

Photos by Kat Alves Photography

This is the main bathroom for a set of 5-year-old twins, but the old design was not a practical space for a growing boy and girl. The homeowners asked for a shower instead of a bath and a two-basin vanity instead of one basin. They also wanted the room to pack a lot of punch.

Aside from the shower and the double-basin request, the owners left the design up to Crow. The family lives in the countryside on an equestrian farm, so Crow leaned into ranch-style details that would work for the owners’ son and daughter. Instead of going with a juvenile theme, Crow created a luxurious bathroom that will be in style no matter how old the kids are.

You can’t tell by the finished look, but this bathroom renovation was no easy feat. In fact, the project took twice as long as expected. One contractor tore up the room but was unable to finish the plumbing changes required. The water drain for the shower needed to be relocated, and the toilet had to move 38 centimeters.

“There were a lot of underground changes that happened that were a little overwhelming,” says Crow.

Walls painted in Simply White, Benjamin Moore. Wall art and PB Found wood ladder, Pottery Barn.

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Fortunately, the project got back on track after Crow brought in her tile-installing contractor. He was able to finish the plumbing and offer valuable design advice.

The first design problem the contractor helped solve involved the shower wall tiles. When Crow drew up the design for the main shower wall, she created a large ‘X’ with tile placement to mimic a barn door. But because of the plumbing and fixtures, the tiles would not be able to properly align if an ‘X’ was created. Her contractor helped her draw up another design that still referenced an old farmhouse door. Secondly, the new shower also required the design team to rethink the exterior window. Placement of the window in the wall had two considerations: privacy and balance. Because the ceiling is lower than one in a normal room, Crow had to be thoughtful about where in the wall the window would be placed and how big it should be.

“When the contractor came in and squashed my design because of alignment issues, he helped me recreate the design and honestly made it all come together,” she says.

Tiles on shower walls and floor, Walker Zanger.

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The new bathroom window, although nice, let in less natural light than the previous one. To brighten the room, Crow painted the walls white, added recessed lighting and placed a wall light above each mirror. Knowing that an entirely white room can look a little flat, Crow chose accents that were neutral and gold to add visual interest that draws the eye around the room.

While the room feels luxurious, it becomes quaint and ranch-like with details such as black-and-white portraits of horses and the natural wood ladder.

Wall lights and vanity, Restoration Hardware. Round mirrors, West Elm. Wall art, Pottery Barn. All vibrant brushed gold plumbing fixtures and towel ring, Purist collection, Kohler

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Crow also considered who was going to use this bathroom the most. She added multiple storage options, such as the letter towel hooks, a ladder towel rack, storage baskets under the sinks and a niche in the shower.

Storage baskets, Pottery Barn. Letter towel hooks, Restoration Hardware.

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The floor tiles are another fun piece of the design, and they are actually Crow’s favourite element in this bathroom. Oddly enough, these were not even the tiles Crow initially selected. The cement tiles she wanted were too thick and did not align with the wood floors in the hallway. Later, Crow found this beautiful tile design, and when laid down they matched up with the hallway flooring.

Crow advises people considering a big renovation to thoroughly research all the materials and interview multiple contractors who can handle the whole job. It may seem smart to hire different contractors at good prices, but come project time, it’s helpful to have one contractor because he or she will provide continuity to the renovation.

Crow was happy with the way the project turned out, despite it not being her original vision. “It was, of course, frustrating, but it was also a challenge I wanted to overcome, so I enjoyed collaborating with others to find the best solutions,” Crow says.

Floor tiles, Sterling Row collection, Walker Zanger. Contractor and tile installer, Wardlow Tile and Stone.

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