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10 Chic Crittall-style Shower Doors

Replace a shower enclosure with heritage black-framed doors for a bathroom style with industrial bite

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The trend for glazed shower doors featuring slim black metal frames has gathered pace in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. With an industrial aesthetic that chimes with our love for all things midcentury, they offer a chic alternative to standard frameless or chrome-edged enclosures. The original external Crittall windows, with their characteristic square panes, were a trademark feature of Art Deco and Modernist houses. With slim but sturdy frames made of steel, often with a black powder-coat finish, they were manufactured by the eponymous Essex-based company (set up in 1849 and still going strong today). This look seems set to stick around inside homes as well as out, if these enviable bathroom spaces are anything to go by – here’s how to do it in style.

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Anchor a white room
At their simplest, black-framed shower doors can be a great way to ‘anchor’ white fittings and add a little extra industrial attitude to bathrooms. In this smart space, the black doors, black-framed mirror and artwork, and black floor together add a more designed feel and help ground the walls, basin and shower.

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Add character
There are many alternatives nowadays to the standard three-piece bathroom suite, and there’s no reason that your wash space has to look like a typical bathroom. Black-framed shower enclosures can be seen as part of this general trend, conjuring up a unique feel.

In this elegant and individual retreat, an L-shaped shower enclosure has been created using two glazed panels. This, along with the characterful honey-coloured tiles, fireplace, freestanding tub and curtains, make this bathroom one of a kind.

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Go solo
Your black-framed doors don’t have to create a full enclosure to make an impact. One panel, with integrated door, still looks stunning here. Bear in mind that you’ll probably need to order your doors bespoke to your space, so it’s not a budget option. However, restricting frames to one smaller area is a way to keep costs down.

When planning your doors, think about the rest of your room’s fittings. Here, choosing a black steel base for the basin was a smart move as it helps pull the whole look together.

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Mind the gap
The black-framed shower doors don’t have to reach up to the ceiling either. A gap has been left at the top here, resulting in a slightly ‘lighter’ effect.

One great thing about this type of shower door is that it draws attention to those beautiful shower fittings and tiles you spent ages choosing and fitting,

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Team with colour
While there’s no doubt black-framed shower doors work brilliantly in a monochrome scheme, they can look equally good teamed with colour. In this wet room, the blue tiles and red bench work with the slim black framework. And rather than squarer frames, the panels are more rectangular so they don’t look quite as busy.

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Mix and match
There’s no reason why you can’t team different materials together. For instance, one black-framed glazed panel can be used to add edge and drama. What’s great about these black-framed doors is their timeless, minimal aesthetic, which can be slotted into a variety of room styles without jarring.

In this shower room, the black-framed door has been matched with a more conventional frameless glass panel. It’s a way to work the look without it dominating the room.

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Use as an external window
In this wet room, a black-framed steel door-cum-window offers a view outside and gives a high-end spa feel. If you have a set-up like this and privacy isn’t a worry, this could be a look to inspire you.

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Divide a bedroom and en suite
Okay, these aren’t shower doors, but If you like the idea of a more ‘broken plan’ arrangement, glazed steel partitions are increasingly being used as a contemporary means of linking rooms. This includes opening up a bedroom and adjoining bathroom: the result here wouldn’t look amiss in a boutique hotel.

Using internal glazed doors in this way means both rooms get plenty of light and you can enjoy an extended sense of space. However, you still benefit from that crucial division between bathing area and sleeping zone.

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Try frosted
Perhaps you aren’t quite brave enough to live with clear glass in a ‘broken plan’ space like this and the previous one (see above)? Here, the Crittall windows feature frosted glass to allow the owner to retain an element of privacy. The frosted doors here also feature larger panes of glass, rather than the typical grid pattern.

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Create internal windows
Here’s another way to keep a degree of privacy. The owners have retained solid areas of wall so that the bathroom doesn’t feel like it completely extends into the bedroom. However, it still benefits from light filtering through and the tantalising view of a lovely spa-style space.

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