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9 Naturally Beautiful Bathrooms

Rustic touches, organic materials and perhaps a plant or two are the key ingredients of a naturally beautiful bathroom

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Bathrooms are practical spaces, where our daily ablutions, with all the steam and splashing involved, take place. Emphasising the practical, though, can cause a bathroom to feel sterile or boring; good at being water-resistant or easy to clean, but not so great at being a relaxed, pampering place.

One solution is to work in natural materials, both through the fittings and the fabric of the space. From luxe marble to warm wood, unadorned copper pipes to exposed bricks, these natural, sometimes rustic elements help a bathroom feel grounded and inviting.

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Mix materials
Try combining a range of natural materials in the bathroom to give the space depth and interest. Think timber, marble, brass and copper, plus plenty of plants for touches of living green.

Here, a wooden basin is a focal point, warming up the marble tiles, while accents of black and grey give this natural scheme a pinch of industrial style, too.

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Try a timber tub
Wood is an abundant and versatile natural material that’s traditionally been used for baths, particularly in Japan, where it’s still much-favoured.

This Swedish bathroom illustrates how beautiful a wooden bath can look. It’s easy to imagine that bathing in it feels more warm and comfortable than in a more typical acrylic or cast-iron design, too.

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Channel some shed style
This gorgeously pared-down bathroom in an Australian holiday home takes full advantage of its surroundings. It was designed as a simple hardwood box with copper fittings and is largely open onto private subtropical rainforest.

It’s a tough look to pull off if you live in Surbiton rather than the Sunshine Coast, but pretty inspiring all the same! Try timber cladding and warm metals to get the feel.

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Invest in excellent tiles
Choose gorgeous tiles made with natural dyes and ingredients to create a backdrop that’s authentic and tactile.

This bathroom wears a brave chevron pattern on its walls and floor. The tiles are handmade, with crushed marble included in the cement mix to create a beautiful, raw finish, and are coloured with natural pigments.

They are complemented beautifully by a towel rail created from simple copper pipes and a door crafted from reclaimed timber.

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Make much of a view
Of course, few of us live surrounded by peaceful woodland or are able to install a giant picture window by our tub, but this lovely image illustrates the value of inviting the outside in. Making the most of any green view, if you can do so without compromising privacy, will help a bathroom feel connected to the outdoors and more inviting.

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Grow green
A living wall planted with lush specimens turns a simple bathroom into a natural beauty spot. Steam from the bath helps to create the moist atmosphere many plants love, and the wall’s proximity to the tub means the homeowner can enjoy, touch and gaze at the plants during a relaxing soak.

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Work a warm feel
An exposed brick fireplace and wood-burning stove give warmth, both visually and literally, to this rustic bathroom. A beautiful copper tub and walls lined with slate tiles continue the natural, tactile feel of the space.

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Create a cabin look
Although this bathroom looks as if it belongs in a log cabin, it’s actually fitted with tiles that mimic the appearance of panelling. It’s a great way to create a natural-looking space that also functions well, with its watertight, durable surface.

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Explore the dark side
Who says bathrooms have to be crisp white? Buck the trend and swerve towards a more natural palette instead to create a room with a jungly, under-the-tree-canopy vibe.

Try tiles with a rich green hue, dark timber details and a rustic concrete floor. A lush view spied through a vast window would help, but it’s not essential!

Are you a fan of a natural bathroom? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.


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