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11 Classically Beautiful Bathrooms

Timeless and elegant, these bathrooms are all designed with an eye for classic shapes, styles and shades

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Classically beautiful style has a certain timeless quality to it. It’s elegant but easy to live with, and places emphasis on enduring materials and pieces that are a pleasure to use. In a bathroom, this might involve a huge bath, a palette of neutral but warm colours and the injection of some luxe ingredients, such as marble or brass. There’s also room for pattern and playfulness in a classically beautiful scheme, as these spaces demonstrate.

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Invest in luxe materials
A classical feel is achieved as much through materials as fittings. This gorgeous bathroom features generous expanses of Calacatta marble. This exquisite natural stone takes centre stage, with white walls, simple sanitaryware and pale boards complementing rather than competing with it.

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Big up the bath
A generous freestanding bath is a key feature in a classically beautiful bathroom. It speaks of long soaks and quiet pampering and taps into our centuries-long love affair with bathing. If space allows, situate it centrally so it’s the focal point of the room.

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Get on your feet
A roll-top bath on claw feet is a much-loved freestanding classic. Here, a white claw-foot tub is highlighted further by having contrasting black feet. These can be sprayed any colour you like using specialist metal paint.

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Go bateau
To ramp up the classical feel, opt for a bath shape that references tubs of yore. For optimum indulgence, go for a showstopper bateau bath in polished copper.

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Sit a contemporary tub against a classical backdrop
Rather than a classic roll-top or bateau bath, try a sleek take on a trad tub, but then team it with other timeless features.

In this breathtaking scheme, a contemporary bath sits centrally, but is steered towards a classic feel by a backdrop of marble-effect tiles, a pretty pendant light and a warm taupe shade on the walls.

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Work in warm colour
Neutral, warm tones create a mellow mood and distance a classical bathroom from a space that’s more contemporary, minimal or industrial. Forget black and steer towards foggy, earthy shades that soften the scheme and will stand the test of time.

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Look out for legs
Wall-mounted basins or those fitted into storage units are something of a recent development in bathroom history, so to rock the classical look, seek out something on legs.

A single pedestal or a pair of elegant legs will bring a traditional feel to your basin, or try a double console design like this one, which includes space for fresh flowers. An added bonus is an increased feeling of space, since this style cuts a delicate silhouette and allows the wall behind and the floor below to be seen.

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Hang statement lighting
A classically beautiful bathroom can handle some feature lighting, so ditch the spotlights and plump for something sparkly and spectacular instead!

This gorgeous chandelier is complemented by wall lights more typically seen by a bed. It’s an exciting mix – contemporary in ambition but classically stylish in appearance. (Do check with a qualified professional that all electrical accessories for your bathroom have the correct IP rating.)

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Find a fitting floor
While black and white typically looks strongly contemporary in a bathroom, the one place where it strikes a more classic note is on the floor. Choose tried-and-trusted monochrome tiles and create a bold chequerboard look or, as here, a variation on that theme. It will bring some definition to the floor without reading as a statement.

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Play with paper
Consider hanging wallpaper in a bathroom to invigorate a simple, classical scheme. Unless the room is very well ventilated, it’s a good idea to seal the wallpaper to protect it from moisture. A matt decorator’s varnish will do the job and protect the paper beautifully.

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Introduce some humour
A classical approach does not have to be completely serious. Why not weave in one or two playful ingredients to lighten the look? A retro print or a quirky lampshade is enough to raise a smile.

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