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9 of the Coolest Black and White Bathrooms on Houzz

Choose a monochrome bathing space for timeless style

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Is black and white the perfect colour combination for bathrooms? White is light and modern, while black adds definition, drama and elegance. Take a peek at these monochrome washspaces to find some inspiration for your own home.

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Add some heritage elegance
This gorgeous retreat gets timeless period style spot-on, from the clawfoot tub to the vintage mirror and tiled floor. Even the heritage-style, high-cistern toilet looks good. A simple washstand with turned legs adds another traditional touch, and helps to open up the room.

On-trend square tiles with dark grout are in keeping with the style; if you’re over metro tiles, they’re a great replacement.

Transform your walls with square tiles

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Take to the floor
A patterned floor is an easy way to make a statement in a bathroom, and looks particularly good in black and white. A geometric design instantly gives this space character and interest.

There are some lovely patterned porcelain floor tiles around. Or if you don’t fancy tiles, choose patterned vinyl or lino – it can look equally stylish while being more affordable and warmer underfoot.

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Weave in a print
While this bathroom is heavier on white than black, the inky flooring keeps things grounded. The scheme also demonstrates beautifully how a monochrome wallpaper in a bathroom can add personality. This print is delicate and quirky, and softens the space just the right amount.

Don’t forget to seal any wallpaper used in a bathroom with Decorators Varnish to avoid peeling.

Is your renovation nearly finished? Here’s what you should be doing now

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Deck the walls
This dark and dramatic room flips the received wisdom that you should lead with white and accent with black. While the fireplace, bust, window frame and bath interior add white accents, black definitely rules the day, creating a cosy bathing cocoon.

If you’re worried a dark bathroom will be too gloomy, ensure there are plenty of light sources. Here, there are wall lamps as well as a large, light-reflecting chandelier.

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Frame it
The trend for black-framed shower doors shows no signs of waning, and this enviable bathroom demonstrates why. The strong lines have a vintage style that also looks modern and bold against a white backdrop, especially teamed with classic metro tiles. Brass fittings add to the hip, modern-industrial vibe, and bring in some warmth.

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Keep it interesting
Mixing up different-shaped tiles in the same shade can be a subtle way to add interest. The owners of this monochrome washspace have teamed large black floor tiles with skinny wall ones for a change of pace without spoiling the overall effect. It’s a great way to add texture to minimal, modern white sanitaryware.

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Divide and conquer
Dividing a wall with black brick tiles at the bottom and white tiles above is a classic design device. This chic bathroom takes traditional elements, but adds a few surprising twists, such as the striped wallpaper. Choose extra-glossy tiles for a polished, hotel-chic finish.

If you’re hanging wallpaper in a bathroom, make sure you use a strong adhesive and install a good extractor fan to get rid of steam. You can also buy moisture-proof wallpapers.

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Master the minimal
This bathroom is a brilliant lesson in doing black and white the cool, modern way. A super-simple wall-hung cabinet with integrated basin is streamlined, while oversized brick tiles look calmer and less busy than smaller ones.

The dashes of red in the light flex and hand towel are a winning complement to the monochrome scheme.

On a safety note, always ensure bathroom lighting has the correct IP (ingress protection) rating for the area it’s in.

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Up the glamour
Mosaic tiles add glittery drama to bathrooms and look particularly effective in black. The centrepiece of this dramatic space is the modern white oval tub, which stands out beautifully thanks to the black backdrop. The overall effect is glamorous while staying on the right side of bling.

Tell us…
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