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8 Things You Don’t Need in Your Small Bathroom

Clear some room in your washspace by considering these features and items that could well be wasting valuable inches

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If you’re struggling to move around in your tiny bathroom, or have nowhere left to store everything, it could be time to rethink the space. Take a look at these common space-wasters to see how you can make the most of the room.

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Floor-based storage
If there’s one thing that takes up space in a room, it’s furniture that sits on the floor. Yes, you need some storage in your bathroom, but consider alternatives to a vanity unit that starts at ground level.

This one has plenty of space inside the cabinet for toiletries and towels, but the empty void below makes the room feel much more airy than if it were perched on the floor.

Think, too, about how you can use the higher space in the room. Install tall wall cabinets to maximise vertical areas, or go for a less imposing shelf, as the homeowners have done here.

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A bath
Most of us fall into one of two camps when debating whether to ditch the bath – those who can’t imagine life without a long soak, and those who can’t see the point of taking up room with an item they hardly use.

If space is really tight, it might be time to ask yourself how often, realistically, you fill up the tub, and whether a shower alone might be the best use of your space.

In this tiny room, a bath might have made the space feel very cramped, whereas the frameless glass shower enclosure looks neat and streamlined.

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A huge pile of towels
Got a large stack of towels that’s accumulated over the years? Chances are you never use the bottom third of this cumbersome mound – even the ones you’re saving for those extra guests that might need to stay over in the future.

If your towels are taking over your small bathroom, it could be time for a cull. Go through your bath linen collection and leave yourself with a matching stack you can neatly organise. A good rule of thumb is to have two bath towels and two hand towels per person, as well as two sets per guest bedroom.

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Half-used toiletries
Bottles, tubes and packets of toiletries and accessories can take up space in cupboards and on shelves in the bathroom and make the room feel cluttered. Take a look at your product collection and see if you can streamline it.

If your bathroom is very small, perhaps you could find a space elsewhere in your home for those items you rarely use and only leave the things you need on a daily basis. It’s also a good idea to decant your bathing products into attractive jars and dispensers to make the room feel more ordered.

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A laundry basket
If your household linen basket is located in the bathroom, it could be taking up valuable floor space. To free up room, relocate it to somewhere else, such as the landing or a bedroom. There are plenty of gorgeous designs on the market, so you should be able to find one that looks good in whichever room you decide to put it.

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Unused space
Even if your bathroom has an awkward layout, it’s still possible to make use of every inch of space. Take this loft bathroom, for example – the space below the sloped roof has been fully utilised for a loo and a false wall full of handy storage.

If you’re not sure how to lay out your bathroom to make the most of all the space, it might be worth calling in an expert to help you with the design.

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A long towel rail
A towel radiator is a handy addition to your bathroom for two reasons – it warms the space and it provides a spot for hanging and drying your towels. However, if you’re lacking wall space, a tall towel rail is going to take up precious room that could be used for other things.

Instead, go for a smaller design like the one here that fits snugly above the shelf and even leaves enough room for toiletries on the ledge below.

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A side-hinged door
A door that swings inwards can really limit your choices when laying out a small bathroom. In this scheme, for example, a side-hinged door would have blocked the basin area. The clever designers have fitted a folding door instead, which doesn’t impinge on the space and gives the owners more options for their bathroom furniture.

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